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Posted Sunday December 18, 2011, About: Thanks David Stern CP#
(agreed) The three queens in Miami started this but what should other so called superstars do just sit around and let the Heat win championships. For now just enjoy NBA entertainment because the rings will be as fake as WWE belts for a few years. Its not David Sterns fault that players are lovers and not fighters anymore.
Posted Thursday November 25, 2010, About: Aldridge: Dampier to sign one-year deal with Heat
Well, I always thought that since LeBron signed with the Heat, that both LeBron and Wade would be cancelling each other out. Theres only one ball for two very similar players who are not the pure shooters so its hard to play off of each other, however they do compliment eachother in transition. I dont see how Mike Miller could shoot the ball any better than James Jones has early this season. The Heat should get there weak pg s off the floor and run & gun they dont have the personal to guard the better pg s anyway the way Kobe did Westbrook. I still think the Heat can still turn this thing around Lebron has to takeover and stop being a nice teamate. Anyteam with lebron has a chance
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Boston Celtics Season Preview
I lerned about betting against the Celts to many big bodys to much heart too many players that live for clutch moments I hate them but the Lakers have the same thng and Kobe has them spilling over the top.
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: NBA Season Preview: Orlando Magic
My Magic still have a chance Dwight may never have the post game of the dream but if the dream had the power of dwight maby he wouldnt have his only championships in the lost years of Jordan. He will never have a dream shake but if he stays out of foul trouble and the free trows start to fall the east will fall as well.
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Two big mistakes from the Heat
Inferrior interior Lebron is the only person on the team that can impesonate a power player but if they get those weak pgs of the floor and let Lebron do his thing the paper champs could become eastern conf. champs. Maby if Gasol or Bynum get injured they could win it all
Posted Wednesday July 14, 2010, About: KOBE
King Kobe u Cowards
Its a Coward generation i think we should show a little more respect for the athletes who never won but never sold out. Soldiers are willing to battle and except loosing if its there destiny. I think Jordan would rather be ringless before teaming up wit Magic, Bird or even Isiah Thomas. LBJ and Wade or cowards LBJ for going Wade for recruiting but i blame it on u fans for giving these players legacys before they earned it like a Jordan or a Kobe y work for anything when u guys have given them everything. The one thing u fans couldnt give them was rings so they are looking to take them with out earning them the way it has always been done. Anything they win is as worthless as the olympic gold medal that they have no respect for. KOBE IS THE KING

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