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Posted Monday May 13, 2013, About: Cubs ready to chase Boston's Ellsbury
We have two excellent prospects for the OF, Almora and Soler. They're both corner OF/power guys. Ellsbury would be a leadoff candidate for the Cubs (as Castro is much better in the 2-hole). What the Cubs need to do is decide, probably by the trade deadline, if Brett Jackson is a viable lead-off/center fielder for the future. If not, go for Ellsbury. But, Soler and Almora should have no bearing on whether to pick up a CF at all.
Posted Thursday February 28, 2013, About: Cubs prepared for the seller ... again
Wiseup... you don't know how baseball works. The Cubs have plenty to sell. It's just not going to net us anything from the top of any organizational charts. Basically, everyone except Rizzo, Castro and Samardjzia is fair game to trade away at the deadline.
Posted Friday January 25, 2013, About: Rays officials: MLB has lost faith in Tampa Bay
To me, Indianapolis makes the most sense. Chicago is a nearly 200 miles away from Indy, Detroit is further out. The Reds are the closest competition, but we're still talking over 100 miles. Indy is a major market, with over 1 million residents. Bloomington (home of the Hoosiers) brings in 40,000 college students that would be more than willing to make the drive to Indy to see a game (granted, not all of them, but you get the point). To me, it makes sense. Too bad there's not enough talent to go to 4 divisions per league with 4 teams each, mimicking the NFL. You could make an excellent schedule with 32 teams.
Posted Sunday January 06, 2013, About: New rule scares clubs away from Kyle Lohse
Neither Greinke nor Sanchez were eligible for draft pick compensation, since the player has to be on your team for a full season. Both Greinke and Sanchez were mid-season trade acquisitions. Edwin Jackson was on the Nationals for a full year, but the Nationals declined to make him a qualifying offer, thus removing the draft pick part of the equation. The reason they did that is they didn't need him in their rotation, and had he accepted the qualifying offer, would have been a very expensive sixth starter, so they let him walk
Posted Monday February 20, 2012, About: Cubs taking Garza off trading block?
So, why did all of the Cub haters come and comment on this post this morning? The Cubs will be fine. We'll finish ahead of the Astros and Pirates, behind the other three this year (but closer than the rest of you are giving the Cubbies credit for), and with the influx of youth that's right around the corner (Rizzo, Jackson, Vitters, etc.) we'll take over this division in a year or two. Keep Garza, sign a new pitcher next year, bring up a pitcher or two during the season. It's all a process. The Cubs pared their payroll rather effectively (Only Dempster and Soriano are left of the big, bad contracts), which means there will be money to spend on the North Side when the time is right.

Wish-list for Free Agency 2013
a number 2 SP
a 2B
a 1 way ticket to anywhere but Chicago for Soriano
Posted Monday February 20, 2012, About: RGIII's shotgun draft drawback
Unfortunately, the Otto Graham and Jim Brown eras were when those 8 championships were won. All of these were pre-Super Bowl Era. The Browns haven't been relevant or feared since 1965, and haven't had any success since the Bernie Kosar 80s. You're falling a long way when you go from stars such as Graham and Brown... and then your third best player in franchise history is Bernie Kosar.
Posted Wednesday February 01, 2012, About: Johnson believes Harper's ready for right now
If they have to send him back down, his arb clock will be put on hold as well. It's only if he stays in the majors all season, a la Jason Heyward that they'd lose a year of team control.
Posted Tuesday January 31, 2012, About: On Elway's list: 'More quarterbacks'
Now, (full disclosure: I'm a Colts fan, so I know about QB off-season issues) I like Tebow, and I think that with a full off-season to work with Elway and Fox, he could progress as a QB. However, Elway HAS to bring in more QBs. Why? He doesn't have anyone else signed! His QB depth chart for 2012 is 1. Tim Tebow 2. John Elway. Unless his brilliant plan is to reinstate himself, he does need to bring in at least 2 more QBs. In no way is this a jab at Tebow by Elway. He just doesn't have the minimum amount of players at the position.

As a Colts fan, I'd love to see Luck get drafted, and then we sign Brady Quinn as a backup. Quinn would be a huge step up in quality of back ups that the Colts have employed, so I hope Irsay gets it done.
Posted Thursday January 19, 2012, About: Can Red Sox still get Garza for Epstein?
The problem with stating that Ozzie Guillen is a "precedent" in this matter is that Ozzie's position is a lateral move, where Theo received a promotion with the Cubs. Remember, if the team is only offering the same level of job, THAT's when significant restitution is required. Ozzie was manager of the White Sox, now he's manager of the Marlins; a lateral move. Theo was GM of the Red Sox, now he's the President of Baseball Operations (or something of a similar vein, I don't recall the exact title) which is a significant upgrade in responsibilities and pay. Remember, Theo can fire Hoyer (the new GM), the only person that can fire him is Ricketts.
Posted Monday January 02, 2012, About: Prince not a fit with Chicago?
Maybe this is the Cubs fan in me talking... but, shouldn't you take a chance on a guy that's this good to help right the ship? I mean, he wants to play for the Cubs, he loves the stadium... forget rebuilding! Buy a semi-competent team with Fielder and Javier Vazquez as the headliners. Find takers for the old expensive guys on our roster (Byrd, Soriano, Zambrano, Dempster). Keep Garza and build around him. I don't see why we have to get rid of everything that isn't nailed down just because we're "rebuilding." The Cubs are a huge market. We shouldn't have rebuilding years! We should be able to spend our way out of the doldrums that affect teams like the Astros and Pirates!

