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Posted Thursday March 27, 2014, About: Bears sign Jarred Allen. What do they do NEXT???
They need to draft the best defensive player available every round, regardless of position.
Posted Wednesday March 26, 2014, About: Jared Allen To Bears
It's not overpaying if they fill a need and it fits in cap. The biggest weakness Defensive
Line and they have gone out and got depth and some talent. They saved almost 10 million by cutting peppers, got Allen, Houston and young. They made it where they can go anywhere on defense with the first round pick rather then having to go d Line.
Posted Monday February 10, 2014, About: Missouri's Sam comes out of the Closet...
His teammates seemed fine with it in college in what many consider to be the toughest league. It won't be the first time any of them played with a gay teammate, just the first time they played with one who was out. And I wouldn't consider anyone an Alpha male if the thought of playing with a gay player scares them, if he can play he belongs.
Posted Wednesday February 05, 2014, About: Is Peyton Manning still top 5 QB all time?
aaron rodgers
Steve Young
Peyton Manning
Joe Montana
Tom Brady

we overrate qbs impact. we look back and remember performances greater if the result was a superbowl. Rodgers can throw for 4 tds and 400 + yards in a 1 playoff game and lose and Tom Brady can throw 1 TD the whole postseason and win a superbowl. This may not be the list of greatest career accomplishments by a qb in history, but it is the 5 guys i believe to be greatest ever. Rodgers and Young can do anything you want a qb to do, they are accurate ; smart, and get a slight edge due to mobility.
Posted Wednesday February 05, 2014, About: Finally..it has been said
Its been around at least 20 years documented, probably longer then that but it was most likely just listed as a random isolated assault though. With the advancements in media outlets and new sources in the past 20 years alone, a little story today can spread into a much bigger one in the matter on minutes. I've witnessed it happen twice myself including a few years ago when i was at college which resulted in the worst black eye i have ever seen, and yes it is sad. At the same time i would not say youth is on the decline or any more violent or irrational then the past (****, internment camps...). Dumb and violent people just have more ways to express themselves now then ever before
Posted Tuesday January 21, 2014, About: Take some time too mourn.
Haters just find a way to hate. All those saying peyton needs to win another, we'll then Brady needs to win one post spy gate. The same people who say Peyton needs multiple Super Bowl wins are people if you asked wouldn't have Bradshaw top 3 all time.....which just goes against the Super Bowls are what matters argument.
Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: Take some time too mourn.
They beat Brees twice
Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: Seahawks disrespectful team in sports
Just stop doing interviews. 90% of what people say is a lie anyway. Then when you have someone truly speak his mind we get upset with them. They don't like each other, should he have lied and gave the norm "we respect their game....". I'm not saying what he said was right, but who cares. He just played the biggest game of his life, coming off a big play. With the noise and adrenaline he was caught up. By all accounts when previous coaches tried to get him to not talk and act up his play suffered. Some players need that. Their is the "locker board material" of quotes for a reason. Coaches will play up whatever angle they have of someone disrespecting or calling out their team, they do this to motivate and it works. If that interview had taken place hours not minutes after the game I doubt it would be the same. Again those ....who cares. What does it effect
Posted Thursday January 02, 2014, About: Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension
How does this surprise people? He would have got even more from another team. You don't pay for what they have done, you pay for what you think they can do and based on the market. This is his first year with an offense first coach and true talent. Eli stafford and flacco all get similar and all played seasons worse then cutler ever did. It's not a 7 year commitment, it's 3. Guaranteed is all that matters. Show me another plan with higher odds of paying off in 3 years? You can talk about the great draft class, people thought Blaine Gabbert would be good. They can draft and groom and young guy in 2 or 3 years anyway.
Posted Wednesday July 17, 2013, About: All Star Game MVP
of course he didnt deserve it. For a hold?
Posted Wednesday May 01, 2013, About: Geno Smith fires agents
Why wouldn't he fire his agent? They obviously fed him bad advise. Was it great advis to tell him to go to day 1 of the draft? He could have said "I'd rather be with my family at home" , then he doesn't get picked and peopl start questioning him for not wanting to come back the second day. What did these agents do for him that any person with no experience could have? Could they make him money down the line....sure but that next contract is going to be based of his performance. This was there chance.
Posted Monday December 31, 2012, About: Chicago Bears breaking news!
Mike McCoy - Denver OC. - how do you evaluate him? Its great he was able to make an offense around Tebow, but it wasnt really a offense just a dont turn it over gameplan; then this year he has Manning.

