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Posted Sunday October 16, 2011, About: Pujols on Rangers' radar?
You seem to be ignoring the biggest factor here, and that's where does Albert want to play, and in what kind of situation? You're talking about rotating him between OF, 3B, DH, 1B etc, but he would never go for that. The guy is a gold glove first basemen, who hasn't played OF in years, and had only played 3rd in the most dire of circumstances. Of course he wants money, and he will get that from someone, but despite what you NY fellas believe, not everyone wants to go to NY, and be part of a the veteran rotation.
Posted Saturday September 10, 2011, About: Muschamp angered and disgusted, blasts NCAA
it doesn't have to be before the UT game. NCAA clarified that yesterday
Posted Friday March 25, 2011, About: Ewing's MVP pick isn't Derrick Rose
ok, fair enough, Dwight isn't the best FT shooting guy in the league, however you're only looking at one side of this equation? Dwight has a much higher FG% than Rose, and those of you that use the "it's all dunks" line, obviously don't watch many Magic games. 63% of Dwight's Fgs are not about 30 seconds of research, and you can find that.

Now, if you were to compare the difference between Dwight's FG%, and Derricks, and then compare the two FT% to see how it pans out, Dwight comes out way on top. If Dwight were to shoot FTs at Derrick's rate, he would have an additional 206 made FTs on the year. Conversely, if Derrick where to post a FG% like Dwight's, he would have an additional 473 (that's putting them all as 2 pt shots, it could be more) points on the year. Are they different types of players? Of course they are. Do I expect a guard to have a centers FG%? Of course not, but at the same times, why is everyone expecting a center to shoot 80% from the FT line? Howard completely crushes Rose in the MVP argument, and it's not even close....

He's far and away the biggest defensive impact player in the NBA, and they aren't enough stats to even show how dominant he is. He's also a top 7-8 offensive player, and probably higher. Rose is a top 5 offensive talent, but he doesn't even sniff Howard's dominance on the other end. This should be a landslide in Howard's favor.
Posted Monday January 17, 2011, About: Pujols' agent sets deadline for deal
actually BJ Ryan was never on the Cardinals...Brendan Ryan has however been traded to the Mariners.
Posted Monday November 29, 2010, About: Meyer 'not aware' of McCarney to UNT
I wouldn't read too much into this comment. I'm pretty sure that since Gator message boards have known that Dan McCarney was leaving, that Urban Meyer also knew he was leaving...
Posted Wednesday November 17, 2010, About: Meyer keeping staff, Brantley staying?
maybe, but not all elite programs employ Steve Addazio....
Posted Tuesday November 16, 2010, About: Meyer keeping staff, Brantley staying?
this is a lovely thought, but do you really think that Meyer would allow Brantley to transfer anywhere like South Carolina? Come on....
Posted Tuesday November 16, 2010, About: Cards looking to upgrade at short?
I feel like of the two, Skip is the one that needs to go...I know Ryan is terrible with the bat, but he's a plus on defense. Skip sucks both in the field, and at the plate. I mean if your options are sucky offense, good defense or sucky defense, sucky offense, shouldn't you keep the one that at least has one redeeming quality....
Posted Tuesday November 16, 2010, About: Howard may not sign Orlando extension
you're retarded
Posted Tuesday November 16, 2010, About: Meyer keeping staff, Brantley staying?
I you said, Oregon State is only a quality win, if you play in a crap conference.
Posted Tuesday November 16, 2010, About: Meyer keeping staff, Brantley staying?
well you said anecdotal already, so there is no need to repeat it....I don't believe that anyone has implied that Ohio doesn't produce football talent, but you would be mistaken if you believed it was at the same level as Florida, or even close. A quick look at Scout shows that Ohio has 14 4 star recruits this year, and 4 5 stars. That's more than just good....however the state of Florida has 31 4 stars and 9 5 stars, or basically more than double Ohio at both spots. Ohio also has roughly 11 million people, to Florida's roughly 18 million, so even if it was broken up per capita, Florida still comes out on top...Also, highly populated areas don't tend to produce football talent like you would think. take NY for instance, it has more people than both Ohio and Florida (roughly 19 mil) and yet this year it has 1 5 star, and no fours...Now there are theories about this like the emphasis of basketball in major urban areas etc. but the point is that big population doesn't directly mean big talent.
Posted Tuesday November 16, 2010, About: Meyer keeping staff, Brantley staying?
I'm not exactly sure why anyone believes that this statement from Urban actually means anything. First off he said "I don't think that is going to happen". Notice he didn't say it wouldn't. Also, there are two more games left, including one against FSU, why the hell would Meyer come out and say "yeah, I'm gonna fire Addazio, and bring in a new guy next year. Let's just hope he does ok for the rest of this year". Meyer is notorious for being tight lipped, and not letting the media know anything, and all of sudden you guys believe that Addazio will return based on a "I don't think that will happen". Come on..
Posted Tuesday November 16, 2010, About: Meyer keeping staff, Brantley staying?
Chris Martin came from Cal
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: Does Kiffin have Vols on the brain?
I understand why the USC faithful are acting the way they are. UT fans did the same thing, though I think it's worse for USC. UT got a coach who didn't exactly have great credentials but they were optimistic....USC fans, are just blindly following the man, because admitting that he's probably the shadiest coach in America is tough to swallow...I could hope that if FLorida hired someone like that, I would be able to see it, but I can't be positive.
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: Does Kiffin have Vols on the brain?

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