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Posted Friday March 07, 2014, About: Urlacher irked by Hester move
but it is ok for the team to listen to you when you were complaining about the money in the contract you already signed and complained for more, which they agreed to do? and now you want them to have an entire roster spot given to a return specialist? incidentally, i blame lovie for this one. he couldn't even develop devin into a back up CB? i would be fine with keeping him if he can play gunner and fill in for dime packages every once in a while. but his CB days went bye bye when lovie put him in there against holt on the 5 yard line for his first defensive action of his career and got smoked.
Posted Thursday February 27, 2014, About: Carroll hammers NCAA in USC return
maybe you should have stayed and dealt with it and be held accountable. instead you bolted like a coward, albeit a Superbowl winning coward but, selfish nonetheless.
Posted Monday December 16, 2013, About: Frazier, Ponder look like goners
what about their joke GM that drafted ponder with what i think was a top 10 pick when EVERYONE had him rated as a 2nd or 3rd rounder at best. took a reach because of the run on QBs in rd 1 which is exactly what you pay your GM not to do.
Posted Friday December 13, 2013, About: Bears likely to let Cutler walk
very annoyed by continued speculation by people in the media that just type what they think in their head rather than doing some research. Cutler actually said last year he was willing to take a discount to stay. Never has he said anything about money, free agency or anything like that. And everything reported on him speaks volumes of his lack of motivation with regards to money. He has plenty. Isn't it possible he would rather stay in a QB friendly system in a town starving for a Super Bowl worthy QB for a piddly amount like 15M a year? i mean, i don't know how you get by on 15M per year but, maybe he could swing it. not to mention, given his family, chicago would be a much better place for her to grow her brand than tennessee, oakland, minnesota, cleveland, houston.
Posted Thursday October 31, 2013, About: Verlander adds $250K car to his collection
the cars are nice but, his best toy is named kate.
Posted Friday September 13, 2013, About: Yanks dispute Valentine's 9/11 claims
wow. he really will say anything just to hear his own voice and get his name in the news.
Posted Friday September 13, 2013, About: Brady reaches breaking point
i would like to see what brady and company can do with some offensive adversity (on the field). this way, the debate can be settled as to whether brady is one of the individual greatest of all time and can carry a team or if he has been the benefactor of being in the perfect situation for him to be great (greatest down field threat of all time, 10 seconds to throw every time, very pass happy and incredibly well executed system). he is definitely a winner and a great executor, let's see him carry a team on his back and make everyone around him better. ok pats fans, rip away... (no i am not a manning fan or a pats hater, I just like evaluating and debating great players)
Posted Friday September 06, 2013, About: Cutler more comfortable than ever
so you played qb in the nfl and know what it takes to digest and execute a new system in one off season after having what, 4 other systems in 5 years? spoken like a true arm chair quarterback.
Posted Wednesday June 26, 2013, About: Keenan Allen: 'I want to be a starter'
in other news, every single player on every team in every sport wants to start.
Posted Thursday May 16, 2013, About: Erin Henderson is sick of Urlacher talk
and just to rub it in, SI posts a pic of urlacher instead of henderson.
Posted Friday December 21, 2012, About: Reconstruction project on Chicago's horizon
kyle shannahan, book your ticket to chicago. not that he is the best choice but, very much a chicago pick... assistant, has ties to the most important player, brings in an offensive system that cutler and marshal had success in. obviously some major areas were neglected (O-Line) but even so, you have to look at the game management and weekly gameplan and wonder what lovie is thinking. in every single game, every single game, there are plays on both sides of the ball that common sense would tell you not to do. case in point, major turning point of the packer game... pause the film on the 4th and 6 play when Rodgers is about to throw. the WRs ran to the first down and... wait for it... very complicated play here... they stopped and turned around. not a bear in sight. every single game you can see it before it happens and you wonder what the hell are they thinking, and at critical times. that is coaching / play calling but it has been consistent for years which tells me it is the overall philosophy of the scheme which is the head coach, not the assts who call the play. time for lovie to go. you did great, the players love playing for you but, it's time for a fresh look, a more dynamic coach with ability to gameplan each week for the opponent and the situation and not just stick to the same thing game after game, year after year.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Did Cubs GM turn his back on Sandberg?
here is the thing, the cubs are a mess right now and it would be wrong to put ryno in there until the ship is righted. quady is a temporary bandade until the GM is fired, some of the veteran contracts and players that have underachieved are gone and they are ready to truly re-build. at that point, ryno would have a fair chance to suceed. you can't put a bunch of hope on a new manager when the roster and GM are still the same. that being said, pinellia was awful... he didn't actually "manage" anything. just kept sending the same players out there to just play. he never hit an ran, stole etc. it took some comments from ssteve tone to open his eyes to play the hot hand such as colvin. remmeber the year fox and hoffpaur were tearing it up but he stuck with soriano all year. i am glad he is gone but, we need an overhaul on the roster as well and until they are able to do it, then they should get a legit long term answer as a manager who has a fighting chance to do something. hopefully ryon knows this and knows that the timing is awful right now. enjoy triple A and when the timing is right, the job is yours

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