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Posted Monday September 10, 2012, About: Forte's new beef with Bears
I can see why he's pissed but seriously Matt keep the **** to yourself. Your team played a great game and loooks really good. Dont be that cancer to ruin it.
Posted Saturday August 04, 2012, About: Valentine smells a rat in clubhouse
Seriously Bobby V is a ****! He should be more worried about getting this team to come together and start winning games. Thats where his focus should be. I thought Bobby V was a good coach prior to joining the Redsox but hes just got no moral fiber in him. Hes a putz with no fundamentals. Get rid of him and lets get a REAL coach not some turd looking for some celeberity status.
Posted Monday July 16, 2012, About: Pats tell Gronkowski to cool it
ESPN released a magazine with professional athletes naked. You cant see **** or nipples(on girls)
Posted Monday March 12, 2012, About: Source: Tebow could be traded to...
I say he signs with Denver better Oline solid Defense good kicker. If they made the playoffs with Tebow theyd go deep with Manning. Maybe not this year cause lets be honest a year off from playing slows players down. By his 2d year theyll be contenders.
Posted Monday March 12, 2012, About: Source: Tebow could be traded to...
Arizonas O-line sucks though. All its gonna take is 1 bad hit and Peyton is done. Hes a pretty fragile guy now Id rather see him go to a team whose O-line is average at best.
Posted Monday March 12, 2012, About: Ex-Oriole Scott rips Red Sox fans
At least you neverheard of a fan getting beaten within inches of there lives.
Posted Sunday January 29, 2012, About: Coughlin lays down cautious curfew
Let them enjoy themselves cause come time for the game the Patriots are gonna run them into the ground...
Posted Sunday August 14, 2011, About: Source: Patriots will cut Ochocinco or Haynesworh
Neither of them are going anywhere. Its an ex patriot employee He doesnt know jack. These 2 guys are big time playmakers. Do you think BB is gonna make a statement by spending 20 million signing bonus to haynesworth if he planned on cutting him. HELL NO!!! Seriosuly people theres a reason this specualtion is under "truth or rumors" Because whoever said this is NOT credible source.
Posted Thursday July 28, 2011, About: Haynesworth will have to pass physical
There thinking of winning a Super Bowl!!! Yeah hes been a problem with the Skins but now hes a Patriot. Look what Belicheck has done with the likes of Corey Dillon and Randy Moss. Plus for a 3rd round draft pick how could they not!
Posted Thursday July 28, 2011, About: Edwards tweet suggests he's done in green
Patriots just signed Ocho Cinco our Corps is gonna be like 2007 all over again. In addition with Hayneswoth on the D-line. Oh Yeah Go Patriots!!!!
Posted Sunday July 10, 2011, About: Can Mallett follow Brady's lead?
Wow the guy hasnt even played in a preseason game yet. Lets not give him a name just yet.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: White: No MMA competition for UFC
He has a point. How many PPV buys would the NFL games get if ppl had to pay to watch football. I think the UFC is great and doing the exact opposite of boxing.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Patriots pondering Brady's successor?
He didnt break his leg. He tore his acl/mcl! And hes made MVP since then so I dont think anyone is questioning Bradys toughness after last seasons performance.

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