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Posted Monday October 15, 2012, About: Eddie Johnson determined to play for U.S.A.
The game is tomorrow night (Tuesday), but I second your sentiments. I am a huge Fulham fan and was crestfallen to see Johnson not crack the starting 11 while in London. That said, I am so very glad that he has found his footing in MLS and is regaining his proper place at the top of the options list for JK and team USA.
Posted Thursday October 11, 2012, About: Will October World Cup qualifiers determine Klinsmann's fate?
If the U.S. fails to qualify for the W.C. then JK is doomed (for good reason), obviously. Prior to our first qualifier I admitted to my Italian friend that it is definitely possible that the U.S. will not qualify for Brazil. I thought I was just being overly pessimistic, maybe even a bit dramatic. At this point I am starting to think I brought on some bad Ju-Ju. Every U.S. game I watch we play like dog poop. I no longer watch the games live....just in case I am the problem.
Posted Friday March 16, 2012, About: Mancini confirms City wants Van Persie
I have no love for the gooners (no lack of respect either), but I don't want to see them lose their talisman. If they lose RvP it will be RiP Arsene (no, I am not serious. but i thought it was funny).
Posted Wednesday January 25, 2012, About: Fergie asks United fans to behave
As a Roma fan I can say that Toni is a guy that can make things happen....but not very often....anymore. At this point the guy seems to be the Italian Jozy Altidore (though with a decidedly larger 'up' side and more years of 'experience'). Big, sometimes physical (when he stays on his feet), and decent skill on the ball and shot power. Truly he was once one of the most potent goal scorers....but I think he may have finally had all of his injuries and old age catch up to him.

On a side note, and as an RSL fan, I simply must have a new DP. I know that we are not one of the wealthier clubs...far from it. But it sure would be nice to pull in some ridiculously old guy that used to be able to turn the tide in any match. Come on Drogba. (i kid, i kid)
Posted Saturday January 21, 2012, About: Red Bulls may add midfielder
Where did I read that LA was looking at Lampard??? If that is true, then which DP are they going to let go? Or are they going to try to incorporate one of their salaries into the salary cap? Is there anyone that has heard anything about Donovan's stay at Everton being extended? I wouldn't think he would do it, given his penchant for minimizing 'bold actions,' but you never know...
Posted Sunday November 27, 2011, About: Report: Speed committed suicide
Wow. Just watched the interview he gave yesterday... It is creepy to see someone acting completely normal just hours before they (supposedly) hang themselves. Genuinely sad.
Posted Saturday November 26, 2011, About: Mourinho lobbied for Barca job
I am sorry, but Wayne Rooney should have either been shown the red for his ridiculous assault on Coloccini in the first half or (at the VERY least a yellow) and then should have been off for his double-hand push of petulance on Gutierrez. Gutierrez's first yellow was a bit harsh...but the second was fully deserved. I just don't understand how Rooney can repeatedly kick Coloccini and get away scott-free. Absurd (almost as absurd as that PK call...)
Posted Sunday November 06, 2011, About: Rooney to miss Spain, Sweden friendlies
Sidenote: Watching the Fulham v. Tottenham game.... Adebayor definitely handled that ball before he sent it across to Walker (leading to the goal). Come on ref...Fulham is already struggling this year. We don't need you to make it any easier for our opposition. I am sure, given the full 90, that most teams can muster a valid victory against us. No need to allow them to cheat.
Posted Sunday October 23, 2011, About: Davies' done with D.C. United?
Correction: It is much more accurate to say that I don't support ManU, not 'I don't like them.'
Posted Sunday October 23, 2011, About: Davies' done with D.C. United?
That. Was. Weird... With all respect to the ManU fans on here in their dark hour, that was the weakest performance I have seen from a top class team in some time. Their defense Certainly it didn't help being down a man, but my goodness. I don't recall ever feeling embarrassed for Sir Alex, but now I think that is the only way to explain the odd sensation I am having. I think that may come back to haunt City (oh I very much hope so). I don't like ManU, but I despise the noisy neighbors and their fans more than any other Premiere league team. ManU fans, and TLVG in particular, do you think they will make any changes come January to address the defense, or do you think they just had a brain-fart today and all can be fixed from within?
Posted Saturday October 22, 2011, About: Aguero denies mocking Villarreal
Wow. Watching that Villarreal player get showered with trash while setting up a corner kick really drove home how little class some Man City fans have. When the US is playing El Tri in Azteca I can at least understand why they pelt our players with detritus...I don't condone it, obviously, but it is part of the mystique of playing in Mexico. Ha. But seeing that kind of ridiculousness during a champion's league game that isn't between two traditional rivals is absurd.
Posted Thursday May 05, 2011, About: AC Milan to enter race for Bale
interestingly enough, i had a post deleted by a mod the other day. I re-read it and the only thing that might be cause for concern for those puritans would be my use of the pejorative term for excrement. I spelled it with a 'y' and an 'e' at the end because I had seen someone else use that method. Are the mods really that wacko?

