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Posted Tuesday December 24, 2013, About: Brown was forced out by ...
...might have been those 20 losses in the last 4 years that forced him out, just sayin'...
Posted Wednesday November 06, 2013, About: FAU interview ex-Buckeyes (interim) head coach
Pat Chun spent 15 years in the Ohio State athletic department so it is no surprise that this is where he is looking. Although the Buckeye defense has taken some heat this year, they are currently ranked the 9th best defense in the country statistically.
Posted Wednesday October 23, 2013, About: Vigneault calls out his Rangers
The Rangers gave away too much to the Blue Jackets in the Nash deal...look who's the better team since the trade.
Posted Tuesday October 22, 2013, About: Golden's message: 'Don't take the cheese'
"Don't take the cheese"??? Really? They already took the whole dairy!
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Lee says he'll play against Irish
if nd makes it to the bcs, it will be like last year...deja vu all over careful what you wish for
Posted Friday October 11, 2013, About: Fans ditching the Sabres
Great game by the Jackets!
Posted Tuesday October 08, 2013, About: Clowney not committed to South Carolina?
I wonder if he's holding himself out of class?
Posted Tuesday October 08, 2013, About: Bronson Arroyo doubts Reds can meet contract demands
The bigger the ballpark the better...he's given up 314 career home runs, including 104 the last three years!
Posted Sunday September 15, 2013, About: UT fans boo Mack Brown PSA ad on Jumbotron
Gotta believe some boosters were booing the Ole Miss thrashing.
Posted Tuesday September 10, 2013, About: Michigan QB showcasing NFL skills
Don't care about the nfl, but....Michigan has never had a QB put up the numbers on OSU that Troy Smith put on the woeverines...get out the calculator. As stated, i'm a college fan and could care less about what these guys do on Sundays.
Posted Sunday September 08, 2013, About: Will Pat Haden fire Lane Kiffin?
Don't know what you saw yesterday but Ohio State throttled sdsu with the backup QB playing virtually the entire game, ran away to a 42 point lead and then eased it on use showing any more than necessary. Yes they have a long way to go as do most teams but Urban has not shown that much of the playbook against buffalo and shock there. And when you get your turn against the Buckeyes, you will see a vastly tougher defense than what you saw from the not so fighting irish.
Posted Friday September 06, 2013, About: USC's Coliseum set for $100M makeover
Yes, Reggie Bush kind of money!
Posted Thursday August 15, 2013, About: Michigan's RB race reset with No. 1 prospect's return
the woeverines do not even rule their own state...besides, if a team rules, how do they lose nine out of ten to their archrival? If you thing brady hoke is the man to turn the tide, go back and watch last year's loss to THE osu, the woeverines never crossed the fifty after halftime!
Posted Saturday August 10, 2013, About: USC WR Marqise Lee might have injured shoulder
The last time the irish faced OSU it didn't end well for nd...of course the last time the irish faced tulsa it didn't end well for nd...of course the last time the irish played for the national title it didn't end well for the irish...of course.....
Posted Friday August 09, 2013, About: RB controversy looming in Ann Arbor
oh yeah, urban meyer "throttled" by the woeverines...good to hear from a castaway on fantasy island...
Posted Thursday August 08, 2013, About: Patterson takes a shot at LSU
nothing like winning at all costs, eh...
Posted Sunday July 07, 2013, About: Miami doing better job of recruiting own backyard
dominating...oh my....lot of hate on the way, mostly from candy canes fans when this empty bragging fails to materialize...
Posted Saturday July 06, 2013, About: Urban Meyer speaks out on Aaron Hernandez's time as Gator
For those who think meyer somehow is "responsible" for this, what about Bill Belichick? I personally believe hernandez is responsible for his own actions, just wondering why super bill is getting a free pass amongst those who would blame urban.
Posted Thursday July 04, 2013, About: Jackets take first crack at Horton
the Vezina winner didn't start all year nor did Gaborik...this is a team with a definite "up" they didn't make the playoffs but NO ONE was hotter over the last two months of the season...
Posted Thursday July 04, 2013, About: Jackets take first crack at Horton
it's waiting to explode, all it takes is a winning has never been stronger
Posted Thursday July 04, 2013, About: Jackets take first crack at Horton
He could be quite happy playing Muirfield on his off days.
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