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Posted Saturday June 04, 2011, About: The Old Nascar
I miss the late 80's where the cars were so distinct. Loved that #3 Monte Carlo and Awesome Bills Thunderbird.
Posted Tuesday May 17, 2011, About: Sleepers
I haven't heard some of these songs in a looooong time. Joe Walsh f ing rocks. Thanks for the reminder.
Posted Saturday March 05, 2011, About: Metallica
I am a huge Metallica fan! I love the early stuff for its energy and power, and the later stuff because it is so damn good *musically*. Hard to describe what I want to say. They evolved as musicians, as artists, and the music rocks! When I grab a disc I haven't listened to in awhile, it ends up staying in my cd player for a week! Love love love Death Magnetic, I cannot turn it up loud enough. I want to crawl inside of it.
Posted Tuesday February 15, 2011, About: Who Are These Guys?
That is funny as hell!
Posted Sunday February 06, 2011, About: Missed groups, Since I can't post in my 2 fav groups...
I've seen Pink Floyd with David Gilmore, and I've seen Roger Waters by himself. The music is the same, just the voices are different. So as far as "really like seeing Floyd" Kagan, that's hard to say. The band has been around so long, with different singers, leaders, I don't know what I'm trying to say. I like Floyd in all of its history. Would have liked to have seen them playing in clubs in London with Syd Barrett in the late 60's, but I wasn't born yet! I've seen I think 7 Floyd shows, and have loved them all. Would like to see them back together.
Posted Friday February 04, 2011, About: What drives our music tastes?
I grew up in the 80's on hair bands and Motley Crue. I was a freshman in college, high as a kite the first time I heard Janes Addiction sing "Three Days" and the world changed. Right then Nirvana blew up and all the crap we'd been listening to became irrelevant. Thank God. I listen to a lot of different stuff, new and mostly old. Metallica is probably my favorite band, Floyd a close second. Gimme Shelter is my favorite song. Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Cake, Police, Killers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tom Petty, Cream, AC DC, The Who, INXS, Eagles, Guns, Reverend Horton Heat, U2, Van Halen, Johnny Cash, George Strait, Duran Duran (really), Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Godsmack, where do you stop. As soon as I press enter I'm gonna remember 12 other bands I wanna list
Posted Thursday February 03, 2011, About: Sarah
My first show was a band called Sly Fox. They were on the radio then. It was in a 1500 or so seat civic center where I grew up. Went with my sisters. Maybe I was 10. Remember liking "feeling" the noise, the volume. Liked the energy. First real concert was Ratt and Poison in Dayton. I was 14. Guys behind us bought us beers. Sweet. Last show was Clapton last summer. Great show. I saw the Stones, Pink Floyd and U2 at the Horseshoe. Metallica and AC DC to many times to count. I haven't seen everybody yet, but I'm trying.
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