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Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Can the Lakers woo Ollie out of UConn?
yes, those that have not deserted.....unfortunately, the coach isn't the ony position in need of chnge...oh, that's right, owners cannot be fired!
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: MLB players still consider Cruz a cheater
exactly..on every team right now...just beating the tests which is not hard to do.....get off yur high horse Ross
Posted Friday March 28, 2014, About: World Peace up for Knicks return
kobe might do the same.........
Posted Monday March 24, 2014, About: Bryant: 'We need to figure this thing out'
too late
Posted Friday February 21, 2014, About: Stanton on Miami: 'It's been a circus'
Dodger Blue will look good on won't be so lucky this year........
Posted Friday February 14, 2014, About: Can Trout reach $40M per season?
better than Kershaw...what kind of mathis that......Kershaw has 2 Cy Youngs at 26.......Trout is great nd ill be for a long time, but not at that elite level yet...Sorry
Posted Thursday February 13, 2014, About: Uncertainty hangs over Ramirez
he was great for the Ddgers last year......we will keep him for life....he get his ring in 1-3 years
Posted Friday February 07, 2014, About: Kraft paving Talib's way out of town?
better off without these guys, thy areon the way out...Brady, Bele and may more declining...move on and get the $
Posted Monday January 27, 2014, About: D'Antoni won't see contract's end
so upseting that it makes you mistype Lakers!!
Posted Monday January 27, 2014, About: D'Antoni won't see contract's end
hate to say this as an avid akerfan, but the Lakers are not Laker material period....THNKS JIM BUSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted Friday January 24, 2014, About: Rockets GM mocks Howard snub
he's just not that good......period
Posted Tuesday December 03, 2013, About: Harvin done for the regular season
would not help on hip flexors or labrums.....would assist recovery though
Posted Monday December 02, 2013, About: Yankees aren't waiting for Cano
or the Dodgers.......
Posted Friday October 18, 2013, About: Melo fuels Lakers chatter
Melo & LeBron to the it heard it here......they have the $
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Howard OK being an outcast
oh btw, all you had to do was win in the other cities too....good luck with that
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Howard OK being an outcast
he has no choice...wonder how long till houston tires of it..........took 1 year in LA
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Dodgers' Ramirez done?
yes, maybe the dodger should have targeted Beltran like they did Hanley.......
Posted Monday October 14, 2013, About: Gronk's mom: 'Robbie is dying to play'
listen to all the morons...ever had MRSA, ever even played football?'s reallytough to get rid of and can kill you......grow up!
Posted Wednesday August 28, 2013, About: Kemp's return may cost Puig
don' think so....Kemp's numbers are way down and Puig is playing bettter than Ethier and Crawford.......
Posted Thursday August 15, 2013, About: Rockets had deal for Dwight set in 2012
no we do not....he's not that fgreat and will not win a ring with Harden and Lin.....doesn't have the stones to be a champion.....just a chump
Posted Tuesday July 23, 2013, About: George on Lakers: 'Wouldn't be a smart move'
yes, but how....until then, we are the old Clippers
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