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Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014, About: Mount Rushmore of NFL Running Backs
"Simpson's explosiveness off the line has him widely regarded as the best pure running back in NFL history, regardless of the fact that he generally played on terrible teams (only made the playoffs one time)"

What do you mean "widely regarded as the best pure running back in NFL history"? No one regards him this way. Only you. The Sayers pick is better, but I would've picked a number of guys before OJ. Give me Eric Dickerson, John Riggins, or Earl Campbell in their primes first.
Wonder where we'd be if Bonds hadn't broken either record. We'd prob still have McGwire as single-season champ and everyone would still be ok with steroids.
The Pats are very beatable. You just need to stay committed to running the ball. That's how the Jets beat them and it's how the Dolphins would've if they hadn't gotten away from the running game.
Posted Thursday October 31, 2013, About: The Red Sox will beat the cardinals in 7 games..
Only HCF could lose a TD when he's factually correct.
You're right. And the Maris/Aaron defenders are idiotic.
Posted Friday October 18, 2013, About: Top 10 greatest one two punches since 1980..
George Foreman's knockout of Michael Moorer is the best one-two punch I've ever seen.
Posted Friday October 18, 2013, About: The most entertaining people in sports since 1900..
Ah yes, Stefan Edberg. You're right. He was one of the last serve and volleyers, along with Boris Becker. I'm pretty sure the advanced rackets killed the serve-and-volley game, because players can unleash winners from the baseline so easily. You'll lose quickly if you try to approach the net. I'm not saying we should go back to wooden rackets, but you can definitely see a change in the way the game was played when the metal and composite rackets started coming in.

Probably the most intriguing question is whether Martina Navratilova would've been able to succeed to the same level with the new rackets. Her game was all serve and volley. Graf was the first of the real power baseline players and she came on just as Martina was getting too old, so we'll never really know. But I think Martina would've won less majors. How many is anyone's guess.
Posted Friday October 18, 2013, About: The most entertaining people in sports since 1900..
So far I think right has the better list... but I LOVE that Balotelli guy.
Posted Friday October 18, 2013, About: The most entertaining people in sports since 1900..
"Macenroe loses points IMO for playing most of his career in the wooden racket era. Go play tennis with a wooden racket and then come back and tell us how exciting that is (not). If you take away his bad boy antics the tennis itself was pretty boring."

Actually, you're 100% wrong. Tennis was much more fun to watch with wooden rackets, because it required power and finesse, not just power. Tennis today is just power at the baseline. You used to have different styles (i.e. net players, baseline players) and was a much more competitive game.

The new rackets are a big reason people don't care to watch any more. It's doubtful the Wililams sisters would be as dominant if the rackets had less power.
Posted Friday October 18, 2013, About: The most entertaining people in sports since 1900..
There's no such thing as the "Iggy Shuffle". It's called the "Ickey Shuffle" after Bengals RB Ickey Woods.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: The "Real Deal". Really?? Really????
I thought Evander Holyfield was the Real Deal.
Posted Monday October 14, 2013, About: Should Steve Nash be the Lakers starting point guard?
He shouldn't be... but unfortunately he's the best they've got.
Posted Monday October 14, 2013, About: Who should the Red Sox fear the most? Tigers or Oakland?
Failure, yes. The other team, not so much.
Posted Saturday October 12, 2013, About: Who should the Red Sox fear the most? Tigers or Oakland?
Colonel Sanders and the guy who runs the package store (Bobby Valentine, I think.)
It's kind of a dubious distinction. The only real criteria is a team dumb/bad enough to start these guys for 3 years. For instance, if the Raiders had a little more patience, JaMarcus Russell might've obliterated all of these records.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: In 100 years from now.. Movies about sports..
How about:

"No Heat: The Chris Bosh Story"
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: In honor of THE playoffs--Stevie Yzerman and #19
You should probably win just due to opponent apathy.

You're right on Cousy. Should be out. frankly, that's worse than the Montana one. Willis Reed is as good a choice as any.

And no, no way Gwynn was better than Feller. I'd personally take Yount over Gwynn as well.
Posted Thursday May 23, 2013, About: In honor of THE playoffs--Stevie Yzerman and #19
Total sketchy NFL pick by left. Montana as a Chief over Unitas?

Unitas played in a completely different era and he was the best of his era. You wanna compare that to Montana's last 2 years, when Montana was league average? Disgraceful.

How about we say Josh Freeman and Carson Palmer are better than Montana because Montana never threw for 4,000 yards. Idiocy.

In the NFL, eras define stats. Big vote right.
Bruins have actually turned it up a notch. And they had a possible negative turned into a positive. Their injuries on D have actually made for an improved overall defense, as the young guys are good and they skate faster. Lots of impact from the Bruins D on these rushes.

Pittsburgh's a good team, but I usually bet against the team that switches goalies mid-playoff.
But do you really think the AL East has any teams better than the Rangers or Tigers? As an AL East fan, I can tell you the Sox and Yanks are doing this with smoke and mirrors. Both have played a disproportionate number of games at home and their records are better than the stats would indicator. You think the Yanks will march through the playoffs with a roster of Travis Hafner and Vernon Wells

Those records are very misleading. If you look at run differential, the Tigers and Rangers are clearly superior. Baltimore is the only one of those 3 AL teams that might actually be good.
It's not about innings. Dusty has a long reputation of not caring about pitch counts. That's a big part of why Prior and Wood burned out and Zambrano has had his share of issues.

He's gotten a little better, but he still runs his starters to way too many pitches and too many games of 115-120+ pitches. Look at Cueto's 2012 pitch counts and how he fell of at the end of the year. And look who's already been on the DL this year.
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