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Posted Wednesday December 25, 2013, About: Gang Green's next head coach?
This is totally incorrect. The Lions had the talent to go 11-5. They had the division locked up as recently as four weeks ago and crapped the bed. The Jets are a 4-12 team who somehow could go 8-8 with not a single noteworthy player on the roster.

So yes...over-reaching your talent by 4 wins is a hell of a lot better than underperforming by four wins. The Lions suck much worse, proportionally speaking.
Posted Sunday November 03, 2013, About: Jets owner says team is rapidly improving
This team sucks donkey kong. 4-4 at this point with these scrubs might be Ryan's best job yet.
Posted Saturday November 02, 2013, About: MLB calls A-Rod its worst drug offender
This has become pathological...its an obsession now. IMHO, this is as much about Bonds as it is Arod. Selig is still pissed off that Bonds basically waved his genitals in Bud's face, so now Arod has to pay for his embarrassment. Arod is basically the dog Bud is kicking at home after Bonds abused him at work all day. Somebody's gotta pay, and Bud has chosen Arod.
Posted Sunday July 28, 2013, About: Alex Rios denies Yankees approached him about trade
The only silver lining is that their farm system has been so bad for the past decade that nobody they've given away has come back to haunt them.
Posted Sunday July 28, 2013, About: MLB ready to reveal all Biogenesis suspensions?
Funny...with all the A-roid and A-fraud references. But every time we hear about the Mitchell list a few years ago, a new Conseco book, another Biogenesis, I find myself less and less outraged about Alex Rodriguez. Turns out everyone WAS doing it, and even though he is an extremely easy, low-hanging target he can hardly be considered the dastardly villain everyone makes him out to be if Mitchell, Conseco and Bosch are to be believed (and they haven't been wrong yet) and literally hundreds of ballplayers have been and/or are still juicing even now.
Posted Sunday July 28, 2013, About: MLB ready to reveal all Biogenesis suspensions?
Perhaps they are working with most of the other guys. Maybe they want to avoid having the appeals process drag on all winter long, and they are going to each of these guys and saying "'s the deal" and seeing who goes with the program and who might be a potential legal battle. I do know that we would be equally critical if MLB simply looked down from up on high and levied 20 suspensions in a seemingly knee jerk fashion. For now I am willing to approve the strategy of time-taking. If it proves to have been wasted time, I'll reconsider.
Posted Sunday July 28, 2013, About: David Ortiz ejected after destroying dugout phone
Going strictly by the book, it was a proper call.

[i]6.02 - The batter shall take his position in the batter??s box promptly when it is his time at bat.

Notwithstanding Rule 6.02(c), if the batter intentionally leaves the batter??s box and delays play, and none of the exceptions listed in Rule 6.02(d)(1)(i) through (viii) applies, the umpire shall award a strike without the pitcher having to deliver the pitch.[/i]

If Ortiz was making a production out of it, the umpire could have delivering the message of "I'll call the balls and strike, thanks very much." by enforcing a generally obscure rule.
Posted Sunday July 28, 2013, About: MLB ready to reveal all Biogenesis suspensions?
It probably would have all come down together, but Braun was "smart" enough to see the writing on the wall. If you liken it to a police investigation, he circumvented the process by basically turning himself in and taking a plea deal. The other guys are going to court, so to speak. The guy who cooperates with the DA always gets the best deal. The others do hard time. I think the Brewers connection was coincidental...not like they were 20 games over 500 or plan to be so next year.
Posted Saturday July 27, 2013, About: Alex Rios denies Yankees approached him about trade
Alex Rios? Sweet god. Not for nothing Yankee fans...but you might be seeing the dawn of the return of the 80's. "Superstars" five years too late surrounded by scrubs. All that's missing is a Mattingly wasting his prime in the middle of eight automatic outs.
Posted Saturday July 13, 2013, About: Kellen Winslow expects "to catch 100 balls" for Jets
I don't see why its so far fetched. They don't have a single WR capable of getting open further than 15 yards downfield. They have no running game. They have a noodle armed QB. Hell, Winslow might catch 12 passes a game. Granted, they would total 43 yards...but still....
Posted Saturday July 13, 2013, About: Jets rookie Oday Aboushi: I'm not anti-Semitic
And he will damn you to the everlasting torment and suffering of hell... his mercy.
Posted Monday July 08, 2013, About: Asik now wants out
They will. But they will let a market develop and assume an air of position of strength. If they dump him simply because he's whining, he brings 50 cents on the dollar. If they hold him until Jim Buss or someone starts peeing themselves, he brings back two rotation guys and a draft pick.

