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Posted Friday February 10, 2012, About: Figgins could take over for Ichiro
Remember, in 2001 they didn't have Junior, A-Roid, or Big Unit. The lineup had Ichiro, Boonie, Edgar, Olerud, etc. Sasaki was the closer. Carlos Guillen, Mark Maclemore, Danny Wilson, etc. rounded out the lineup.
Posted Wednesday February 01, 2012, About: Johnson believes Harper's ready for right now
Thank you...finally an intelligent post and someone who understands what they are talking about!
Posted Monday January 23, 2012, About: Roethlisberger rape case settled quietly
What's sad is that there is a stereotype out there about rape claims and gold-digging slu's that affects REAL rape victims and keeps them from coming forward. That's right, women that are gold-digging slu's that cry rape to get attention/money actually hurt thousands of other women who won't come forward. Yep, I said it.
Posted Monday September 13, 2010, About: Jets act 'like frat boys' around female reporter
Ines Sainz is the reporter from TV Azteca...mmm
Posted Saturday August 28, 2010, About: Leinart 'frustrated and disappointed' with Cards
As a Seapukes fan, I admit that I enjoy seeing so much dysfunction in Arizona. That being said, I think Leinart is getting screwed here. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Wisenhunt spend all off-season talking about how they were going to run the football more, taking advantage of the talent they have at the RB position in Wells and Hightower...and how the QB wasn't going to be expected to WIN games throwing the football (like Warner did) but manage the game and not turn the ball over? Losing Boldin hurt this team's passing game a LOT, and Fitzgerald being hurt right now doesn't help either. The running game has struggled this preseason, leading to a ton of third-and-long situations, which are tough to convert anyway, let alone when your best receiver is in street clothes on the sidelines and your #2 is in Baltimore. In two games, he is 10 of 13, with no turnovers. I think that he should have been given the opportunity to play the entire first half last week to get more reps and see if he could find his rhythm with the downfield throws. Repeat after me people: Derek Anderson is not the answer! Has anybody seen the awful accuracy he has shown so far? Or how about the turnovers?
Posted Friday August 06, 2010, About: Rome, Shaq to square off?
Shaq has scored almost 34,000 points in the regular and postseason combined in his career. Averages almost 25 points and 11 rebounds a game. All of this during a period where the NBA made perimeter defense nearly impossible to emphasize guard/small forward play. 6 NBA Finals, 4 rings. Don't forget he carried Orlando to the Finals (Penny Hardaway WAS good, but nowhere near the talent of Kobe or D-Wade). How in the heck can Jim Rome talk smack about Shaq? He waits until Shaq is obviously and admittedly in the twilight of his career to question his work ethic and playing shape? Where was Jim Rome when Shaq was dominating the paint for 10+ seasons?
Posted Monday July 05, 2010, About: Griffey wired after M's release
Junior wasn't released, he retired. Get it right. Greatest ballplayer of his generation, and he did it clean. The bat speed and skills diminished as he got older...go figure!

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