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Posted Monday April 22, 2013, About: SEC dominates spring game attendance
"We're sitting here talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, but we're talking about practice. Not the game that I go out there and die for...but we're talking about practice man. How silly is that?
Posted Friday August 12, 2011, About: A&M-to-SEC gains steam
If I were the Big East, I would start to make a push to grab what remains of the former Big 12 north, KU, ISU, KSU, and Mizzou. Plus a 25ish team basketball conference would be awesome!
Posted Friday August 12, 2011, About: A&M-to-SEC gains steam
Va Tech is not going anywhere, the Virginia government would want a package deal for UVa and Va Tech (remember that is how Va Tech joined the ACC, because governor of Virginia pushed for it). UVa probably has zero interest in joining the SEC, its not athletics, but academics. The ACC is a much better fit academically for UVa, as UNC, Duke, WF, GaTech, and Maryland are pretty good schools. The SEC has Vandy, and maybe Florida and UGA.

If anything the SEC will grab Oklahoma and Ok State, and the fire sale of the Big 12 will begin.

Will KU and Mizzou start talks with the Big 10(12)?
Posted Monday November 29, 2010, About: Harbaugh's 2007 comments a problem for UM?
Who cares what Harbaugh said in 2007, different AD at Michigan, and Harbaugh has always been a loose cannon with the press, as a player and a coach.

I've heard a lot of rumors about Harbaugh, but I am not really sure that he wants to come to Michigan. Next year the offense for Michigan should continue to get better with nearly all of the starters returning, but the defense will still be young, not very deep, and with (regardless of whether Rich Rodriguez is fired) a new defensive coordinator. And in case you haven't noticed a good defense is critical to winning the Big 10. Michigan has a long way to go to contend again, and the pressure on Harbaugh or Rodriguez will be to at least win 8 or 9 games next year.

I think Harbaugh will go to the NFL, probably San Francisco.
Posted Thursday September 30, 2010, About: Win over Hoosiers doesn't change much in Ann Arbor
I think the IU-Mich game is going to be more like the UConn v. Mich game. UConn's offense didn't look too bad, but they didn't have the ball too much since Michigan's running game led to some very lengthy time-consuming drives. This is really Michigan's best defense this year. Either way, after last year, I don't think anyone on the team or supporting Michigan will take this game for granted, or think Michigan is "back". Some more quality wins in the Big Ten is the only to gain better credibility. By the way, the Freep quotes above are related to an article asking if RichRod is off the hot seat. And I think any Michigan supporter or hater, knows the answer...No.
Posted Thursday August 26, 2010, About: Delany: OSU-UM process nearly complete
Booo...I am sure MLB would love to have a BoSox v. Yankees World Series, but watching them duke it out during the regular season is pretty damn awesome. Same goes for all of the NFL and NHL rivalries...and why do all of them work...BECAUSE THEY ARE IN THE SAME DIVISION!
Posted Tuesday August 24, 2010, About: Big Ten toys with sell-out of highest order
The fear from Delany is that Michigan and Ohio State could play each other twice in two weeks (The Game and then Big10(12) Championship). If you want to dispel this fear just put them in the same damn division, the game will remain THE GAME, and you lose the repeat (revenge) championship game. Really I think Delany is concerned the Big 10 Championship is not going to work-out, so he wants to make sure that a marquee match-up like Ohio State and Michigan is possible. But Nebraska v. Penn State, Michigan v. Wisconsin, that's not bad either...Indiana v. Michigan State, now you are pushing it. Make sure the rivals are in the same division and things will be okay in the Big 10 (12). There is a reason why the Cowboys still play in the NFC East.
Posted Thursday August 05, 2010, About: Teammate: Wolverines may tune out Forcier
If Robinson can become an "okay" passer, he is the starter...he is more or less Pat White II. But without the threat that he can occasionally through a good pass to keep the defense honest, he'll run into defenses with everyone in the box...this pretty much happened to him after the Notre Dame game, whe RR pretty much used him the wildcat only (except against Iowa). Of course Pat White was great at WVU because he also had Steve Slaton...not sure that Michigan has anything like Steve Slaton in the backfield this year.

Needless to say the offense will be great at Michigan this year...the defense on the other hand will be awful...If Michigan goes 6-6, its a decent season
Posted Tuesday July 13, 2010, About: Bids likely robust for Big Ten title game
Has the heat gone to your brains in the south...why would the Big 10 (12) want to hold their conference championship in the south? Makes zero sense.

The initial Big 10 championships will be in Indy, Chicago, Detroit, etc. but don't be surprised if one of their championships happens at the new Giants Stadium...the Big 10 still wants to get in the NYC area.

Otherwise, the championship game should happen at least once at Lambeau, that would just be really cool (and damn cold).

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