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Posted Tuesday October 01, 2013, About: Gators star DT headed to NFL draft
Ditto +1

We will miss him, but I'm hoping to see some of our younger players grow in their position.
Posted Sunday September 22, 2013, About: Florida QB Jeff Driskel injured vs. Tennessee
Yes, it may not be too bad with Murphy. However, Tenn doesn't have the top defense in the SEC. I will be positive but reserve my final view until the next couple games. The pressure of knowing your the starter all week is different than just being thrust into the game.
Posted Tuesday September 03, 2013, About: Legend of Jameis Winston began in middle school
Was this part of the bet as well?
Posted Friday August 30, 2013, About: Miami's major question mark

The Gators have had two national championship teams since Miami last won it's conference (The Big East). Miami hasn't won an ACC conference title yet. I'm confused by the first sentence.
Posted Tuesday August 20, 2013, About: Miami haunted by perceptions
Something is all jacked-up with FN. I'm having major issues trying to post and even see the Ice Haus thread.....
"7 kids? That sounds like he got in."


"I'm here all week....don't forget to tip your server"
Posted Monday March 25, 2013, About: Ex-track coach accuses Texas of double standards
There is a school policy that if you break a school policy, you can self-report the infraction and you are absolved?

Posted Wednesday March 13, 2013, About: Pressure on Driskel to improve
I like the cash toss, but I think it would be more enjoyable to use the three Volunteers as the items to toss.....maybe off Rocky Top?

That would be something you both could enjoy.....

::MG tosses a stone into the Knoxville pond::
Posted Wednesday March 13, 2013, About: Pressure on Driskel to improve
Mornhinweg (that's going to be fun to spell for the next few years...) is behind Murphy on the depth chart. That is probably due to Murphy's Junior status. However, we will see how that battle develops over the next few months.

Staver isn't coming in until Summer, so he won't be playing at all this fall (unless something really bad happens....<knock on wood>).
Posted Tuesday February 26, 2013, About: 2013 ACC football schedule released
You are comparing the Big Least to the B1G?

No, the B1G isn't going anywhere. And Maryland leaving the ACC speaks volumes about the concern of some ACC teams.
Posted Tuesday February 26, 2013, About: Florida State adds Jay Graham to coaching staff
What is up? Is Jimbo the reason for the mass exodus?
Posted Tuesday February 26, 2013, About: Make-or-break starts early for Kiffin
Yup...the writers liked putting them #1 because it would stir up discussion. And they would have something to write about when USC got hammered.
Posted Friday February 15, 2013, About: Will dropping FCS opponents make Big Ten a top conference?
That's good for tOSU's in-state rival with Miami (OH), but bad news for their other in-state rival (Youngstown St.).

Posted Tuesday February 12, 2013, About: PSU trustee wants to re-examine Freeh report
I respectfully disagree. My father was an alcoholic. Everyone knew. His co-workers, our neighbors, and our family/friends.

Putting my head in the sand and going on national radio/TV to say that he wasn't an alcoholic is crazy. I can't deny what everyone else already knows.

He made mistakes. He is human. Acknowledge that and move on. Represent your family honor by appropriate actions and concerns NOW.....not trying to justify or change your father's past errors.
Posted Monday February 11, 2013, About: PSU trustee wants to re-examine Freeh report
I listened to Jay Paterno on ESPN Radio today. It is strange that Jay defends his father so well. It is like he forgets that JoePa made errors in judgment. How can anyone hear McQueary's story in 2001 and NOT know that something was "rotten in the state of Denmark"?

JoePa didn't commit these horrible acts on children, but he knew. He knew and did nothing. You don't get that powerful at Penn State and not know.

Jay said "my dad didn't know everything at Penn State. I was a student and he doesn't know what I was doing." Well, duh. He didn't know every detail about every student's daily routine including his son. But, he knew when someone accused his defensive coordinator of having sex with a child in the shower in the athletic department in 2001.....and yet, he did NOTHING.

Paterno family....let this go. You are only making it worse.
JoePa's own words sealed his fate. In testimony, JoePa admitted McQueary came to him in 2001 seeing somethign of a "sexual nature" between Sandusky and a boy. He knew then (and their appears to be evidence that he knew of the 1998 incident as well). However, after 2001, Sandusky was still allowed to use the facilities.

JoePa said he knew in 2001. Yet, did nothing. That is what will haunt the family legacy. If something was done then, we wouldn't be debating JoePa's legacy.
Posted Friday January 18, 2013, About: Tribune reporter kept Brian Te'o interview tape
You should be worried. Your AD has just defended Te'o's version of the story. If Te'o is part of the hoax, then ND didn't do a very thorough "investigation".

The AD shouldn't have defended Te'o publicly at this time. He should have used the "we are doing a thorough investigation and will make a statement in the future.." excuse. Let this play out a little while before having a press conference where you cry defending Te'o.

I'd be very nervous if this was my university. This tar baby will stick to everyone....
Posted Friday January 18, 2013, About: Te'o's teammates suspicious of girlfriend from beginning
No. You aren't missing anything IF ND DIDN'T DEFEND HIM. Unfortunately, the AD has now stated that they did an investigation and support Te'o's version. So, they better not find any info that Te'o was a conspirator. If so, ND didn't do it's due diligence.

This tar baby is sticking to everyone....
Posted Monday January 14, 2013, About: Why Canes won't make room for Brissett
However, it makes no sense to leave a school when you are the #2 QB to go to the school with 6 other QBs.

He needs to do his homework before announcing his 1st choice.
Posted Monday January 14, 2013, About: Why Canes won't make room for Brissett

He did what was best for the team during the season. He's a stand up guy.
Posted Friday January 11, 2013, About: FSU swipes coach from ACC rival FSU friend is no friend of Jimbo. She wants him GONE.

I told her that UGA and FSU should trade head coaches. UGA fans don't appreciate Richt, so he won't mind going back to FSU. She loved that idea.
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