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Posted Friday September 20, 2013, About: Miesha Tate promises to break Ronda Rousey's jaw
You bumped your head.
Posted Friday June 28, 2013, About: Ronda Rousey emulates Fedor
Fedor was always reserved and quiet. I love Rhonda but that girl is mean.
Posted Friday June 28, 2013, About: Tim Kennedy apologizes for criticizing UFC fighter pay
So were you comments taken out of context or are you taking full responsibility?
Posted Thursday November 15, 2012, About: Gould apologizes for Soldier Field remarks
Idiot kicker.
Posted Thursday March 22, 2012, About: Namath on Tebow trade: Publicity stunt
No, Namath was the Trent Dilfer of his day.
Posted Wednesday January 18, 2012, About: Ravens unraveling? Reed calls out Flacco
I love it. We call him Rapelisburger. "All those people"...sounds like he went on a spree and was just raping anything within arms reach. HAHAHAHA
Posted Friday November 25, 2011, About: Suh threatening his own marketability
I don't know about all that. 15 years ago his play would be totally tolerated. And I can guarantee he wasn't coached his whole life on this new, wussy-football he's being forced to play now.
Posted Tuesday October 11, 2011, About: Titans need more from Johnson
One year wonder.
Posted Tuesday October 04, 2011, About: Roethlisberger in doubt for Sunday
Ben will play. He may be a meathead and a rapist, but he's a tough meatheaded rapist.
Posted Tuesday October 04, 2011, About: Jets' Slauson: Namath means nothing to us
Joe must be hittin' the bottle again.
Posted Thursday July 14, 2011, About: Mendenhall responds to Harrison's shot
How's them sour grapes taste? Good? Just like most Ravens fans I've an excuse for everything. What's your excuse for losing to the Steelers on a regular basis? Especially when the stakes are high. Bet you got all kinda sour grapes then, huh? 2000 Ravens...worse team to ever win the SB.
Posted Tuesday July 05, 2011, About: Ortiz wants rubber match with Griffin
Man, my opinion of Bader could not POSSIBLY have dropped any harder.
Posted Tuesday July 05, 2011, About: The most despised owner in sports
I'd put Dan Snyder up there with any despised owner. First, check some of the stuff he's done in "The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder From A to Z (for Zorn)" to see what a dirt-ball he is, then speak with ANY Redskin fan on the subject. And while the Clippers have been historically bad, he's done this to one of the most stories franchises in the NFL.
Posted Tuesday June 28, 2011, About: Ware takes issue with Top 100 ranking
I'd say being seen as a top-12 player in the NFL is a darn fine compliment from his peers, no? It wasn't the "Best pass rushing, outside linebacker in the NFL list". He deserves the scorn if he's bold enough to think a one-dimensional player on a so-so team should be #1.
Posted Wednesday June 22, 2011, About: Nogueira wants five more years
If he's gonna stay around, he really need to establish a great shot instead posing as a punching back for well-rounded heavyweights. I'm sure he's still just as dangerous on the ground as ever.
Posted Thursday May 19, 2011, About: Lesnar: This is not end of my career
I think it's mostly the way he carries himself. That nonsense he pulled on Mir was about as classless as you can get, right. Me? I hate him cause of that stupid cop, flat top haircut he sports. Some might think he's a 'roid junkie with his massive upper body and bone skinny legs. Another reason to hate him is he called his guys Chicken S*(# which just ain't right to do to those you're coaching. Mostly though, I think, its because most of what he has and what he is was, pardon the term from an atheist, God given. Akin to the rich kid who never had to work for his money, he was blessed with a massive, mesomorphic frame, and quickness not usual for someone his size. But he's been exposed a bit. We'll see if he comes back and has any future success, right?
Posted Wednesday May 18, 2011, About: Bush open to pay cut for long haul with Saints
He should play for free for a couple years to make up for the money he's made already.
Posted Friday May 13, 2011, About: Ike's waiting on Pittsburgh
Regardless of what's been said about the Steelers' defensive backs, Ike is a beast back there. He's a shutdown corner who can hit like a safety and I doubt they'll let him walk.
Posted Thursday May 05, 2011, About: Parker rips Washington: They don't care about football
I'm a Steelers fan who lived in the DC area for almost 20 years. Things have definitely changed a bunch since this new ownership took over but make no mistake, true Skins fans are every bit as passionate about their team as any other franchise's. I feel for 'em for sure with this idiot owner/coach thing they got goin' on.
Posted Thursday April 28, 2011, About: Steelers working hard to land Pouncey
Posted Tuesday April 26, 2011, About: Bolts looking to move up, could swap with Miami
Lucky gal.

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