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Posted Wednesday August 31, 2011, About: Why no word about your 2nd round pick?
Vereen has been practicing. Bill didn't put him in the game Sat. His time will come.
The Bucs are a good choice. I'm thinking that they could be really good. But they are still young. Detroit is coming no doubt. The Cowboys' secondary is still not good. And I don't believe that Romo is a big game qb. I think teams like Cleveland, the Raiders, the Chargers and St.Louis must be in that mix too.
He is saying that he wants to see more from Rodgers before he anoints him with certain labels.
Posted Tuesday May 24, 2011, About: Post-Draft Quarterback Situation
You've got to have a good to great team if you don't. Great field position doesn't mean much if you cannot score. Ore keep the other team from scoring.
Posted Friday May 20, 2011, About: Post-Draft Quarterback Situation
And better breaks. I will go with my top five. Tom Brady, Big Ben, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Peyton Manning. Titles play a lot into my thinking. That's why I have the most to the least ranked. Like I said I agree with you somewhat about Romo. But I feel like the Cowboy defense must hold up as well. If you don't force the action with sacks, fumbles, and ints, then you are forced into situations where you must outscore your opponents. Putting a guy like Romo into an area that isn't his strength.
Posted Thursday May 19, 2011, About: Post-Draft Quarterback Situation
Probably. But coming into last season the Dallas Cowboys were the most overrated team in the league. The schedule that they had did them no favors either. I see them as being tougher now. But I still think of them as mediocre. Rob Ryan will help some. But I still think that they are not a playoff team. The signal caller plays into some of that. But its the way the team is made up that really bothers me.
Posted Tuesday May 17, 2011, About: Post-Draft Quarterback Situation
There are other things at play this year with the Cowboys as well. I don't believe that one player fixes an aging offensive line. Especially when he has to develop. Such as adding a bit more weight and strength to his game. And the Cowboy secondary is still a problem. Rob Ryan will fix somethings. But they still need cover men who can at least cover someone's grandmother in a walker. Dez Bryant's off the field issues may doom him. They may not. Tony is apart of a team. Not the whole team. He isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread by any means. But his play doesn't elevate the Cowboys. Which is what you are saying. I see the whole team being the problem, starting with the owner. His team is crashing because he thinks he knows everything.
Posted Saturday May 14, 2011, About: Post-Draft Quarterback Situation
There is a reason why only scant few quarterbacks ever win a title. And fewer for those who win it more than once. The Cowboys are a reflection of their owner not the head coach. And you can see it in how they play on Sunday. Tony is just not a top level signal caller. And he hasn't had the ball bounce his way either.
Posted Thursday May 12, 2011, About: Post-Draft Quarterback Situation
Why would Dallas trade for him anyway? You'd be better with Romo.
Posted Thursday May 12, 2011, About: Post-Draft Quarterback Situation
Dallas is a team in transition. The offensive line needs youth. And the defense. That secondary needs all the help it can get. I'm not sure that Tyron Smith is a Cowboys' type lineman. I thought Gabe Carimi would fit their profile more. But we'll see.
Posted Wednesday May 11, 2011, About: Post-Draft Quarterback Situation
I think Kolb is overrated. He is basically a rookie that looked good for about 1 game. I think someone will overpay to get him. And find themselves mad when they realize that he is just plain old **** and not a Ritz.
Posted Saturday April 30, 2011, About: 2011 NFL Draft
The jury for me is still out on the tackle they took. They got Tony some help with a check down player. He is Jerry's kind of guy. But we'll see.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Blackhawks vs. Canucks
The Canucks are in big trouble.
Posted Saturday April 16, 2011, About: Ovechkin will never be better than Crosby
This sounds like a reason to hate on Ovie and pump up Sidney. Both are really talented players. Sid has a cup. He has an MVP trophy. He has some things on his side. Alex not so much. But both play for really good teams. For all of the talk of greatness Alex hasn't won the big one yet. And whoever retires with the most rings would be the winner in my mind.
I think part of the problem is perception. Cam is perceived to be a very risky pick in the draft. His skill set is similar to Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell. But his name is Cam Newton. And if you do your homework without a slanted view on his politics, you will either believe that he can help you. Or feel like he cannot help you. For whatever reason, when there are two qbs at the top of the draft that are close. When taken, one flames out and the other sky rockets. I like Cam personally. I know that I would sit him and let him learn. He needs some work. And he needs to prove that he is going to show up everyday. He is far from a finished product. So I think it is how you feel about him and what you think he can do.

As far as the racism is concerned. I feel like there is some out there. Black quarterbacks have started 3 Super Bowls and won 1. So there is a proving ground there. Some of it is some guys don't want an athlete at the qb position. They want a quarterback at the quarterback position.
Posted Saturday March 19, 2011, About: Carson Palmer?
Before his injury, Carson was a talented pick with the arrow pointing up. Before that playoff injury the Bengals were on their way to finding out how good they were. Now both are going down in flames. And all of that is behind one injury. Between the knee and his elbow, Carson has not been very good.
Posted Friday March 18, 2011, About: Carson Palmer?
I saw a couple of his games last season. And his accuracy and velocity were not sharp in games I saw him in. When crunch time came he got really bad. Kerry Collins is not a Hall of Fame qb. Neither is Chris Sims. But I feel that they are better than Carson at this point and time.
Posted Thursday March 17, 2011, About: Carson Palmer?
I agree. But he has been compared to players who have not fared well due to their mind set. Cam has not been given a fair chance to prove what he can do. I think he'll turn out to be good with the right coaching.
Posted Thursday March 17, 2011, About: Carson Palmer?
I don't like Kevin Kolb. Though someone will trade to get him and over pay him. Carson is not an upgrade for a team that already has Kerry Collins. Matt Hasselbeck is a walking infirmary at this point of his career.

The Titans would be best served in drafting a qb and talking Kerry into staying for another season or two if they can. There is also Chris Sims if he can beat the whole drug charge as well. But Carson is not a good option.
Posted Thursday March 17, 2011, About: Carson Palmer?
Look at the tape of Carson last season. He forced passes into double, triple, and quadruple coverages. In a game they should have beaten the Ravens in he missed or under threw wide outs. Had a man running down the field on the Ravens and under threw it. The defensive back was able to tip it. And Ed Reed caught it. Carson is done right now. I wouldn't trade to get him. Not for what he would cost. I understand how you may feel about the state of the Bengals right now. But a lot of it was how poorly things have played out. And everyone has to take blame for that.
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