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Posted Thursday April 17, 2014, About: Out-of-work Morales turned down $30M in Seattle
Yeah, but after the first week of the season does it really matter? A guy is going to pitch every fifth day whether he's your #1 or #5.
Posted Saturday March 15, 2014, About: 'Awful' Phillies are painful to watch
Peace, my friend! It's called "Spring Training".
Posted Friday July 05, 2013, About: Buyer beware with Papelbon
The ASG has been a joke since fans started voting. Today it's just a beauty contest for ballot box stuffers, so why not put in any flavour-of-the-month player?
Posted Friday July 05, 2013, About: Scioscia wouldn't pick Puig for ASG, either
Aside from number of ABs, what's the difference between Puig and Bryce Harper last year? I don't recall much of the "he hasn't earned it yet" argument about him. Harper was a first year player and early season call-up just like Puig.
Posted Wednesday June 19, 2013, About: Yankees suddenly need ... A-Rod
Nope, not alone 50! Alex has NEVER made me forget Scott Brosius.
Posted Tuesday April 30, 2013, About: Tebow offered backup gig in CFL
Now Timmy T is lumped together with Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson. That's great company you're keepin', Timmy!
Posted Tuesday April 23, 2013, About: Revis says Jets lied to him
The Jests were never "Big Apple". There's only one football team in New York and then there's the comic relief team.
Posted Wednesday March 27, 2013, About: Soriano: Night games more important than Wrigley reno
If I'm not mistaken, the number of night games the Cubs are allowed to play at Wrigley is limited per an agreement with the Chicago City Council. This came into play when lights were installed at Wrigley in 1988 because of complaints by the residents of the neighbourhood. Besides, God created baseball to be played on real grass under the sun. Night baseball and the DH are just bastardizations of the game forced by TV money.
Posted Monday March 11, 2013, About: Report: Rangers owners have 'good' meeting with Nolan Ryan
It might be a good idea for Ryan to move on. The Rangers' window of opportunity has closed for a while. This year will be all about hate and discontent in Ranger-Land.
Posted Monday March 11, 2013, About: Will Steinbrenners push for Alfonso Soriano?
Yaawwwwwnnnnnn! You 'Bore' Me , Bro!

And then there there is your pathetic compulsion to be first on these posts when you really have nothing to say.
Posted Friday March 01, 2013, About: Yankees have had it with Joba
I don't know. I'm guessing the Yanks won't just let him walk with nothing in return. I'm thinking mid-season trade for whatever they can get, assuming he's not on the DL by then. But either FA or trade, this is Chamberlain's last season in pinstripes
Posted Monday February 18, 2013, About: Te'o, Steelers may be perfect couple
Hey, that's funny right there? Sure, a wife and baby settles professional athletes down every time. Just look at how well it worked for Eldrick.
Posted Friday February 15, 2013, About: Trout's noticeable weight gain
Braun was proven guilty. He failed a PED test. But you're right, sports is general are under the PEDS cloud. All sports.
Posted Friday February 15, 2013, About: Harper sets 'crazy' goals for season
Be totally honest. What was your first, instantaneous thought when you read "Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper each added 10 pounds of muscle in the offseason..."? I would suggest the overwhelming majority of posters here would say "uh-oh, PEDS!" The others just hadn't had their first coffee yet.
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Why Tebow could end up in Chicago
What exactly is an "honest shot"? Didn't he get that in Denver? He had his shot and he proved he can't play QB regardless of the team's record. Not every defense can carry a QB like the Broncos did.
Posted Saturday December 22, 2012, About: Michael Vick doesn't want to be Jets' next Tim Tebow
Yup, what he said. Could even the Jests be that stupid post-Tebow? Really?
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Yankees interested in Bourn?
dannylimes from Toronto, the New York Yankees don't "start over".
Posted Saturday December 15, 2012, About: Will Angels hire accountability partner for Josh Hamilton?
"Accountability Partner"? Fair speech for what the rest of us would call a babysitter. To paraphrase an eloquent post I read yesterday: In LA, Hamilton will be snorting coke off a hooker's **** before the All Star break. Arte, you're going to need a platoon of babysitters with Tasers to protect your investment. Good luck!
Posted Sunday December 09, 2012, About: Five teams where Michael Vick might land in 2013
Jets! Why settle for a three ring circus when you can have 4. Ryan, Sanchez, Tebow and the Dog Killer. Priceless!
Posted Saturday December 08, 2012, About: Report: Owners told players Donald Fehr could be 'a deal breaker'
I tend to side with the owners in sports labor disputes on general capitalist principles, but when you already have a fourth rate product then repetitively remove it from the marketplace so consumers can't consume it, I'm pretty sure that makes the owners totally incompetent businessmen.
Posted Saturday December 08, 2012, About: R&A, PGA surveying Euros about possible belly-putter ban
Broomstick putter. Belly putter. Semi-belly putter. Demi-semi-belly putter. Claw grip. Backhand grip. It's all crap. You can putt or you can't putt. No putter is going to read the green, pick the line or judge the speed for you. All the rest is just mental gymnastics.
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