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Posted Friday July 05, 2013, About: Cavs to add 300-pounder?
Well...all of that Byron Scott Era b******* kinda took a dump now, didn't it. Oops.

Oh well, here's looking forward to Mike Brown version 2.0.

Posted Sunday March 13, 2011, About: Ohio State tipster reports death threats
Somebody brought up the whole "self esteem" angle that that the 60's peacenik, flower power yo-yo's foisted upon a generation of children.

You know, where everyone gets a trophy for participation. No winners or losers in sports or at school. Everyone basically gets equal praise just for being there.

They say it cause the children to devalue trophies. Makes sense to me. If I received a trophy that I don't feel I earned through hard work and victory, I don't think I would have any positive emotional connection to that trophy either.

So, I guess I can see how todays athletes see all the smaller awards as mere trinkets.

That said, they should still have known what those "trinkets" were originally intended to signify. I mean, past greats from the program are put in front of them regularly to keep the traditions alive and strong. Even if they hadn't learned to appreciate all of the material awards of sport through their childhood, they definitely get educated about it at a major collge football powerhouse, like tOSU.

Bottom line the were greedy and self centered in their decision to trade memorabilia for tattoos.

Cicero was an idiot for emailing the kind of info that should have been delivered face to face.

Tressel was wrong for sitting on it and hoping it would go away.

Doesn't make them evil. Doesn't give any of us the right to assume patterns of behavior.

They're human like the rest of us. Let's give them all a chance to make good and move past their mistakes and failures. The NCAA will have some additional sanctions for both coach and the program. Could be crippling, but I hope not. If they are, then Pryor can look back for years at the mess he helped create everytime he looks at those damn tattoos. Tressel can further legitimize his coaching legacy by toughing it out through whatever penalties and keeping the program successful (on the field ond off).
Posted Tuesday December 28, 2010, About: Suspended players apologize to OSU teammates
That overblown ego will undermine your raw talent everytime. Humility is an essential trait of the truly successful.

All things considered, that very public lesson, demonstrated painfully and frequently by Pryor, might be a great benefit to our coaching staff in future recruiting efforts.

For all of the wins, awards, etc...Pryor has not grown into a leader (a necessity at the QB spot) and hasn't been the force we thought he could be (although he seems to think he already is).

A great Rose Bowl victory last season; but temper that with losing to Texas in a BCS bowl, imploding against Purdue, his God awful record of tweeting garbage or just sticking his foot in his mouth, losing to Wisky this season (we win that game and I'm thinking either the rematch vs. Oregon for this year's NCG or the matchup of Cam vs TP would be a lock to get tOSU into yet another NCG appearance) and you've got a hyped athlete consistently falling beneath his potential.

Overblown ego will undermine your raw talent everytime...the legacy of Terrelle Pryor, Buckeye from 2008-201?
Posted Wednesday September 29, 2010, About: Ditka: Aaron Rodgers Jay Cutler 'about even'
Cutler's own assessment of his play in a post game interview was that he didn't play well.

That honesty right there was when I started wanting to root for him.

I believe Rodgers is playing better football than Cutler right now (and has been for awhile). And, I think that when it's all said and done, he'll probably have a more productive career that Cutler. But, there were a lot of quarterbacks more productive than Jim McMahon back in the day. I still wouldn't have traded anyone on that team. So, maybe Cutler is the right mix at QB for today's Monsters of the Midway.

Straight up, I'd take Rodgers if he was available. But, I am happy with Cutler as our QB. I have no problem rooting for him. His TE, Greg Olsen had some good, post-game insight into why people outside the team don't see the real Jay Cutler and why he may have an inaccurate reputation.

Still, Ditka is a little off thought IMO. Rodgers played a very strong game (even Jay admits Aaron played better). And, to me, he looks like the better QB in a head to head comparison.

But, the late forced fumble gave Chicago the last chance they needed. And, they got the win. That's football. And that win goes on Cutler's resume, better or worse.
Posted Thursday September 23, 2010, About: Cavs to add 300-pounder?
Hey nice.

However, they (all Cleveland sports teams) do seem to keep finding new and unique ways of losing. If nothing else, it keeps Cleveland sports intriguing, albeit borderline tragic.

Qualifier: I live in Cleveland. I buy tickets to the games (Browns, Cavs, Indians and yes, the Lake Erie Monsters). I reserve the right to be critical as a paying contributor of the fanbase.

I say go for it with the big Ukrainian. Byron Scott is an exceptional basketball professional. I see him creating a sort of Bad News Bears, underdog success with the Cavs; still a huge longshot for the playoffs though. At least we're over the rediculous melodrama of L. James.

For all his skill, he was coddled here in Northeast Ohio and it stunted his growth as a human being off he court. He needed to go. Hopefully, he'll toughen up. He still displays a tendency to sulk, complain and whine to the refs and he clearly quit for stretches in the midst of some tough, important games. But, he chose a situation where he is insulated by a brighter superstar in Wade. So, Miami may not have been the best move for him from a maturity standpoint. I'll do my best not to watch the Heat. Then again, who am I kidding? How can you not at least want to see what happens?

New era for Cavs, the Byron Scott/Character and Toughness era. Here's to new beginnings.

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