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Posted Monday February 10, 2014, About: if only..
JJ wouldn't give up control and aikman wouldn't work for him. would be a huge positive for dallas, but so would a new HC. "wishing" change won't make it come true. this team is going down a path JJ created and wouldn't expect to see true change till we hit bottom (and we aren't there yet.)
Posted Friday January 03, 2014, About: I feel bad for you Dallas fans, well sort of
sums things up pretty well....
our only hope was a new HC and that is unlikely now. really losing the attachment I had with this team for over 30 yrs. sort of developed a "who gives a sh**" attitude about them. JJ can destroy this franchise..... and it's what he's doing, but like I said, who cares?
he's back..... good to see you around
Posted Monday December 30, 2013, About: So why was this game different....? Or was it?
garrett is supposed to be the leader, take control and gets things going. however, he is none of these things. and he is likely more a friend to these players than a leader of the team. this group could be so much better with a true HC. but JJ is JJ, and will probably not change much.

garrett could have value on any team. just not in the HC role. it is NOT his personality to lead a team, hold players accountable or enforce strict policies or rules for players. certainly, he is liked by the players. he is soft and is does not have the ability to get top performance from his players.

and the comments JJ made about his stadium and not being embarrassed.... JJ thinks he's a winner because of the facility he constructed and the rings Jimmy won for him decades ago. it is really sad to see how far this club had fallen since Jimmy bailed.
Posted Monday December 30, 2013, About: this sums it up pretty well.
his pride and joy is the stadium. it's all he has. and it is incredible. but the team.... pretty sad. and he picks the players/coaches. so he's content with the bldg. he has built. fans deserve better
Posted Monday December 30, 2013, About: Who is jerry jones going to dump first
entire coaching staff needs to go. garrett has had his chance and "didn't get it done."
they are better than .500 but he can't 'get them there.
Posted Wednesday December 18, 2013, About: When this season is over in two weeks...
as a cowboy fan over 35 yrs, I do not expect a SB win from this group.... period. however, I do expect them to be better than a .500 club. they should be competitive and win a few playoff games every few yrs. I do believe that romo is just a average QB with some good stats. he passes so much and has good receivers so it's not too hard to see how he could build these stat.

I was at the GBay game. he was ok until he tossed those two INTs in the final 3 minutes. you could feel the shift in the game when dallas ditched the run game and started romo passing so much. dallas is once again sucking in Dec. 0-2 against backup QBs. it is sad to see this team perform so poorly. and of course, JJ is going nowhere. I feel, and have said the last few yrs, our ONLY chance to improve comes with a new HC... an experience, proven HC. and with the cap problems we will experience next yr, not sure what the team looks like after this season.
Posted Friday December 06, 2013, About: Ice storm in Dallas
Monday forecast in Chicago is high of 27 and low of 12 degrees. possible snow, too. this could be ugly for guys used to playing in the comfort of a dome!
Posted Thursday November 21, 2013, About: More distressing news from Jeerry World.
growing to hate JJ..... he's destroying this franchise. what does he gain by saying this at this point in the season? nothing but publicity.... an afternoon story featuring his team. i'm about done as cowboy fan.... hard to admit, but true. don't know how fans keep returning to the crime scene (AT&T stadium) year after year. he's a blooming idiot!!!!!!!!
Posted Wednesday November 13, 2013, About: more from JJ's greatest hits
miles Austin returns to practice...... who cares! he's a joke! can't play more than a few games at t time. looking forward to seeing him and garrett leaving dallas soon!
Posted Wednesday November 13, 2013, About: more from JJ's greatest hits
it's like a bad car wreck.... you just can't look away no matter how badly you want. this team is a mess! what does it matter who wins the east, they won't get past the first playoff game. so sick of this bunch..... JJ and garrett are a sad pair.
Posted Monday November 11, 2013, About: Coaches and Quarterbacks on the hot seat
romo isn't going anywhere.... unfortunately, regardless of how dallas does. but garrett is on thin ice after the N.O. game. would expect to see new HC in dallas if this trend continues. question is, does JJ spring for a REAL HC or another "yes" man?
Posted Wednesday November 06, 2013, About: Fire Garrett and Callahan
its been reported in recent weeks that gruden has said he'd like to coach again. and although JJ still drives this short bus, gruden would still be gruden.... loud, demanding and a huge change from what we now call our HC. true, he'd have to do this with JJ's picks, but i'm a huge supporter of getting garrett out of dallas and bringing in a real HC that would command discipline and control over his players.
wish there was some way to get JJ out..... but he'll be around another decade or so. as for wins.... i'm thinking NY, OAK, and skins or eagles. but NY could win at home and dallas could lose the last 2. just hoping JJ get new HC!

and what keeps folks coming back to AT&T stadium? empty seats would send a message to JJ. guess you pay for tickets, you're going to go and watch the cheerleaders!
think we win 8 or 9 maybe. ugly win though. and we were lucky to get it. if garrett still has a job in dallas after this season i'll be shocked.
Posted Wednesday October 30, 2013, About: from a supposed strength to SERIOUS weakness
that ivy league education really serves him well in post game interviews LOL! possible remaining wins...MIN, NYG, OAK, PHI but this could be a stretch!
Posted Monday October 28, 2013, About: Looking good.... or same-oh same-oh?
accurate summary.... with the last sentence being the main reason this team will remain on its current path for a very long time. only hope i can see is in a new HC
Posted Monday October 28, 2013, About: Looking good.... or same-oh same-oh?
this is where i turnd the TV off and went in to work for an hour or so! i was shocked to learn the lions won..... but then i wasn't so shocked. this is dallas and they are masters at finding new ways to lose.

i agree, most teams are pretty close in talent level and coaching can make a big difference. garrett is pretty weak. would seem a HC change for dallas (assuming we got a real HC) might be our best option to impove. it has certainly helped other teams.
Posted Tuesday October 22, 2013, About: best recieving corp in Cowboys history?
what a group..... that whole team - just a pro bowl group!
and miles austin.... he is stealing money. and starting to wonder if murray is following the same path. injury is certainly part of this game, but year after year is unacceptable. and murray never played a full season in college..... no wonder he was available for JJ to steal!
Posted Tuesday October 22, 2013, About: best recieving corp in Cowboys history?
really young or new...... thinking you're right here sweets!
Posted Tuesday October 22, 2013, About: best recieving corp in Cowboys history?
irvin and novacek were no slobs.... and think they actually won a few SBs!! but yea, how can you compare them to the current championship team?
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