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Posted Friday May 11, 2012, About: Red Sox Nation turning on one-time ace
The Red Sox fans turning on a ballplayer? Say it ain't so!

I don't know who turns quicker on ballplayers, Yankees fans or Red Sox fans.
Posted Sunday October 30, 2011, About: Hunter: Stern 'snookering' everyone
The players are puppets, with their strings being pulled by the agents. 15 years from now, the agents and the owners will still be there, while the player's short careers will be over. They are squandering away an entire season of their careers over a total of $100 million. How much is that per player? Not much. They have already given up like what, $350 million in salaries just by losing the first month of the season.

They have already passed the point where they can recover what they have lost, even if the owners agree to the 52%. Every day they hold out, they lose more and more. The owners have shut down basketball operations, relying on other ventures for income, while the players have lost all income, except for the fortunate elite who have endorsements.

Hunter keeps talking about how it is the fans who lose out. If he believes that, then he is a pompous moron. I love basketball, but my life will not be altered one bit without it. I can very easily find other things in my life that I enjoy just as much. Besides, in many ways, college basketball is much more exciting.
Posted Friday February 04, 2011, About: Matta: Pounding on Sullinger getting ridiculous
I always find it amusing that the comment is often made by detractors of any top team that if you take out their best player they can be beat. Can you say Duh!

Obviously the best player on any team is a significant reason why that team is where they are at, or they wouldn't be that team's best player, would they? Yes, if you take Sullinger away Ohio State is not 23-0. That's a given. So what. When you can only put 5 guys on the floor at a time, taking away a beast like Sullinger is going to have a huge effect. But take away Lighty, or Buford, or Craft and they won't be undefeated either.
Posted Friday February 04, 2011, About: Matta: Pounding on Sullinger getting ridiculous
You have to remember that Ohio State was not supposed to be where they are at this year. Not much was expected. So, all of you Ohio State haters, where is your team at?

I don't know why everyone keeps saying OSU is deep. They aren't. They play 7 guys, and the rest nobody has ever heard of. And 3 of those 7 are Freshman.
Posted Monday October 04, 2010, About: LeBron: Why am I a target?
What I don't understand is why Lebron can't understand all of this. I would think that since he went to a private Catholic school, (even though he isn't Catholic), that he would have gotten a better education and bee better equipped to figure this stuff out quite a bit easier.

I guess he was too busy playing basketball to get an education. Maybe a little college would have helped with his reasoning powers.
Posted Sunday September 12, 2010, About: Iverson to play in China?
I am not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I would not be surprised in this case. AI could still help a lot of teams, but nobody will touch him.

it's not much of a stretch to speculate that his NBA career is over.
Posted Sunday September 12, 2010, About: Iverson to play in China?
Well it's about time we get a chance to get even with China for all the useless junk they export to the US. Now we can export some of our useless junk to them.
Posted Saturday September 11, 2010, About: LeBron still welcome in Horseshoe
Now that, folks, is one bitter person. You must be a real killjoy at parties, Jeez.
Posted Saturday September 11, 2010, About: LeBron still welcome in Horseshoe
I sure would not want to see the OSU game disrupted, so the best scenario that could possibly happen would be for everyone to just ignore Lebum.

It would devastate him far more than any booing would.
Posted Wednesday September 01, 2010, About: Though sour, Mo won't root against LeBron
While I admire Mo for taking the high road, I think maybe he needs a little bit of anger in him. He is a talented player that folds when the going gets tough.

All I know is, he better figure out how to get mean, because when LeStink comes to Cleveland this winter, he is certainly going to try and make Clevelanders pay for their bitter comments towards him. If Mo ain't ready, he may as well not even show up for the game.
Posted Monday August 30, 2010, About: Ohio State's '08 recruits key to title run
Not to pick on just one post, because there have been many similar ones, but apparently there are a lot of people here that don't know too much about college football.

Yeah, in a perfect world, the older players would always be better than their underclassmen. But the truth is, most players that show promise in high school turn out to be a bust once their college career starts.

