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Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: Magic Johnson wants LeBron to get more TV exposure
Simple answer is that he is not a trusted individual. The decision hurt his brand and reputation forever. Many people in sports and the NBA did not fully and to this day don't fully grasp how bad Lebron branded himself a trator and despicable in the eyes of the public. I'm a Lakes fan and still felt sick about it and sorry for Cleveland it just showed zero class. That translates into dollars Magic of all te sports people should grasp this concept Lebron is toxic.
Posted Saturday April 20, 2013, About: Kris Humphries settles Kim Kardashian divorce to help Nets
Kris is a parasite. He basically would not divorce the woman because it was the only thing that keeps him relevant to the media. It was all about money to this clown. Now he can go play or ride te bench where he belongs.
Posted Friday November 11, 2011, About: Marbury rips Jordan as a 'sellout'
It is ironic that the man that got the highest salaries the league has ever seen. Is now on the other side of the fence with a **** team bitching about paying the player wages, wanting to really cut them back. Marbury does have a valid point in that it is like a Zebra changing it's stripes. In a sense having been there as a player you would expect MJ to support that view a bit more. Just goes to show you MJ is as ruthless as ever.
Posted Thursday August 18, 2011, About: Johnson, Titans not even at a starting point
Does this guy think he walks on water? best payed running back is justified but more maybe a little more.I really hate these greedy players that hold out. I can see if it is a lame offer but they have offered best running back money. So stop being a spoiled baby and go do your job. Not that I am pro owners by any means.
Posted Saturday September 04, 2010, About: Revis finally ready to quit Jets?
These players make me sick. As we Americans are struggling to keep jobs and or working OT to feed our families. We have a guy like Revis that has a fat contract he signed that would pay him over 20 million the next couple of years. That is more then anyone I know will make in their lives. I get that this bozo wants to be the highest payed corner and is worth a ton of money. But your still under contra contract so show up like everyone else and honor your contract. Or sit out and never play again. If I was the Jets I would force him to honor that contract even if it is sitting at home till its over. These guys need to learn a hard lesson.

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