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Don't flatter me. I'm just old.
Um...uh...Carl's Jr. Wanna come? I'll buy.

I'll shoot you an email later. Laptop battery's about dead.
Anyways, it's been fun stopping by. Take care, good sirs.
<wiggles eyebrows suggestively>
I'll whisper sweet nothings in your ear as you fall asleep.
Totally makes sense. The more clicks and comments, the more time spent, the more interest. Of course, that would be the typical formula in a properly-managed site.
Well, my internet's dying. So that may be a touch difficult.

Unless you all promise to allow me to read my novel to you? It almost doesn't suck.
Don't worry, I won't stick around and add to the stink. Figured I'd just stop by and say hi to the last known survivors.
Yeah, definitely. Not surprised to hear that nothing's changed over here, haha.
You're assuming the white refers to the colour of the undies.
Inconsistent. Right now it's hot and windy, but we've had a lot of rain. Trippiest thing is the sunset, though; it's normally after midnight, and sunrise is at about 4 AM.
I've been great. Just living life. Saw some really cool sights, had a couple of vodka shots with Russians and worked on my novel. I'm thoroughly satisfied right now. How're you doing, WAMU?
It is I, Odysseus the Brave.

Oh shoot, I screwed up again.
Russia's fantastic, thanks. Really great out here. Can't believe I only have five days left.

How's everything on the home front?
It's been a long time since I've been optimistic that someone will fix this site's problems. They are just too deep and too blatantly ignored. Though if hope makes everyone else feel better, then I support it wholeheartedly.
You guys have done an excellent job on it.
I think it used to also be that if you played in the NCAA, you couldn't play in the CHL. Believe Mike Van Ryn changed that.
This is like p[b][/b]orn to me.
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: The Yadier Molina deal was a steal for the Cardinals.
I see what you're saying, but if we want to use OPS, each of Bautista's last two seasons have been over .995. Molina's best two seasons are .814 and .749.
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: The Yadier Molina deal was a steal for the Cardinals.
Yadier Molina is being paid more than Jose Bautista for the same length deal.

Let that sink in.
I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me.
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