Go look at the rosters of any of the top 25 teams for their past 5 years and I bet you will find that every one of them had at least one recruiting class that was a bust. So much for the "great concept". This article just showed that the 2008 OSU recruiting class was a big success.

You read every year about teams that are returning most of their starting lineup. That means they were all juniors. Where were the seniors? On the bench? Off the team?
Posted Friday August 27, 2010, About: Report: Carmelo done in Denver
The snow belt teams may as well just fold up now, unless they want to live at the bottom of the standings perpetually. The star players are all going to mild weather teams when they become free agents, and now they are demanding to be traded to those teams while still under contract.

The players are now making such an incredibly sinful amount of money that giving up $30 mil to go where the sun is like Lebum did is now just pocket change.

I have been a life long sports fan, over 40 years. I gave up on baseball because the Yankees are allowed to buy a World Series ring every year without earning any of them. Up here in the Midwest, we just can't compete with the glitz of LA and the sunshine of Florida. I give up.
Posted Thursday August 26, 2010, About: Delany: OSU-UM process nearly complete
How true. There was an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer last week that stated it quite well. To paraphrase; The biggest draw that college football has over professional sports is its long standing traditions and rivalries.

Nothing lasts forever. The world is always changing and we have to change with it. But I only agree with change if it is for good reason, and I'm not satisfied that good enough reasons have been given for destroying these rivalries. There are 15 long standing trophy games in the Big Ten each year besides the OSU/Michigan game. All of them are in jeopardy. That is a lot of history to be messing with.
Posted Tuesday August 24, 2010, About: Will Iverson find a home?
You are contradicting yourself. On one hand you say that he will play whatever role is asked of him, but then you admit he won't watch a game from the bench. Coaches don't want players that have conditions attached. If a coach wants you to come off the bench, or sit down in situations where a better defensive player is needed, you do it. If you can't, hit the streets. Sports teams are not democracies.

This is why nobody but a desperate team will touch him. A competitive team doesn't need the headache. He is only interested in his own needs.

At least he is going to get his wish. He won't have to watch any games from the sidelines. He can buy a ticket and sit in the cheap seats.
Posted Tuesday August 24, 2010, About: Will Iverson find a home?
I'm not a hater, but Iverson has been irrelevant in the NBA and has not made a contribution to the sport for a number of years now.

But if you are going to give him a chance, heck yeah, let him go to an equally irrelevant team like the Knicks and let him prove himself. Heck, on that team he would be a starter doing 38 minutes a game. What more could he ask for. He certainly doesn't care about winning. He just wants to rack up numbers, and he would certainly get that chance.
Posted Monday August 23, 2010, About: House: Boston's Big 3 has nothing on Heat's
HeHe! Yeah, that's some serious dreaming, and I imagine a lot of us Cavs fans have had the same dream.

As unlikely as it is that a scenario like that would ever happen, you have to admit, it would be the ultimate punch in the face to LeBum.

Who says Cavs fans never have a positive outlook on sports? Take that Joe Posnanski!!
Posted Monday August 23, 2010, About: House: Boston's Big 3 has nothing on Heat's
350 posts later;

Maybe the Celtics can hang with the Heat. Maybe they can't. Instead of the childish schoolyard banter, why don't we just wait for the season to unfold before people start beating their chests.

The Heat haven't even won one single game together yet for Christ's sake, and already the experts are crowing them.

All it takes is a couple of key injuries, which happens quite often to teams that are supposed to be competitive. Then next year they won't play because of the lockout.
Posted Sunday August 15, 2010, About: Who Cavs really wanted in trade
I figured once LeTraitor was gone the Cavs bashing would stop. Guess I figured wrong.

The Cavs banked their future on keeping the Lyin' King, not a bad thing. But when that went south, the rest of this free agent class quickly dwindled.

The only way they can get an impact player right now is to give away a lot of their stockpiled draft picks, which they wisely are not willing to do. So the next best thing is to start at the bottom instead of the top and build the team with young role players who will be important down the road.

The Cavs aren't going anywhere this year, so it would be foolish to waste resources.

I'm still a Cavs fan, unlike a lot of frontrunners that call themselves fans who are now Heat fans.

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