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Posted Friday May 18, 2012, About: Are the Miami Heat really in trouble?
Winning takes more than just assembling great talent. It takes team chemistry and leadership. D Wade and Lebron just don't have it.
Posted Wednesday March 14, 2012, About: FFTI II: Should the NFL outlaw all helmet to helmet contact?
"My first impulse upon seeing this topic is to go all old school on it and say "no"'

I've been a NFL fan for 40+ years and make no mistake the real "old school" fans have left in droves. That crap broadcast on Sundays is a far cry from old school football. Old school don't celebrate after every hit. Old school don't have no touchdown dance or Lambeau leap. Old school don't give a damn about making the highlight reel. An old school tackle was a tackle ... and there are very few old school tackles now days. That's one reason you see so many big-yardage gains .. cause new school fools want to make the highlight reel by blowing up a ball carrier.

Old school players kicked the <hit out of opposing players who intentionally put the hurt on their teammates. That's because old school players played with a code of honor and when you broke that code there were consequences on the field. If the likes of James Harrison pulled his <hit in the old school days they would have kicked his arse the very next play. That's old school.
Posted Tuesday March 13, 2012, About: Top ten nutcases in sports..
Bret "Don't Tweet Your Meat" Favre
Posted Tuesday March 13, 2012, About: Top ten nutcases in sports..
Renee Richards - transgender tennis player. Dude looks like a lady.
Posted Tuesday March 13, 2012, About: Top ten nutcases in sports..
Lance "Can't Keep It In His Pants" Rentzel.
Left didn't mention NY's potent pass rush, or running game.
The Colts should be embarrassed for intentionally winning the Luck sweepstakes. I've lost a lot of respect for them.
Posted Saturday January 14, 2012, About: Trent Richardson vs Kellen Moore
QB is the most important position in all of sports. RB is not of the same consequence.
Posted Friday December 23, 2011, About: Christmas Day Showdown! NBA Style
No one bothered to talk about the Mavs lack of defensive players now that Chandler and DeSaun Stephenson are gone.
Posted Saturday December 03, 2011, About: Top 5 teams in the NBA - Today
Miami Heat LOL! You can't buy a championship Pat Riley, and if there is still any doubt in your mind just ask Andy Reid!

The throwdown was for the top 5 "teams". Miami is a collection of streetballers.

Posted Saturday November 26, 2011, About: Who should win this year's Heisman trophy?
Robert Griffin III.
Posted Saturday January 01, 2011, About: SEC is overrated, yes, you saw that right, they are.
An argument covering this angle would have been nice:

The SEC, with ESPN's help, overly markets and props up the middle tier teams in the conference resulting in overly lofty rankings.

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