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Posted Friday October 15, 2010, About: Yankees again #28 on the way
I'm not that much of a baseball fan, but there are good and bad fans in every bunch. A series has to be played first and no one knows the outcome. I believe it was the Yankees that were up 3-0 on the Red Sox and committed the worst collapse in MLB history and people thought that series was over too. TheYankees have also had a long dry spell because the bulk of their titles were won a very long time ago. The Rangers actually did the Yankees a favor because they couldn't handle the Rays in the regular season either. While this a public forum it doesn't give people a right to be immature. This entry could've actually been alot better had there been an emphasis on commentary instead of one liners. I do believe the Yankees were upset with Seattle because they pulled out of a deal to acquire Lee at the last minute because they wanted the young system players that the Rangers had in supply. AJ Burnett has had his share of pitching problems and that's why they wanted Lee instead. Part of being a fan is looking at the entire picture, not just what we like.
Posted Sunday September 12, 2010, About: Chicago Bears...Let's Get it on!!!!
That was probably one of the most unpleasant games so far. It has been said over and over again: the Martz system puts up yardage,but the points don't always follow. They averaged 2 yds a carry-that won't cut it. The teams on the Bears schedule will shut that stuff down and force you to run. You should've signed Housh ($800.000 wouldn't have done the franchise in). While this may be a throwing league, you better be able to run the ball. A win may be a win as they say, BUT if my team performs poorly they will take it into the next game. If you can't punch it in from a yard against the Lions then it will only get tougher. Your receivers won't automatically find separation, draft better. It will only get tougher from here out. You can throw until the cows come home, but unless you have the right personnel it will stall. The victory was on the scoreboard, but not where it mattered the trenches. Nothing was gained from it.
Posted Monday August 30, 2010, About: Why is Jay Cutler still starting?
He's starting because they traded for him and he was a good qb until he arrived in Chicago. He was never a savior, but Bears fans made him one. The team refused to sign better receivers (even though alot of people thought it was a good move). You liked him when he got there so now handle it. He is better suited for the west coast offense (it is also complicated, but can be adjusted to fit the qb). Why they hired Martz is beyond anyone because the game has passed him by. They didn't even attempt to talk to Kyle Shanahan. He has regressed since he arrived and it all falls on the coaches, management, ownership. He is the biggest victim in the entire situation because he has just fallen into the same trap that Orton and Grossman fell into. Alot of people blamed Turner when it wasn't his fault in the end. His firing served him well because he is now employed by Indy. The Bears did Cutler dirty and that's wrong.
Posted Sunday August 22, 2010, About: Brett Favre Arrives in Minnesota. Finally
If the Vikings front office doesn't have a problem with it then everyone will get over it. By the time players arrive in the NFL this stuff disturbs them a little, but once it's time to work they do it. Peterson wants more money and Favre had nothing to do with it. Harvin apparently had other issues to deal with that didn't include Favre. All owners don't handle things the same way, one could argue that the McCloskeys are taking advantage of the Bears fans by refusing to build a new staduim BUT raised ticket prices. The NFL is first a BUSINESS and then a family-no picnic will bring a player to camp if they don't get their money. This is not a back eye, this is business. It's not any different from the reports out of Chicago that states they only make Cutler available to the media one day a week, that's favortism in itself because Romo talks all the time. We don't have a cut off point. Alot of people will argue that Cutler only thought about himself and left a team hanging. It works both ways. The Cowboys have used their private plane to go after players. That's one of the reasons they buy them. They didn't do anything wrong.
Posted Wednesday August 18, 2010, About: Don't worry, be Happy!!!
I don't typically use the system as an excuse for not playing well because they change all the time. If teams fail to draft/develop quality backs ups then problems will arise. There's no such thing as it's better for one player to get hurt than another becuase they are just as important to a team's success. Jason Garrett made a great living playing as a back up, but when they called his number he delivered. The days of picking up elite talent freely are gone so drafting is a big deal. The team shoulders the blame for shifting the o-line because they failed to draft well. If someone with the Cowboys gets hurt, I expect the back up to play well. NO excuses. The Cowboys have 5 titles and I'm never satisfied because I require more. The Bears built this problem and then thought they could fix it in one off season-it takes longer than that.People should've learned something from last year-you need more than one qb to win. If all you're asking for is .500 then there's not much expoected. I REQUIRE a super bowl in order to say we've been successful. If not, the season was a waste. Competitive isn't good enough.
Posted Sunday August 08, 2010, About: 2 outdoor games
I don't think that it will water it down. They are trying to generate an interest in the sport for their American fan base. Since it originated outside they will try to capitalize off that. They probably allow for bidding because maybe every player/franchise may not be a fan of it. There are some states that live and die by football and basketball so they would have a hard time selling tickets for the event if football is going on. At one point, hockey was quite popular in Dallas, but it appears to be fading a bit because they compete with football. Hockey is fighting for revenue and ratings so that's probably why they're doing it. It simply isn't a popular sport everywhere and they may not be able to remedy the situation. I do enjoy it, but if there a choice between the Stars and Cowboys....sorry, the Cowboys win because that's the chosen sport in the region. It's simply not popular in every region and until they come up with a different plan it will stay the same.
Posted Tuesday July 13, 2010, About: For all people who consider themselves sportsfans
How could we possibly forget. You've referred to it every time you post something. You have 3 football teams in your state and still have to piggyback the Cowboys.
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: is Dan gilberts letter to Cavs fans justified?
Donating money doesn't make you a better person and ordinary people do it all the time. He was wrong for not calling Gilbert back and then having one of his hired hands call him while the show was being aired to inform he that he was leaving. Jeffhart, when someone ditches YOU on national TV and then throws a little pity cash at you so HE can feel good check back in and tell us how you feel. Money can't buy you class-he's a selfish jerk that chose humiliation instead of being a man and leaving with dignity.
A desire to win is suppose to be in every elite player so I have to leave that part out. He can go if he wants to but leave with dignity. The true alpha dogs in the NBA stay put. MJ had a horrible team in Chicago and hung in there and finally won a title at age 29. He is not what he claims to be...he NEEDS Wade in order to win something. That's not a "chosen one" mentality, it's a can't stick it out mentality. Kobe may have had some problems with Kupchack, but he came around and stuck it out. He had a say in the people that came to Cleveland so he helped them not make it. NO excuses for him...he quit on Cleveland just like he did in game 5. Wade leads and he will follow.
Posted Thursday July 08, 2010, About: How important is the NBA to you?
This is a really good question and I probably didn't give it much thought until I read your blog. I believe it depends on the other franchises that reside in the city. Since I'm a Cowboys fan we're taught that they always come first, regardless of how another team in the city is performing. I do enjoy my Mavericks ( I don't think their season is too long), but I probably would be more interested in the sport had I not resided in a "football" state. To an extent I can live without it, but I respect the league and the players that participate.

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