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Posted Tuesday September 18, 2012, About: No sugar coating this one, kids...
Dallas should have joined the SEC, like A&M did.

Oh....wait......that's right. Dallas is a pro team.

My bad.
Posted Wednesday January 25, 2012, About: Jim Tressel?
Tressel is damaged goods right now. He might be available, but that's no reason to offer him a job.
Posted Thursday June 02, 2011, About: The Good over the Bad
I don't recall SI holding a gun to Tressel's head, saying "do something bad or we're gonna shoot your dog".

The man actively participated in a coverup involving the NCAA. He lied to his bosses. He lied to the NCAA.

And he did while pimping his books on what a man of integrity/character he is.

THAT is Jim Tressel.

If you are an OSU fan, you should be outraged that Tressel passed himself off as something his is not. He carefully crafted an image that he did not live up to, all for what, his own personal enrichment? Yes, I am sure that he -- along with Ted Bundy and Josef Stalin -- all contributed something positive to society during their lifetime. But when it came time to practice what he preached (and got paid to preach at that), Tressel was an epic failure. There is a reason he will never walk the sidelines of college football again.
Posted Tuesday April 26, 2011, About: Ohio State football
Nothing falls harder and faster than a hypocrite, and Tressel certainly is one. No sense in cloaking yourself in righteousness if you are going to be as ethically-challenged as he is, and certainly don't right a book about how good it is to live your life "right" when you are doing just the opposite in real life.

I do feel that at this point the ONLY way OSU can save face is to send him packing. Tressel is toxic, and toxic doesn't pay the bills at a D1 school.
Posted Thursday January 06, 2011, About: For all the Ohio State - Pryor haters and nay sayers
I'm sure Arkansas' inability to cover the Pryor strip/fumble on the first drive played into how they handled the blocked punt, but still, it was a ridiculous play. ALL they had to do was "scoop and score", and the game was probably over. Even if Ohio State had recovered the ball (provided it wasn't in the end zone), it would have been Arkansas ball.

All in all, not a particularly impressive game to watch.
Posted Friday December 17, 2010, About: Red Sox 'Buying' a Championship?
Yes, they are buying a championship.

Imagine how funny the rest of us will find it when the Phillies win the World Series.
Posted Tuesday August 10, 2010, About: Emmitt vs. Barry
It wouldn't have even been close had Sanders played in the Dallas offense. Sanders walked away at the peak of his game, and honestly would have cracked 20,000 yards rushing running behind the Dallas line.

I was at the Lions/Bucs game in Tampa in '97, when he torched the Bucs defense for 215 yards rushing on just 24 carries. This was after Tampa had held him to 20 yards on 10 carries in Detroit earlier that season. Without a doubt, he was one of the most --- if not THE most -- electrifying running backs I have ever seen play.

I'm a huge Emmitt Smith fan, but that HOF speech was just wrong. He did give a few props out, but good god E, show some humility! After all, you DID leave the Cowboys for the Cardinals!
Posted Monday July 19, 2010, About: Shaq what are you going to do?
Unfortunately, this guy is a locker room cancer for his last three teams. Given his age, limited offensive moves, and inability to stay healthy, it's unlikely that ANY team wants him, even at the MLE.

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