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Posted Wednesday September 05, 2012, About: Young Braves pitcher drawing Maddux comparisons
It's not like this is 1st time he has pitched in the majors. The Braves have won his last 18 starts spanning 3 seasons. He was good before TJ surgery and he's even better now. He's not Maddux, but he is currently playing him on TV.
Posted Tuesday September 04, 2012, About: Young Braves pitcher drawing Maddux comparisons
The difference is that Medlen is actually performing and has earned the accolades. Harper is a .250 hitter still being treated like the second coming.
Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: The best rookie season ever?
Wake me up when this kid has a full season. He is absolutely amazing and he plays a premium defensive position. There aren't many that have had as auspicious a start as this kid. He is going to win the MVP this year and ROY. I can only imagine his upside...
Posted Sunday July 08, 2012, About: Sources: Humphries wants paternity test
This guy gets roasted for having a booty call while **** Dumpsterdashian has been with half the eastern seaboard...Amazing!
Posted Sunday July 08, 2012, About: Sources: Humphries wants paternity test
This guy gets roasted for having a booty call while **** Dumpsterdashian has been with half the eastern seaboard...Amazing!

BTW, you have money. Wrap your ****...
Posted Sunday April 08, 2012, About: Players growing tired of Griffin's act
How do you when you have that sweet Kia endorsement deal?
Posted Tuesday March 13, 2012, About: Chipper: 'Tomorrow might be my last day'
I love the sensationalism of this guy. Chipper didn't say his retirement was imminent. He said his knee is killing him and he doesn't know how much longer he has.

This guy conveniently left out the part where he said he would tell Fruiti Gonzalez when he could go and when he needed to rest. Barring a setback with his leg, he is going to play this season.
Posted Thursday February 02, 2012, About: Keeping DGB the start of something big at Mizzou
I love the clowns that laugh at TCU because they played in the MWC. You realize they straight owned that conference, right? We're not talking about Utah that hasn't been relevent for years.

Even when Boise St came in and begged the MWC to move the game out of Ft. Worth, TCU went up there and whooped them on the smurf turf. Someone else noted that even with the best player in college football last year Baylor barely beat TCU on a last minute Waco.

Don't sleep on TCU. They were very young this past season and still ran the table after a slow (2 very close losses) start. With RGIII's miracle and an OT loss they might have played for the "national championship."

They could very well win the Big XII if Texas doesn't find a QB and they can get past OU, which has happened before...
Posted Thursday December 08, 2011, About: Martz stung by lame-duck speculation
Martz is a garden variety buffoon. He wants all the credit when he has the perfect storm of amazing athletes (Warner, Faulk, Bruce, Holt, etc.), but passes the blame when he is saddled with lesser talent (everywhere else he's been). The 49ers are better off without him and so will the Bears...
Posted Monday November 07, 2011, About: Cuddyer following Thome to Philly?
Time to ratchet that payroll up into the stratosphere...
Posted Friday October 21, 2011, About: Hamilton: 'I'd probably be on the DL'
I'll take 50% of Hamilton over Endy Chavez everyday and twice on Sunday.

As for the idiot that mentioned the Reds, it's all been said, but maybe the Reds traded him because they didn't know what they had. They thought they were getting a steal. How many times has Volquez been sent down since the trade?
Posted Friday October 21, 2011, About: Are the Vikes giving up? Frazier says no
Think of the windfall of draft picks they will score if/when they trade the #1 pick. Can't see them wasting another 1st round pick on Luck. They obviously thought Ponder was the future.
Posted Thursday October 20, 2011, About: Nash out $425,000 and counting
2 years? Dude, that's more than 7x what I make in a year and I live a pretty comfortable life.

How are we supposed to feel sorry for these clowns?
Posted Thursday October 06, 2011, About: Indians ready to walk from Sizemore
You know, Frank Wren turned down a trade offer from Boston for a certain injury proned CF and that didn't work out so well. I wouldn't be shocked at all if the Braves jump on Sizemore to play LF if the Indians bounce him. Shouldn't cost much...
Posted Thursday September 29, 2011, About: Howe livid over 'Moneyball' portrayal
You're not the first person that has been portrayed inaccurately on the silver screen, Art. Don't sweat it. You were a fine player and have been a fine manager/coach forever. This movie doesn't change that.
Posted Tuesday September 27, 2011, About: Pujols envisions one-game playoff
Lowe is due...for yet another bLoweup. God help us...
Posted Tuesday September 20, 2011, About: MWC still trying to hold TCU
Just one problem with it. THE GAME WAS SCHEDULED FOR FT. WORTH. That's a pretty big gate to take away from a program. TCU didn't give the MWC the finger any more than Utah did. They moved to better conferences. You can't blame a program for looking to improve their lot in life and continue to grow. At the time, the Big East was a better option for TCU to reach their goal of not going undefeated only to be treated like 2nd class citizens because they weren't part of the Cartel. I'm sure TCU would've held off on the decision if they knew Armageddon was around the corner.

No doubt Boise is the better team this year. TCU is rebuilding. That still doesn't excuse catering to the new kid on the block and thumbing your nose at the school that got you on the cusp of AQ status.
Posted Tuesday September 20, 2011, About: MWC still trying to hold TCU
You've got some KING SIZED balls even thinking about asking TCU to stay in the MWC after pulling the Boise St. game from Ft. Worth. You can't completely dis a program like that and then beg them to come back. TCU will either follow what's left of the Big East and merge with what's left of the Big XII or they will join the ACC or SEC.

TCU, Utah and BYU put your little conference on the map and you treated all of them like garbage. Now they're all gone. Keep catering to Boise St. and hope you stay relevent.

I simply cannot see them staying in the MWC after what their commissioner pulled.
Posted Thursday September 15, 2011, About: Texas to the ACC?
Actually, the educated Michiganders are smart enough to get out of the state. They don't want to be fishing guides or militia...
Posted Thursday September 01, 2011, About: Is Texas-Texas A&M done?
Time to change the fight song ATM. Maybe you can change all the Texas references to Vanderbilt references since they will be your chief rival in the SEC...for worst football program in the conference.

Texas will want nothing to do with ATM going forward. But look at the brightside, it was long overdue for you to move out of our basement and get a job. Bunch of freeloaders...
Posted Monday August 08, 2011, About: Ryan blames himself for weak Cowboys D
Tebow? The Cowboys already have a TE and he's pretty good.
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