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Posted Monday January 16, 2012, About: Niners vs Saints
You sure can.

My point is valid, the Saints lost a huge weapon in Thomas on the first drive of the game. Losing Thomas meant no run game, (now I am aware that the Saints are not a running team so to speak but they still use the run) and with no run game to worry about it made it that much easier for the Niners to play the pass.

My point is this, yes injuries are apart of football and somtimes the game just ain't fair and San Fran did what they had to do to win the game but they are NOT the better team and it showed last saturday.
Posted Sunday January 15, 2012, About: Niners vs Saints
If Pierre Thomas doesn't get knocked out in the first series of the game the Saints win this game going away.

San Fran was handed points, was 5 plus in T/O ratio and was at home and still almost lost. Gmen will be favored and will win next week.
Atlanta, explosive offense, solid defense, this could possibly be the year for Atlanta.

They are going to need a new RB soon though, Turner going to start to wear down.
Posted Monday August 29, 2011, About: Why no word about your 2nd round pick?
Stevan Ridley has already beat him out. Vereen might not even be on the 53.
Vereens Hurt but i forget what happened to him.

MY GUESS at the Depth chart
Law Firm
Faulk- 3rd Down

I don't know where Vereen Fits, unless they cut Faulk and/or Morris but im not sure if they do that cause they're veteran leaders...
Posted Saturday August 27, 2011, About: What if Micheal Vick were white???
if Vick were white (don't change any circumstances if he were in the same situation just white) he would have been villanized more by the media and the fans.
Posted Friday August 26, 2011, About: Colts v Packers
how has Alex Green looked?
Posted Friday August 26, 2011, About: Your Opinion of Tim Tebow
Thats a great point however if Tebow really is 4th on the depth than even if Orton plays like crap, he won't play anyways as Quinn and Weber are in line ahead of him. Tebow would be my number 2 but if he really is the number 4 in Denver than maybe its time to cut ties.
Posted Friday August 26, 2011, About: Your Opinion of Tim Tebow
Denver should at this point if he really is their 4th QB should cut him.

Where he would go i don't know because i can't think of many teams that really need a QB or will need a QB in the near future, maybe the Dolphins, the Colts, the Skins, the Bears, the 49ers, the Bills

Actually thats a good amount.
Posted Friday August 26, 2011, About: Your Opinion of Tim Tebow
I think Orton is a top 16 QB in the NFL as well. He is solid and he played very well last year, and I thought all along especially with the lockout that Denver needed to go with Orton and let Tebow develop another year.

Denver is really $hiting on Tebow by dropping him to 4th on the depth chart, because frankly Brady Quinn sucks, it has been proved over time so don't tell me Tebow shouldn't be ahead of him on the depth chart. Everyone in Denver (and on this site) seems to forget that Tebow actually played very well in the final weeks of the season last year.

I agree Big Ben and Tebow are very similar players, big, suprisingly quick and agile tough to bring down, tough as nails. You put Tebow on the right team with the right supporting cast i think he can be very good as an NFL QB.
Posted Friday August 26, 2011, About: Your Opinion of Tim Tebow
He is a gamer and a winner. I really believe that. He doesn't have the best mechanics, the strongest arm and he isn't the most accurate QB, but he finds ways to get it done, whether its making a clutch throw or making plays with his feet he gets it done.

I'd give him a real shot at starting next year. It will be his third year with Denver, he will have a full off-season etc., name Tebow the starter (don't make it a competition) trade/release Orton, and lets really see what Tebow can do.
Posted Wednesday August 24, 2011, About: Quarterbacks -- Power Rankings 2011
All in order

Tier 1 Brady Peyton Rodgers
Tier 2 Brees Rivers Big Ben Vick
Tier 3 Romo Schaub Freeman Cassel Ryan
Tier 4 Bradford Flacco Orton McNabb Eli

The rest
Posted Tuesday August 23, 2011, About: Taylor Mays traded to the Cincinnati Bengals
He should get a shot at starting with the Bengals, maybe not a bad move for Mays and the Bengals, who knows though with that franchise.
Posted Monday March 21, 2011, About: Matt Ryan vs Aaron Rodgers
there is no discussion Rodgers easily
Posted Thursday March 10, 2011, About: NFL Draft.
Probabley a QB.

But if i am drafting from this years draft class i am not sure at all. To me Fairley, Bowers, Quinn, Peterson, Darius are all huge risk reward type players. Fairley is a one year wonder type player for Auburn, his character has been questioned, why was he only a one year starter/star at Auburn etc etc. Bowers hasn't gotten sacks against top end competition. His best games have come against mid-tier competition and his been a bit inconsistent, Quinn missed an entire season of football nuff said, Peterson could be a great player but i think he is more of a physical freak than a great football player, I just don't think Darius is worthy of a #1 pick.

I'm going to take the easy way out and say i'd trade that pick and stack multiple picks (although that rarley happens). You wan't a solid lock with your number 1 pick and i just don't see that in any of these players.
Posted Tuesday February 01, 2011, About: NFL Prospects
I think Solder will go first
Posted Monday January 31, 2011, About: NFL Prospects
I personally don't think Newton is worth more than a 2nd or 3rd round selection.
Posted Monday January 31, 2011, About: NFL Prospects
Posted Monday January 31, 2011, About: NFL Prospects
There has been much more pro hype around Newton than there is Tebow.
Posted Monday January 31, 2011, About: NFL Prospects
There is more upside in Newton than Tebow. Newton could be great i think Tebow will only be average.
Posted Monday January 31, 2011, About: Tate Forcier is leaving Michigan
Miami or Clemson
Posted Monday January 31, 2011, About: NFL Prospects
Newton has more raw talent than Tebow.
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