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Posted Thursday March 14, 2013, About: Kobe says he was injured on 'dirty and dangerous' play
When the shooter (Bryant in this case) goes up the defender (Jones) slides his foot forward so the shooter will awkwardly come down on it, resulting in an injured ankle for the shooter. Bruce Bowen mastered that move!
Posted Monday December 03, 2012, About: Rangers set to lose (or win) huge in offseason
Napoli has signed with Boston - 3 years for $39 million.
Posted Monday December 03, 2012, About: Mariners looking at Hamilton, Upton, Napoli, Swisher ...
Napoli has signed with Boston -- 3 years for $39 Million.
Posted Thursday November 15, 2012, About: Marlins shopping Nolasco and Morrison, too
Read a quote on the internet (think it was from a Miami politician) : "the only way the Marlins could alienate their fans anymore than they already have is by having Fidel Castro throw out the first pitch next season".
Posted Tuesday October 09, 2012, About: Texas' No. 1 issue isn't Hamilton's future
Michael Young was a defensive liability for the Texas Rangers this season no matter what position he played. The only reason he was in the line-up so often was that Ron Washington was paying him back after Young voiced the loudest support for Wash after his cocaine troubles became known back in 2010.
Posted Thursday September 27, 2012, About: Cubs ready to spend, spend, spend?
Hope the Cubs (and other teams) do make a huge offer to Hamilton .... so huge that the Rangers will not attempt to bring him back. JH started off with great stats in April-May, then had a lousy summer offensively. This past month he has played terrible defense. Think a lot of the fans here in Texas don't trust him and don't want to get stuck with a huge log-term contract
Posted Sunday May 13, 2012, About: Angels deny latest Bourjos trade talk
Maybe the term "The Mendoza Line" should be changed to "The Pujols Line".
Posted Tuesday April 17, 2012, About: Childish play may earn West an NBA fine
Remembered his arrest for carrying guns after seeing the slow motion of the wet-willie and he was aiming his hand with his forefinger and thumb mimicking a pistol.
Posted Tuesday April 17, 2012, About: Wilson was 15 minutes from signing in Miami
I thought Ozzie was showing how Castro likes his "little castanets" to be massaged.
Posted Tuesday April 17, 2012, About: The knock on Darvish
The Japanese baseball is bigger than the American ball.
Posted Tuesday April 10, 2012, About: Bynum's becoming Kobe (not in a good way)
Stephon Marbury!!
Posted Saturday March 24, 2012, About: Mavericks bench Odom
If Odom ends up playing for some other team next season, then expect every time he is on the court in Dallas to receive a massive chorus of prolonged booing much like Kiki Vandeweghe always received from Maverick fans in the 80s after KV refused to sign with Dallas upon the advice of his dear old Dad.
Posted Monday March 19, 2012, About: Report: Cowboys, Redskins may go 'nuclear' on NFL
Memo to Jerry Jones:

Must admit you have a valid point regarding our differences of opinion concerning the Cowboys being docked $10 million in cap space. Having said that, if you insist on bringing this matter to public court in the form of a lawsuit your chances of ever having another Super Bowl at Cowboy Stadium will be severely impacted. This message will self destruct in 15 seconds.

Your truly.
Roger Goodell
NFL Commissioner
Posted Sunday March 04, 2012, About: Letang's injury may not be severe
Just a lot of hockey fans who had enough sense to get out of Pittsburgh!
Posted Saturday January 28, 2012, About: Rangers hope to extend Hamilton before Opening Day
No, not choosing sides on that. What I am saying that is that personnel decisions on Texas Ranger players should be left up to Jon Daniels, exactly what he was hired to do, and not be influenced by ANY one player snuggling up to either of the two moneybags of the ownership group, Bob Simpson and/or Ray Davis.
Posted Saturday January 28, 2012, About: Rangers hope to extend Hamilton before Opening Day
At the press conference to introduce Yu Darvish and his signing, it was reported in the local papers that Josh Hamilton was sitting in the first row of the audience right next to Rangers co-majority owner Bob Simpson. Soon after, when the Rangers were still negotiating with Prince Fielder, Simpson publicly stated that he preferred re-signing Hamilton than signing Fielder. That worries me when you hear of a majority owner buddying up with one of the players and publicly stating his choice of one player over another. Last thing the D-FW area needs is another meddling owner, like Jerry Jones, interfering with personnel decisions and signings.
Posted Saturday January 28, 2012, About: Cuban, Gilbert out of Dodgers' bidding race
Control of parking lots has become a huge income generator in the sports biz. The previous owner of the Texas Rangers, Tom Hicks, made sure he still owned control of some of the parking lots around the baseball stadium after the sale of the team. Same for Ross Perot Jr., the previous owner of the Dallas Mavericks, whose corporation, Hillwood Development still owns most of the land surrounding American Airlines Center, where the Mavs play.
Posted Thursday January 12, 2012, About: Hornets coach: Opponents getting calls we're not
Yep, Garnett was smothering Dirk again on that play near the end because he assumed there was no way the refs were going to call a foul with the score tied and only seconds left on the clock. If the same play had happened with minutes left instead of mere seconds then Garnett probably would have been whistled, as it was Bass got called for the foul.
Posted Saturday December 17, 2011, About: NFL 'not aware' of Hurd's client list
.... and most Mayoral cocaine trails lead back to Washington D.C.!
Posted Thursday December 15, 2011, About: Frustrated Jocketty wants to make a deal
Okay Walt -- scratch that itch by sending Joey Votto to the Texas rangers for Julio Borbon and Mitch Moreland -- and 5,000 Ballpark Franks!
Posted Thursday December 15, 2011, About: Mavs on Bosh's mind every day
Lebron's brain freeze in the Finals against Dallas was because he was spending too much time thinking about his Mom and ex-teammate Delonte West getting horizontal. Looking forward for a Dallas/Miami rematch on opening day when Lebron looks up and sees Delonte coming upcourt in a Mavs uniform -- could be interesting!

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