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Posted Wednesday February 29, 2012, About: Most likely playoff format for 2014
Why would we have the expression, "May the best man win," if the best man always won?
Posted Tuesday February 28, 2012, About: Most likely playoff format for 2014
This thread won't get much traffic anymore, since you have to search for it.

Regarding TroyFan's comment, the best team doesn't always win the conference, so I don't think we can conclude that the best team must be among the CC's. However, I, personally, want CFB to be the one sport in which the regular season matters. If you didn't come out on top of your conference, then you don't get an invitation to the party. I don't care if you actually are the best team.

The nice thing about this proposal is we get a playoff AND bowl games. The top 4 CC's this past year were LSU, OkieSt, Oregon, and Wisc. I'm assuming the first round would be played at the home sites of the top two the week after the conf. champ. games. Assuming LSU and OkieSt won, they would then go to the NCG in Jan. Bowls revert to their traditional conf. affiliations. Alabama would have gotten the Sugar, likely against Mich. Rose: Oregon-Wisc (in a de facto consolation game). Oklahoma to the Fiesta, maybe against Stanford. Orange Bowl still boring.
Posted Monday February 27, 2012, About: Most likely playoff format for 2014
Necessity is the mother of invention. If CC is a requirement, then conferences will respond by making sure their championship design produces the best chance for the conference to shine. Right now, the B1G is designed knowing they get a Rose Bowl berth and likely a second BCS game, so there is no need to make sure the schedule is fair.

Personally, I am adamantly against at-large berths. No free passes, please. You want in? Then you know before the season starts what you have to do.

And there are options for independents that choose to remain so. Perhaps allow them playoff eligibility if they are undefeated, or have no more losses than the top qualifier.
Posted Monday February 27, 2012, About: Most likely playoff format for 2014
Maybe there is a College Football God after all. I was ecstatic to read that there is a push for conference champs only.

Argue all you want that Alabama was the best team this year, you cannot change that they didn't even win their division, let alone their conference. We need at least one sport in this world in which the regular season matters. CFB likes to say the regular season matters, but this year Alabama spit in the face of that paradigm.

I don't care who the best team in the nation is. If you want the trophy then win your conference and then win the playoff of champions. To the fans among us who want it decided on the field, there's your nut.

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