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Posted Friday December 16, 2011, About: Sam Hurd
Well with the week the Bears have had I think it's safe to call them done for the year.
Posted Thursday December 15, 2011, About: Harrison Suspended one game...
I knew the exact play you were talking about when you said Sapps name in reference to dirty plays. Legal play but wholly unnecessary.

I do think Harrison is a talented player and is just choosing to not consider the rules when he comes to make these hits. So in other words I think he's just dumb. Any other smart player would have found a way to not make stupid plays long ago.
Posted Wednesday December 14, 2011, About: Harrison Suspended one game...
Firstly I never stated helmet to helmet was ALWAYS illegal. Please reread my posts if you disagree. I only stated that Harrison purposefully lead with the helmet, which is illegal.
Posted Wednesday December 14, 2011, About: Harrison Suspended one game...
Ezekiel: please show me where it says, anywhere, that it is ok for a player to lead with his helmet. Where are these exceptions that you are referring to? As I apparently am not seeing that...

+40: It's on page 81 of the rule book PDF and it should be UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS Article 8 sub (g) it didn't copy quite right.
Posted Wednesday December 14, 2011, About: Harrison Suspended one game...
Well actually I did... Sorry I didn't quote it to begin with.
( ok.pdf)
Here you go:
Article 8
9g) If a player uses any part of his helmet (including the top/crown and forehead/???hairline??? parts) or facemask to butt, spear, or ram an opponent violently or unnecessarily.

This is what Harrison needs to change.
Posted Wednesday December 14, 2011, About: Harrison Suspended one game...
I don't like Harrison but if he had tackled McCoy properly, even if he'd driven him to the ground I would not complain about the hit. If he was flagged for driving him down I would say the same thing I always do about that.... "Stupid rule..."

By the way helmet to helmet hits are only legal if it is incidental. I.E. not leading with the helmet as this is dangerous for both the tackler and ball carrier. If you or anyone else think that the "he was a runner not a QB at the time" argument holds any water then you are the one that doesn't know anything about this game. Like I said, RB, QB, WR, whatever... the tackler should never lead with the crown of his helmet.
Posted Tuesday December 13, 2011, About: Harrison Suspended one game...
The issue with this hit isn't the whether or not McCoy was a runner or a QB. It's the fact that Harrison led with the crown of his helmet to deliver the blow. From pee-wee on up every single coach I ever had always taught to keep your eyes up and put your shoulder into the runner. Not a one ever said to lead with the crown under any circumstance! If he puts his shoulder into Colt and hits him just as hard it's good tackle, instead it's a dirty play and he'll sit a game and be out $70k+.

I believe Harrison will end up hurting someone badly, it may even be himself. And if it ends up being himself what's he gonna say then... "Well I didn't do anything wrong." Doubtful. And then he won't be able to go drive a truck like he always says he will...
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: THAT TRADE SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.
This has to be the most poignant response I've seen to date.

Bravo sir, bravo.
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: is Dan gilberts letter to Cavs fans justified?
Vee is right on the money. Gilbert had every right to write that letter the way he did. And as far as class goes LBJ has none, saying that the TV show he did was justified because he donated money is just dumb. He has 2.5mil to donate any day of the week if he wanted to. Saying the money donated justified the tv show is stupid. LBJ has bought into his own hype now and he'll never be looked at same.
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: THAT TRADE SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.
Ok... first like others have pointed out and it bears repeating, this was not a trade.
Second, OP needs a bit of a spelling and grammar refresher as his posts are painful to read. Lastly, LBJ has announced to the basketball world that he is a classless punk. And to top it off he's not a winner either. If he was the second coming of MJ he would have made the Cav's win a championship. He would have stayed and made the team better by restructuring his contract to bring in a top tier guy to take a bit of the pressure off. But he didn't he opted for the easy route and went to DWades team... note it is DWades team and will never be LBJ's.

He's a pansy and that's the jist of it

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