In my humble opinion Bale is a decent winger and a quality stand-in defender. Seems like a decent utility player. Not sure his speed and modest finesse will fit in with the Italian game though??? I would take him in a pick-up game with my second pick...the first being our lord Jesus Christ as know, due to his penchant for saving.
Posted Sunday May 01, 2011, About: Redknapp calls for video reviews
I am completely against video review. Goal-line technology is a different matter though. Put a chip in the ball. If it crosses the line completely, light a lamp. Sidenote: Gomez is the WORST goalie in the premiere league...hands down the worst. I have been watching that worthless lump for over a year now and he makes more mistakes, lets in more weak goals, and throws more tantrums than any other keeper in the EPL. I am not against spurs, but I wouldn't even pick that guy to play on my team in a pick-up game. WTF is Tottenham thinking?
Posted Sunday May 01, 2011, About: Rapids' Mullan distraught over late tackle
Posted Saturday April 30, 2011, About: Rapids' Mullan distraught over late tackle
haha. i will take it like a man.
Posted Saturday April 30, 2011, About: Rapids' Mullan distraught over late tackle
Kalou was offsides, but Spurs were fortunate to not give up a pk (two really) earlier in the second half, so I guess it all balances out. Too bad though. I wanted to see the Spurs get in to the CL next year. I guess the only solace is that now Man U has a small fire under their arses...though I do wish it wasn't Chelski holding the match.
Posted Saturday April 30, 2011, About: Rapids' Mullan distraught over late tackle
@TLVG: This is almost exactly what I tried to post on Youtube. Unfortunately I went too long and was unable to make the post. ha. It was in response to someone saying that the tackle was nothing out of the ordinary and that, in the end, it was Zakuani's fault for playing the ball too far in front of him; thus creating a 50/50. I was staggered...and listening to Mullan 'apologize' was sickening. What a ****! That tackle was more brutal than when Shawcross broke Ramsey's leg last year (or was that two years ago?). The way his leg 'gumby-d' made me vomit on my keyboard.

@Madmex: indeed, the little pea is a fantastic little player. Great touch, great instincts, great runs...should cause the U.S. some problems for the next 8-10 years. We may have to resort to a 5 or 6 man defense (not serious) just to deal with Cheech and Dos Santos.
Posted Wednesday March 09, 2011, About: Capello says Bale is best wideman in the world
@Rdog: ONE missed call? Are you kidding me? No offense intended here, but did you even watch the game? If you did and you honestly think that the ref made ONE bad call then you must be a barca supporter. The ref's decisions have nothing to do with why I dislike Barca. That is why I addressed both the ref's performance and the player's behavior. The players are why I dislike Barca (and their **** bag coach). The combined behavior of Pedro, Alves, and David Villa, in particular, was beyond disgraceful.
Posted Wednesday March 09, 2011, About: Capello says Bale is best wideman in the world
@Unknown Quality: thanks for that tip. I can safely say that FSC+ is also being shown in Idaho! Yahoo!

I am still not able to let go the events of yesterday's games. As much as I dislike Arsenal, I was utterly disgusted with the officiating in the Barca game. There really can be no arguing that the ref had a BAD game; if not something more nefarious. The hypocrisy involved in punishing those that are wronged makes UEFA as big an embarrassment to decent society as most developed nation's governments. Beyond that, the Barca players are the biggest bunch of petulant fugging sissies I have seen collected on one team (aside from the Spanish and Italian national teams that is). As I said before, Arsenal did not play well enough to win THAT game, but the certainly didn't deserve the abuse they received by the officials and I would be willing to say that I think they had played well enough to take the series on aggregate. Obviously that would have been the case if the criminally negligent officiating had not altered the course of history. Ha! Congratulations Barca, you have officially replaced Lazio as the club I despise the most.

Speaking of ridiculous officiating, how about Web missing De Rossi's Mike Tyson impersonation and then carding the guy that got jacked? I am, and have always been, a Roma supporter, but De Rossi should have been tossed for that ****. Disappointing series for my boys, though, again, they absolutely got outplayed at every level. I am convinced that Roma should pursue Eduardo (currently playing with Shaktar) for next season and send Borriello back to Meeelan so he can ply his mediocrity there and destroy their offensive potency.
Posted Tuesday March 08, 2011, About: Ancelotti thinks Torres will come good
Arsenal did not play well enough to win, but they damn sure didn't deserve to lose to such a petulant and childish barcelona side. What a bunch of ****. Van Persie's second yellow card was the biggest farce I have seen from a referee in months. ONE SECOND from the time of the whistle to the card. RIDICULOUS! How about Pedro kicking Almunia in the head while in an offiside position ref? How about that? I am absolutely disgusted. Barcelona has long been my least favorite team (it used to be a tie between Real Madrid, Inter, Barca, both Manchester teams, and Napoli) but now they are in a league of their own.
Posted Tuesday March 08, 2011, About: Ancelotti thinks Torres will come good
The ref in the Barcelona v. Arsenal game is fugging useless. I know he isn't a spanish ref, but I am beginning to see what 'the special one' is talking about. He is completely and unapologetically biased toward Barcelona. Disclaimer: I am not an Arsenal or Barcelona fan, as some of you will know. I sure hope this guy starts calling the game fairly. The WC ended my trust/faith in FIFA officials.
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