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Posted Friday July 08, 2011, About: All Time Big Ten Football Team 2007 to Present
How is Dan Connor not in there... He has the second most tackles in college football history
Naa we to good right now
Posted Friday July 08, 2011, About: Most improved Mlb Team
had to hurry up my last argument because i only had 3 minutes before i forfeited lol but so far good luck
Posted Thursday July 07, 2011, About: Most improved Mlb Team
I was going to take Cleveland but I felt Diamond Backs had a better shot to go to to the playoffs which would make them a more improved team.
Well were not and wont be for the rest of the season and we are going to take this series and cruise into All Star Break with a nice 2 out of 3 against the braves.
Posted Thursday July 07, 2011, About: Most improved Mlb Team
Wow I should have picked them, was figuring we had to pick bottom feeders from last season.
Posted Thursday July 07, 2011, About: Nebraska Will win the big Ten title
I don't think the Blackshirts are going to this year. I think they are going to have a tough time adjusting to playing these new teams and drop 3-4 games. I got Wisconsin or Mich State now that Ohio States out of the picture. Ya never know maybe them Nittany Lions sneak in.....
LOL! how are the braves better than the Phillies in what sense?? yall wanna talk history Braves won the NL East what 10 years in a row only to win one World Series title... and I disagree with the statement about the Marlins considering their bottom feeders of the East almost every season. Yeah they won 2 in the last 15 but Phillies formed into a playoff contention team in 2007. Marlins won 97 and 03 so give the Phillies 3 more years and I guarantee we will have another World Series ring notched up to be the 4th team in last 15 years to win a World Series.
In 2008 Phils had arguably the best offense in the league, at any point I felt we could comeback and win. (had most comeback wins in MLB) now we definitely took a step back in the last two seasons. We are only putting up 2 or 3 runs just enough for our pitchers to get by. Once were down its almost inevitable were going to lose. That is what lost us the series vs the Giants last season. Your pitchers dominated us and we didnt make plays when we needed to.
If Phils don't make the World Series it will be a bust for the season, IMO I see Phils getting knocked out in NLCS or World Series due to our offense.
lol.. but cmon man when have the Marlins even come close to doing something. Even if I wasn't a fan of the Phillies I'd rather see them winning then the Mets or Braves.
corrections... Hamels picked up his tenth win tonight
but good luck
lol its a bold prediction but I feel there is a chance

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