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Posted Wednesday March 06, 2013, About: Rangers ready to dump Ryan?
Isn't Jon Daniels the one who waited on Josh Hamilton to give him the chance of proposing last offer before signing with the rival Angels?? Jon, you had him for 3-1/2 yrs. or so...didn't he show you enough during that time to re-sign him before free agency became an issue??

You should have let Ryan handle the negotiations because he would have offered him a headlock squeeze until he inked the new deal that you fumbled! Go ahead and run Ryan out, he will be sorely missed in Arlington if it transpires as rumored. Can't fix stupid! Rangers let a cocaine addict manage the club, and a buffoon front office run the organization in the ground.
Posted Wednesday March 06, 2013, About: Most impressive young hitter in Florida camps?
Beckett will fit right in with the LA culture of arriving late and leaving early on games he's not pitching. Magic needs to set up a beer on wheels for ole Josh, but make sure it's a lite beer...still in spring training.
Posted Wednesday March 06, 2013, About: Baker irked by fellow manager's lineup
any manager in MLB wearing wrist bands and chewing on a toothpick can't be taken seriously...can they??? Dusty always has been an egotistical arse, and he thought he was the best OF when he played in Atlanta with Hank Aaron as a teammate. No wonder La Russa had problems with him prior to leaving the Cardinals.
Posted Saturday January 12, 2013, About: Heat rising on Boras
Bore-us Scott Bora$$ and your over inflated ego need to endure some humble pie!!!
Ridiculously hilarious that Bourn thought a contender would pony up $15-16 million per over 5 years for a 30 yr. old OF exclusively depending upon his wheels to maintain value over the length of such a boneheaded contract.
Posted Saturday January 12, 2013, About: Cavs, T-Wolves reportedly discuss Anderson Varejao trade
As a Lakers fan, I'd take Varejao & an expiring contract or two for Gasol anyday of the week!
Gasol has been in my doghouse ever since he quit in the playoffs in 2010-11 because Shannon Brown was reportedly a "lil' too close" to Gasol's girlfriend...grow a pair el Spaniardino especially since you make $19 million bones a season. How many beautiful babes would not line up for a date even with a goofy dude like yourself Pau???
Posted Saturday January 12, 2013, About: Rangers not out of Justin Upton chase
The opportunity to acquire J.Upton is in the Braves & Rangers court. Towers offer to Seattle was a ploy to try and get the two aforementioned teams to get in a bidding war that results in a bevy of talent similar to the Mariners reported offer.

Both Ryan & Wren have been around long enough to know what K.Towers was doing long before J.Upton refused to go farther west. Definitely interesting ploy on the D'Backs behalf.
Posted Thursday January 19, 2012, About: USC's may lose leading rebounder for season
lose train of too.
Posted Thursday January 05, 2012, About: Yankees can't find a taker for Burnett
Yanks take on $16-18 million of remaining salary for AJ and receive Jair Jurrjens while sending Nick Swisher to the Braves would be a proposition worth pondering for Frank Wren. Yanks have a younger SP under team control for 2 seasons while only paying half of the bad contract for AJ. Swisher gone after 2012 most likely. This way the Yanks have improved their rotation for next 2 seasons at a cost below present salary of AJ. Yanks would demand a prospect between #6-10 from the Braves for compensation of losing Swisher.
Posted Wednesday January 04, 2012, About: Braves still eyeing Rockies' Smith
Martin Prado put himself in this situation of being trade bait by having an All-Star year in 2010 only to back it up with a dud of a season in 2011. Yes. He is valuable to the Braves, but only at 2009 & 2010 numbers especially when his pay is about to double. Economics and value alacran...Liberty Media does not care about this team, only its profits rising.
Posted Sunday November 13, 2011, About: Boras unhappy with Phillies
Youks would have to platoon in 2013 at 1B/3B until Chipper leaves for good...don't see him in LF either...Braves don't dance for him in 2012.

Look for Martin Prado and mid-level prospect getting traded for Seth Smith and the AA sensational CF Harper of the Rockies this week at GM Meetings.
Posted Friday November 11, 2011, About: Rockies start talks with Braves for Prado
whoever said gets on base alot does not watch Martin Prado bat very much. has become dead-pull hitter and an OPS under .700 (2011) does not cut it in MLB outfields. also, Joey Terdoslavich will be the 3B when Chipper retires anyway. Martin is good, but Terdo is special and alot cheaper!
Posted Monday December 27, 2010, About: McNabb doesn't want to leave D.C.
Redskins try to trade up by giving up the Shanahans, Donovan McNabb, Albert Hyanesworth, and their 2011-12 1st & 2nd round draft picks for the right to draft Ryan "Gatlin Gun" Mallett before nixing the deal due to the fact Albert does not want to wear the other teams uniform color and Mike will not have the ultimate "team" control of football operations.
Posted Monday December 27, 2010, About: Kobe vents to Lakers teammates
until the Kobe led Lakers of Showtime are NOT in the playoffs...the trophy will still reside in L.A....come get it!
Posted Sunday November 07, 2010, About: Michael Vick to Redskins?
Vick in D.C. would be delightful...except Shanny had better get him somebody else to block for him as well or he won't make it to the halfway mark from all the pounding from running due to a lack of an O-Line. McNabb is like top 3 in a department any QB does not want to be at the top in...hits by defenders.
Posted Sunday September 19, 2010, About: Kobe's boast led Celtics to sign Shaq
So if Kobe would have said I have one more ring than George Mikan, they would have signed him too?

Simply hilarious...worth having to read most of other comments just to get a belly-chuckle on that original comeback...priceless retro !!!
Posted Wednesday July 14, 2010, About: Is Richt under more fire since June 30?
Notice to all Mark Richt haters that pull for careful what you wish for ??ause there's always gonna be Lame Kittens out there with alot of bark and no bite. Richt is a class act on and off the field.He just needed to get rid of DC Martinez alot sooner than he did...give him another 2-3 seasons before announcing anything regarding his placement on a hot seat.
Posted Thursday July 01, 2010, About: Braves in market for slugger
On messing with chemistry by addition at or near deadline to shore up a teams it without hesitation because if you don't...that team chemistry is good but the only thing they(team untouched) will be doing together in October is watching someone else play on TV in the playoffs. Bravos need to get them another bat...period!
Posted Thursday July 01, 2010, About: Jackson to Seahawks or Redskins?
Just make sure Hay-what-am-I-worth gets included in the deal... S.D. plays a moving 3-4 moreso than what Haslett incorporates. 12 out of 16 games(V.Jackson seemingly would suit up for) would be better than what fat albert would produce with his pissy sussy 'tude (as far as effort goes)...McNabb and Jackson, with Moss on one corner and D.Thomas in the slot would be sweet...imo.

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