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Posted Wednesday September 14, 2011, About: Gomez hasn't guaranteed himself a job
While is obvious he isnt worth the cash hit he puts on the Habs; he fills a great roll for the team, that most team would want say if he cost 4 mil a year. There is hardly a better player that can carry the puck and enter the offensive zone. Its been stated by numerous players, analysts and scouts and if you ever watch the Habs play, you will notice that he rarely makes bad plays moving into the zone or bad passes, and is very smart about dumping the puck.

Again, no one wants to pay his salary for it, but to say he shouldnt play on an NHL team just shows that people can be terribly short sighted and miss the big picture. Also, as far as hit cap hit is concerned, aside from a trade, there is a 7.3 million dollar cap hit no matter where you bury him due to the current CBA.
Posted Tuesday June 07, 2011, About: Julien calls out Lucic antics
I would love to know where you were on the Chara/patches hit during the reg season... I see a hypocrite in the headlights.... like all Bruins fans (fans for any team in general). League dropped the ball on this one. Granted Rome is a nobody and half of Vancouver is happy he is benched anyhow, but injury or star status shouldn't dictate penalty (see Chara's cheap shot). The 5 min misconduct and game penalty should have been enough based on previous NHL ruling.

Once again, NHL fails to penalize teams evenly.
Posted Friday December 03, 2010, About: Cleveland fans could make James a laughingstock
When I watch football, I am a pats fan... its the team that was closest to me growing up.

Their defense is real hit or miss. Some games they look so bad its a joke, then the next week they put up a front that looks like its top 5 in the league. Its not solid, but it gets the job done - as their winning record shows. As long as the offense can keep putting points up, which is highly likely, the defense is good enough.

I predict pats by 6 on Monday, only because they are at home. I would give it to the Jets if they were at home for this one.

Will be a great game!
Posted Friday December 03, 2010, About: Cleveland fans could make James a laughingstock
"Akron hates you." This is exactly why Cleveland wont see any great stars via free agency for a long, long, long time. Stay classy Cleveland! Good luck in the basement of the NBA for the next decade plus...

I am not Lebron fan or Heat fan, but after seeing the fanatics from Cleveland; I was happy to see they got stomped and Lebron didnt eve have to play over 1/4 of the game.
Posted Monday November 15, 2010, About: Markov may be on shelf up to three months
The hit was fine. Staal lifted his leg up to pull Markov back into the hit and it cause Markov to hit his knee in a difficult position. All-in-all it was a tough luck kind of hit. Markov has spent a lot of time working out to get back into shape to play on the knee only to have it taken out in one hit. Luckily the habs played well enough without him and they have a fairly deep defense corps - enough to swim for the next few months +...

Will be very interesting to see what happens come contract talk time with Markov though, he hasnt been very sturdy the last 3 season... but its equally hard to replace an all-star defenseman in this league all that easily.
Posted Monday October 25, 2010, About: Source: 49ers owners losing patience with Singletary
They will fire him eventually, but it wont matter. I have gone to a handful of their games the last year or two and they just seem to lose it in the second half every time. Now if Singletary is changing the game plan at half and watching those 20 point leads turn into deficits, then fire him by all means, but if its just the players then maybe its time to start sitting guys and playing practice team players. They might actually try hard all game given the gift of a chance.

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