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Posted Sunday June 02, 2013, About: Ohio State trustees give Gordon Gee one more chance
not really...Purdue, PSU and Indiana at least are lower...maybe MSU other according to the Times World Ranking...50 something in the world in pretty good, I think. B1G is pretty close to being one of the top 2 or 3 conferences in the US (academically), but not exactly sure. The interesting thing is that many of those schools are State-funded universities and not Private. Actually the Times report list tOSU as having higher academic ranking than ND, also.

http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings/2012-13/world -ranking
Posted Sunday June 02, 2013, About: Ohio State trustees give Gordon Gee one more chance
Here is what the Times Higher Education - World University Rankings states for 2012-2013. Very impressive list throughout the world.... tOSU is very high but there are several from the B1G that are higher...however, they do not have any from the SEC higher than tOSU. I think Vandey is ranked the highest in the SEC. Duke and North Carolina from the ACC are ranked higher...

http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings/2012-13/world -ranking
Posted Wednesday February 27, 2013, About: Florida's No. 1 seed lost?
What does it mean "The loss will undoubtedly knock the Gators out of a possible No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament."?????? undoubtedly and possible??? WHAT? How about the possibility of a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament is now much less of a possibility...YUK...any way, I was taught that a double negative makes the sentence a "positive", so the author of this is stating that the Gators are without a doubt in the running for a possible No 1 seed?? The Gators are without a doubt not in the running for a No 1 seed? Wow, good lit and english
Posted Tuesday May 15, 2012, About: Odds-on favorite to sign Hamilton
It has seemed that his past demons have left him and/or he is able to deal with them effectively and efficiently. Everyone has demons. I agree Texas is the best for him, but as a Reds fan I know he would be welcome back in the Big Red Machine...:)
Posted Tuesday January 24, 2012, About: Spurs angry with Balotelli
I agree. Watching in slow motion, you can almost make the case of anything...this was no N. Suh stomping on a Green Bay Packer player...not even close...I watched the game live and I can understand the coach saying this as would be his right and responsibility, but listening to a sportscaster go on and on for 15 minutes about Balotelli is redunculous...however, the biggest thing that this underscored to me is the culture that says anything that might be incidental in US soccer or any US sport can be passed off in Europe as being intentional. It maybe that is why the US seems to get hammered when it plays outside of the US by referees because the refs and the other coaches know there will be no recriminations by US fans, no riots by US fans, no mouthing off to refs by US players...what does anyone think about that???
Posted Tuesday January 24, 2012, About: State of Husker hoops should alarm Osborne
Well, I do not think Nebraska joined the Big10 just to keep losing to good and very good b-ball teams or just to play Football or a few women's sports. At some point the President and or Trustees are going to say we want to be competitive, but didn't Nebraska beat a good Indiana team. I kind of think this little article is much ado about nothing because if Nebraska continues to win some games they shouldn't they will get better recruits and the cycle produces a better team. No coach and no AD wants their teams at the bottom regardless of what the universities "pride" sport is...
Posted Tuesday November 15, 2011, About: Mohammed amazed by offer: 'So bad'
who is it that puts more risk on the "table" with the NBA product? Is it the players or the owners? Is it the rich owners or the union executives? The risk to employees of companies are that they will get layed off or maybe fired. NBA players don't get fired for the most part and likely never get layed off - unless the lock out is a lay off. I have a friend on the Big Island of Hawaii who grows vanilla beans. He recognizes that his biggest job is to employee as many in his community as he can since sugar cane left 30 years ago has decimated most of the "real" jobs on the BI. However, he has to have some "good" return on his money so that he can invest or pay for upgrades even if he gets a new arena "at discount prices" he still has to pay. I also understand that the players are who people pay to see not the owners, and so they should get something close to 50/50. but I am not sure that you would get 15,000 fans to watch a game at the local park. What are the costs that owners have to pay their other employees? Has their costs gone up over the past 12 years? Maybe the owners realize that unless they lower ticket prices for their product that they won't have much of a market for it in the long term...too many moving parts for me to distinguish which child is right and I may have to just step in as a parent and tell both kids to go to their room with no snacks and that they are grounded until the both apologize to each other and then to me.
Posted Friday September 09, 2011, About: Future of Big 12 in Oklahoma's hands
After reading the letters between going back and forth, I start to question the whole conference by-laws and designating the "commissioner" as top dog as opposed to the "university board of directors". It seems that the Big 12 may actually not be as strong a conference as some of the others. I do not know what the conference by-laws state in their documents but the big12 conference seems to do the bidding of conference university boards. As such can university 'A' actually sue university 'B' if it wants to leave the conference? What does the conference by-laws, or "contracts" state? Has any university ever been sued for leaving an athletic conference, before?
Posted Monday June 13, 2011, About: Report: Ohio St. warned about Talbott
I think it is very acceptable to mention anything - rumors, etc and innuendo. Things like this will either break the NCAA or it will make the NCAA a bureaucracy to rival the US government. The NCAA can't even do its job well w/o its member schools doing theirs. If we continue to hear such things - there needs to be ethics in college sports for certain as there are in politics/elected officials. However, the more rampant the reporting w/o evidence the riskier it gets before there is a backlash in the public. I urge the media to engage in proper reporting - but alas there is no ethics in media except the free market.
Posted Friday February 04, 2011, About: Matta: Pounding on Sullinger getting ridiculous
everyone who says that Sullinger is the team is making an overstatement. If he was the team then opposing teams would focus on him and win. They can't focus on him and leave four other scorers open for 3s and the like. He may or may not be the best player on the team, but the team has players on both sides of the ball and they transition from defense to offense well. They are a team.
Posted Sunday November 14, 2010, About: Mack Brown bristles at Corso
If I read that about Colorado or any other program/team in the country I would think the same thing. The team is lost. The head coach can't trust his assitants or his players? What is the deal with that. That mean he does not know what to do with his team. That is not a good thing. You make a statement to the press and you should get called on it. Mack said a stupid thing - even if it is true - you don't go bagging your team or your coaches because that leads to a defeatist attitude. Why would a coach or player want to play then if your head coach does not trust you???

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