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Posted Wednesday April 23, 2014, About: Texans may take Clowney ... for someone else
<cough, cough> Ricky Williams <cough, cough> Hershel Walker <cough>

Yes, I think someone out there will be willing to mortgage their future on him.
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Healthy Foster makes call on OTAs
Go Texans!
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Bon Jovi wants the Bills
If he buys them, the fans will want the Bill to "Never Say Goodbye"
If they move they will "Say is isn't so"
If he buys them and they tank, he'll be "wanted dead or alive"
All in all, it is likely to end up being "Bad Medicine"

All the Bon Jovi songs I remember
Posted Friday March 28, 2014, About: UT players forbidden from hook 'em gesture
Creamsicle, Crappy, Cowardly, Cheaters
Posted Tuesday February 18, 2014, About: Michael Sam draws comparisons to Dumervil, Mathis
This says it. If he is an pro quality player, no one cares. If he is not, he'll be relegated to history as a trivia question answer. He's asking to be drafted as a football player, not to date the owner's daughter.
Posted Wednesday February 12, 2014, About: Van Pelt wants this QB back
They say that the back up quarterback is the most popular man on the team. Getting serious cash to play a few games in August and maybe some mop up work is a sweet job.
Posted Monday December 09, 2013, About: Manning blasts cold-weather critics
I wonder how much cold (and wet) weather will play into for the super bowl this year in New Jersey.
Posted Monday November 18, 2013, About: Johnson downplays sideline skirmish
Schaub may still be hurting, better let him rest for another 6 games or so.
Posted Monday November 18, 2013, About: Brooks: Maybe officials 'were for' the Saints
While not a 49ers fan, it was sad to see such an important game decided by very questionable calls. Not the first game decided this way, but still sad.
Posted Monday November 11, 2013, About: Incognito could be suspended again
Unless Incognito lied to Glazer in that interview, this really looks like a locker room doing a very good impression of a kindergarten class.
Posted Monday November 11, 2013, About: Jerry Jones cops to DC mistake
Jerry, it's close to Christmas season. Buy us a GM!!!
Posted Thursday September 19, 2013, About: Brees blasts Goldson for 'going after guys' heads'
If they can hit him and make his uniform dirty how is he to win another super bowl?

Surely not by sucking it up and playing through it...
Posted Wednesday September 04, 2013, About: Bilal Powell listed as Jets starting RB
I almost drafted Powell in my fantasy draft. Then I remembered he played for the Jets.
Posted Friday August 30, 2013, About: Webb likely done, more Bears on the bubble
J'Marcus looks like he is getting ready to steal second base.
Posted Monday August 26, 2013, About: Cards shopping Ryan Williams
So is Tiki Barber!
Posted Monday August 26, 2013, About: Serious concern for Kolb's career
That is, of course, David Carr. Stupid autocorrect
Posted Monday August 26, 2013, About: Serious concern for Kolb's career
*cough* *cough* David Card *cough*
Posted Wednesday July 31, 2013, About: Will Pats have to scrap go-to offense?
They only have to play a 14 game schedule, so it shouldn't be hard. Oh, I know the schedule says 16 games, but the waterboy and his 10 3rd grade friends can beat the J.E.T.S.
Posted Wednesday July 31, 2013, About: Rookie Manuel looks like a Day 1 starter
Nice. I hope the kid does well. Beating the Patriots will be victory enough.
Posted Sunday March 31, 2013, About: Report: Geno Smith to attend NFL Draft
I think about Tackle Joe Thomas who went ice fishing instead of going to the draft.
Posted Tuesday March 19, 2013, About: Bills holding private workouts with multiple QB prospects
Colt McCoy would be a good fit here.
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