Bruce Ariens - Colts OC. - great candidate, but does he leave chuckstrong? Seems like there could still be health concerns and i dont know if he walks away yet

Bill O'Brien - Penn State HC. - this is who i want and it makes sense given our GM, but i dont know if he walks after just taking over

Chip Kelly - Oregon's HC - would not work in this market; terrible with media

Kirk Ferentz - Iowa's HC - interesting. been a bit since i heard his name; but given offensive line is our issue maybe
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: Week 14....Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings
Who are real teams?

is anyone afraid of the Falcons? They always win in the reg season and do nothing in playoffs

Green Bay is as beat up as the Bears and those games are usually close

Giants are up and down

I'm honestly less afraid of 49ers with kaepernick ; because unlike Smith i think he can lose a game by turning it over.

there is no team that doesnt have questions about them, and as we have seen in the past once you get in the playoffs any team can catch fire.
Posted Tuesday September 25, 2012, About: OFFICIALS!!
After looking at replays in our HD TVs with multiple angles maybe...in live time...not so much
Posted Tuesday September 25, 2012, About: OFFICIALS!!
The officials didn't cost the packers the game.

- offensive pass interference is never called on the final play
-mutual possession goes to the offense; its a judgment call that happens instantly and possession cant be changed after review. Replay can only determine if it was a catch not possession.

Don't go for an interception, knock the ball down. Or do something the other 59 minutes of the game.
Posted Sunday September 16, 2012, About: Jay Cutler....is he a whiny baby? or just fed up?
HA. He needs to look at how Brady handles similar situations? First, show me when Brady gets hit as much as cutler. Second; if you youtube Brady or Manning its not that hard to find them doing the exact same thing Cutler did. Manning swore at the offensive line on camera and then called out the line in the post game; but i guess that being a leader. Brady screams all the time, and theirs video of him having to be separated from the assistant coaches when he got in a verbal argument; but that just Brady "lighting a fire" in his team.

You can hate Cutler, but don't act like other guys don't do the same things.
Posted Sunday March 04, 2012, About: NFL Bounty
Eh.......who cares.

I highly highly doubt this is just a Greg Williams issue. While other coaches may not be dumb enough to say they are paying for knock outs or cart offs, i guarantee their are teams that pay for "big hits" or some other terminology that is the same in intent but worded in a way to cover their ass.

If they hit them clean and the player got injured, who cares? If they were playing dirty they should have been penalized at the time or when the league looks over hits. If this has been going along and been as viscous as people like to play it out the pattern should have been noticed by the league and questions asked before now.
Posted Saturday January 28, 2012, About: The Perfect BCS System
4 team playoff: top 4 teams from the current ranking system.
Posted Sunday January 22, 2012, About: The passing of Joe Paterno.
Westboro Baptist Church would be picketing the funeral of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

I hope theirs a hell: so all their members burn in it. Think what you want, but to do that to the family for nothing more then publicity for the church is despicable.
Posted Sunday January 22, 2012, About: The passing of Joe Paterno.
Just think what a difference a year makes. If he died a year ago he would have went out a complete hero with new outlets devoting a whole week to honoring him. Now many simply give him a blurb. I'm glad that ESPN is taking the time to talk about him and not completely focus on the scandal.

I'm sorry that the game lost a legend. R.I.P Joe
Posted Sunday November 20, 2011, About: CFB fans, repeat after me: WE NEED A PLAYOFF...
A playoff solves nothing. Your still leaving teams out that can lay claim to be deserving as much as those that are included. All it would do is water-down the regular season, and put an end to teams scheduling tough out of conference opponents.
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