Hold him until his stock is highest. Makes perfect sense.
Posted Sunday June 30, 2013, About: NFL teams reviewing their player 'vetting' process
And I cannot help but repeat...if people who read these threads are going to pine for the days when men were men and the paralyzed were dragged off the field during TV timeouts and calling for the commissioner's job for implementing safety measures, then they are talking out of the side of their mouths when they claim to want to remove the very individuals who are physically and emotionally capable of the raw violence these posters crave.
Posted Sunday June 30, 2013, About: NFL teams reviewing their player 'vetting' process
And if Vonataze Burfict totals another 125 tackles this year and adds 8 sacks, then he goes from being an UDFA to getting a 40 million dollar contract. Then in three years he runs over some old guy walking his dog and we're having this conversation all over again. The NFL and its franchises can do their due diligence, for sure. But they cannot wet-nurse 1,500 players 24/7 including the off-season. They already provide five-star living accommodations, free medical care, and more money than any of us will see in ten lifetimes. Comes a point where it is up to the individual to decide what life he wishes to lead and stop putting the focus on the people who are giving him every single opportunity to live a good life.
Posted Sunday June 30, 2013, About: NFL teams reviewing their player 'vetting' process
And as soon as they say that, you know what happens? 20 guys here run to TnR and whine and moan about "The Ginger Dictator this..." and "Goodell is mad with power that..." and two paragraphs of BS about how we should "put'em in skirts".

I love how everyone on this board pisses and moans about the pussification of the NFL and the rules they feel are feminizing the game, but then Goodell and the owners are supposed to sniff out every single guy with a questionable background for, get this..."The Good Of The Game" (TM).

Buhlshyt. The Patriots gave this guy a billion dollars, a support system, and first class accommodations. I don't care if he came from a broken home raised by drug dealing wolves. The NFL and the New England Patriots gave this guy every break he could have ever dreamed of. Same with the other miscreants. Sorry fellas. If you want headhunters and leg breakers killing each other for your amusement, you have to expect that some of them will be a bit sketchy in the character department.

Far as I'm concerned, anyone who has the gall to comment on the rules, chances, or the integrity of the game from here on forfeits the right to complain when a rule is introduced to protect some poor **** trying to catch a slant pass from being killed.
Posted Thursday June 27, 2013, About: Aaron Hernandez clears waivers

Bill Raftery is leaving ESPN?!?!?!
Posted Sunday June 23, 2013, About: Joe Theismann defends Redskins name
Here's where I feel the distinction lies. If the name is taken in honor of the best traits of the individual or tribe, ie to convey bravery, loyalty or dignity, then I don't feel there is a problem. It is when it is a slur that it becomes an issue.

Put it in African American terms. If a team called themselves the Tulsa Zulu and used the tribal symbol for tribal unity in their logo, and then included a brief respectful history of the Zulu nation in the front of their game program, wouldn't that be far more acceptable than calling themselves the Tulsa Steppinfetchits with a huge picture of Al Jolson in blackface singing "Mammy" on the front cover of the yearbook? I think the first would be socially acceptable and the second could be seen as nothing but racially derogatory.

Bottom line, you can't call a team The Darkkies. That what the Washington team is basically called.
Posted Sunday June 23, 2013, About: Joe Theismann defends Redskins name
Let him spin. Here's a thought...The 2000's Yankees had guys like Tino Martinez and Paul O'Neill who were borderline castoffs when the Yankees got them. The other big guys on that team were homers for the most part. The 80's and 90's Yankees were among the worst teams in the history of the franchise.

So what did Steinbrenner really buy with all that money? Two rings (77-78) and thirty years of unintentional comedy? The only real stretch of success his teams had was when he was incapacitated or legally prevented from running the team. No small coincidence I think.

So maybe the Yankees should go back to the 2000 model of finding pipeline talent and not the 1980 model of signing Ed Whitson to 20 million dollars.
Posted Sunday June 23, 2013, About: Joe Theismann defends Redskins name
Week 12
1:00 Pottstown Porchmonkies at Delaware Daygos
Posted Saturday April 13, 2013, About: Paul Pierce 'definitely hurt' by Ray Allen's exit
I would gently correct your use of the word "rival". Most hated foe, perhaps, but the days of the Celtics "rivaling" the Heat are O.V.E.R. In the West, this team is a 10 seed, and once the rest of the Old Three pack it in, Celtics fans can get all excited about the Fab Melo era I guess. This team is toast for the next few years, so lets please not insinuate that the Celtics rival the Heat for anything other than hearts and minds for the foreseeable future.
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