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Posted Wednesday May 29, 2013, About: Saban questions whether Buckeyes are SEC material
I give the man credit. He is defending his program, as well he should. No disrespect to Ohio St. from me, or apparently not from Nick. I think he made a few good points, but why should he have to? BTW, I am from upstate NY.
Posted Sunday May 26, 2013, About: Miami-Florida rivalry losing TV luster?
Let us not be too quick to judge a few down years for these teams. Florida does seem to have a team closer to "elite" status than the U at this point in time. What other teams are playing that date?. That too, can have reason for early time slot. Besides, being from the northeast, it never was that "sexy" a game for me anyway! The game will cycle back to more prestige in time. No big alarm.
Posted Friday January 18, 2013, About: Most unbelievable part of Te'o story? Swarbrick's trust
Notre Dame HAS to come to his side. They HELPED perpetrate the story. Who do they think they're kidding???
Posted Friday December 14, 2012, About: Seven schools ready to ditch Big East
The conference was basketball driven at it's inception, and has tried to make a go of it in football. It is not working. I do not know how much$$$, if any the non football schools got anyway. I think it's about time they did re- evaluate their mission, to what it once was. Adding some quality A-10 teams, and perhaps some marketable MAAC teams(Siena, although having a down year comes to mind, along with maybe Loyola for it's Baltimore market), they could have a nice thing going. Good revenue from basketball and only making a basketball investment, as opposed to spending outlandish money to compete in football.
Posted Tuesday December 06, 2011, About: Favre would listen to Bears
He'd listen to the San Jose Mountain Lions!
Posted Friday October 21, 2011, About: Leaving MWC could cost Boise $21 million
I think they should stay put. With the merger with C-USA, there is much more potential to grab up a BCS bid. I say this because the Big Least will be losing theirs, even with the Broncos. There is currently 1 program that is kind of close to being relevent in the national picture, and they(West Virginia) may be getting out. As for the rest of the league, they are no stronger than the Mountain West, or they barely are.
Posted Monday October 10, 2011, About: Big East eyeing Navy, Air Force, Boise State
The Big East is in Big Trouble. They are scrambling to try to keep a BCS bid. I do not see it happening. Even by adding Boise St. I still don't see it. I can understand Navy, and Central Florida, but are Air Force and Boise really a sensible fit in the Big EAST? Notre Dame may eventually see the light and need to join a conference, and the Big East would be perfect. They would give the league a "name" school, and with it a real shot to keep its BCS bid. It would help the Irish, by giving them a "real" shot at getting a BCS bid as well. Let's keep the Big East as east as possible. What about East Carolina, Marshall, and Memphis? 3 programs that would fit in and compete. Granted the only real market in the 3 is Memphis, but wheres the market in the western scholls being discussed? I like the idea of Temple, but how many times are they gonna be in and then kicked out? They have a pretty good thing going right now in the MAC. 'Nova needs to upgrade BEFORE they join, not as they go along. Notre Dame is the key to the Big East!!!
Posted Thursday September 29, 2011, About: Brady seeking revenge ... nine years later
Let it go Tom. You can't trip over something behind you, but if you keep it in front of you by back-tracking, you can always stumble over it again
Posted Thursday September 29, 2011, About: Van Gundy warns NBA: Fans may not be there
Contracts make fans resentful. The schedules don't have any flow, and the players think they are entitled to who knows what? Add to that to the ticket prices, and you have a recipe for failure, particularly when the NHL has added excitement to their product. I also think fans like to have some continuity to their rosters. The NBA rosters are small enough, that changing 3 or 4 guys changes a large portion of your team, and in some cases it's identity.
Posted Wednesday June 15, 2011, About: Fickell already on hot seat
Did they forget their last coach came from 1-AA, and Woody's resume included 2 years at Denison and 3 at Miami of Ohio before taking over the Buckeyes?
Posted Wednesday May 25, 2011, About: Members freezing Villanova out of Big East
The big East should take Marshall, and the MAC should allow 'Nova in, for football only.
Posted Monday February 14, 2011, About: La Russa on Pujols: A potential 'spectacular distraction'
I still think he remains with Cards. Be it he signs now or at season's end. I don't see anyone offeing a 10 year deal. If St. Louis goes 7 years, that should suffice. If he's not on steroids or HGH, that's about the end of his major productivity. No one wants to carry a 39-41 year old guy for 30 million, except the Yankees, and they're gonna regret that!
Posted Tuesday December 07, 2010, About: Least-accomplished BCS team ever?
They are not the first 4 team loss to play in a BCS game. Florida St. has done it twice. If Notre Dame was 8-4 thay'd be considered. They got in by the rules, so leave them alone. The BCS is a bulls##t format anyway.
Posted Tuesday November 23, 2010, About: Irish commit 'uncomfortable,' reopens recruiting
ND is no longer a player in the big picture. As hard as the fans try to deny it, it's true. They MAY be able to save themselves if they join a conference(Big East), but they have to do a reality check as to where they actually stand. An occasional top 25 ranking is their high-water mark, is my opinion.
Posted Tuesday July 13, 2010, About: Is Richt under more fire since June 30?
The man has an average record of 9-3. What is wrong with that? Some people better look for more interesting things to write about!!!!

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