Why doesn't this make sense to anyone but me?
Posted Sunday November 20, 2011, About: Cubs willing to trade ... anyone
I hope that Matt Garza is not one of the "Anybody" that's included in the trade talks. We need a foundation to start from... Castro and Garza make as good as any starting point.
Posted Tuesday September 20, 2011, About: Jeff George ready to take over Colts
Considering South Bend is about 2.5 hours north of Indy (3 hours if US 31 is under construction), I doubt he'd be looking at enrolling at Notre Dame down in Indy...
Posted Tuesday August 02, 2011, About: Nationals plotting Strasburg rehab start
A major setback can be had pitching simulated games and games in the minor leagues. If you want to make sure he won't be injured again, never let him touch a baseball again and wrap him in multiple layers of bubble wrap. The kid needs to face high end competition, and the only way to do that is to play at the Major League level. Unless he wants to face Bryce Harper in batting practice, he won't find a Major League Ready hitter in the minors this time of year.
Posted Tuesday July 19, 2011, About: Wayne wants new deal in Indy
Well, we know that this person isn't a Colts fan. The Colts have a pretty poor O-Line. It's why our running game is running on fumes. The ONLY reason the passing game isn't terrible because of it is because Peyton is the king of the 3 step drop. He doesn't hold onto the ball any longer than he has to, and if his receivers aren't where they're supposed to be, he'll find someone who can be.

I think Reggie will definitely get a 3-4 year extension, with a decent pay raise. Irsay knows that his team is all about Peyton. If you don't keep Peyton happy (and he's technically a FA), you won't be able to compete in the NFL.
Posted Monday June 06, 2011, About: Vickers shaking head over Marecic pick
You obviously don't know what a fullback's job is. He has to clear the way for the halfback to get yards. And he is one of the best at doing that.
Posted Tuesday May 03, 2011, About: Royals may have suitors for Betemit
While the Royals aren't playing half bad, they have a super prospect in Moustakas just itching to be brought up to The Show. If the Royals could snag a piece for Betemit that helps them either this year, or at least by next year, they should jump. Remember, it's 2012 that the Royals are playing for right now, and that's when the majority of their minor league talent is due up.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Brewers forcing Cubs to pay Pujols?
**Full Disclaimer: Cubs fan speaking** I think what the Brewers did with Braun, by locking him up until he will be 36 will end up helping the Cubs out. I just don't think that it will work out the same way the article claims. Pujols at 30m/10yrs will not happen at Wrigley. 25m/7yr... then I think you get Ricketts to commit. But, in all honesty, I think that the Brewers showed to Prince Fielder that he's not going to be signing with the Brewers this off season, and the Cubs are going to snatch him up. I think Pujols goes out west, probably the Angels, and that leaves the Cubs in the driver's seat on Fielder. We have bad contracts coming off the books in preparation of this offseason. Pujols will be target 1A, Fielder target 1B, and then a youngish SP will be target 2. If there is a 2-bagger worth replacing Barney with, that's option 3. We have the young talent at every other position to replace from within after this year.
Posted Thursday January 27, 2011, About: Cubs set up for Pujols pitch?
The Cubs can easily become winners with some small additions. We have a rotation, we have a farm system filled with young prospects, we need a better LF/2B, and a long term 1B. Pujols definitely fits the mold for long term 1B. As much as seeing Pujols in Cubbie Blue would make me jump for joy, I think that the more likely candidate for the North Side will be Prince Fielder.
Posted Sunday January 09, 2011, About: Elway: Broncos won't trade Tebow
I think the Broncos need to trade Orton. In doing so, they'll give Tebow the vote of confidence that he needs. I also think that the Broncos should make committing to Tebow for at least one year a requirement for their new coach. If they trade Orton to a QB hungry team, they should be able to get that defensive piece, or at least a 2nd-3rd rounder, which they would in turn use on defense. The Broncos need some road graders in the middle of their OL, and they need to totally remake their defense. The offensive skill positions are fine.
Posted Sunday December 19, 2010, About: Will Yankees turn to King Felix?
As a Cubs fan, I'm all for the Yankees taking Zambrano. I'd even drive him out to New York myself if that's what it took. Having the roster flexibility that his salary would provide for next year's FA class is CRUCIAL to the Cubs, especially now since the Brewers brought in Greinke.
Posted Sunday December 19, 2010, About: Funeral leads to Wood signing with Cubs
Maybe being from Indiana I just don't get it, but why can't the city of Chicago just like both teams? I'm a Cubs fan, and I think the Wood signing is an awesome contract. I hope that we can keep him long term, and not just a one year rental. As for the Pena signing, since it's only a one year contract, we either strike gold with him and get to sign him to a cheaper than market value extension in season, or we get some draft picks for him when he walks. Not a huge deal. The Cubs are built to be big spenders in the 2012 FA market, and that's when we want to not swing and miss on our targets. As for the White Sox, when they do well, I root for them. I may not be rooting for them during inter-league, but, all other times, yes, I do root for the South Siders. While I think they were smart to keep Konerko while adding Dunn, I think they're getting a little on the old side, and might feel a similar backlash as to what the Cubs felt this past season if they're not too careful.

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