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Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: To Be the New Champ, You Have to Beat the Old One
The big reason for this proposal is to have fewer man-made selections. Football-knowledgeable men believe they are well-suited to selecting finalists, but I contend they are not. They are flat out biased and there is not escaping that no matter what you do.

By giving an auto-bid to a championship conference, we are broadening the scope of the National Championship. We are saying "this is a proven, championship-caliber conference, and winning it means more than winning some other conference." And I extended this philosophy to the runner-up conference. Now, the committee is there to select the two challengers. And in my view, having humans select the challengers is better than having them select all four contenders.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: To Be the New Champ, You Have to Beat the Old One
I concede, oh hairy one, that the title is misleading. I was thinking in the direction of the America's Cup. Something like, "the title resides here, now come get it." If last year's champion fails to win the conference, they have fairly been eliminated from the championship via tournament play, so its not like they didn't have their shot. But their conference still hosts one of the semifinals.
Posted Tuesday October 15, 2013, About: To Be the New Champ, You Have to Beat the Old One
It's not the team that gets the auto-bid, but the team's conference. The idea is to address the issue of variance in conference strength. A team from an upstart conference would have to be selected in, while the champion from one of the reigning conferences would get an auto-bid, allowing that champion a loss or two in-conference. In your example, defending champ Auburn was defeated in the 2011 conference tournament. LSU won the SEC that year, and so represents the conference of the reigning champion. Oregon would have represented the conference of the reigning runner-up. The Selection committee would choose the two challengers, Presumably Alabama and Okie St.
Posted Monday November 19, 2012, About: Tough
I'm impressed, UB. Excellent piece of writing. I got a good chuckle.

Although I used to love Hydrox. I thought they tasted the same as Oreos. Then again, I thought margarine was the same as butter and I thought Miracle Whip was the same as mayonnaise.
Posted Thursday June 07, 2012, About: Determining a Champion
Damn, people are actually visiting my profile page and commenting on my blog.

Hi, Norka. And thanks for the supportive comments on the playoff boards this past week.

Yes, the CC model does reduce the importance of OOC games, but to me it's a consequence I'm willing to accept. No other sport forces the finality of conference play. I would like to see CFB be the one that does.
Posted Friday January 14, 2011, About: Probability Analysis of the Head-To-Head Tie Breaker
OMG, jp, you don't know how much I ripped Andy Staples in emails this year for the exact same thing. Hold on, I think I saved one of my biting comments.

Here it is...

Blind faith in the head-to-head rule does not make you a superior pollster. Your rankings are no more "correct" than any other pollster, simply because you obeyed and put Mizzou ahead of Oklahoma, or Nevada ahead of Boise St. Try to remember that rules are simple guidelines for stupid people that can't think for themselves.
Posted Friday January 14, 2011, About: I hate the head-to-head
Thank you for reading. I'm just glad someone found it worthy.

Only the Big 10, PAC 10, and Big East decide their BCS bowl reps with tiebreakers. However, the Big 12, SEC, and ACC decide their championship game reps with tiebreakers, so the tiebreaker rules do affect BCS selection. Next year it flips a bit - the PAC 12 and Big 10 will use a championship game and the Big 12 will use a round-robin and tiebreaker rules to select the Fiesta Bowl rep. Non-AQ conferences let the bowls choose as they will.

Regarding my opinion, more people disagree with me than agree. That happens to me a lot, so I'm used to it. And your case of a 3-way tie in which one team beat both the others, I think is an even bigger travesty. That happened with UConn this year, and I think WVa would have been a smarter Orange Bowl selection.

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