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Posted Friday August 05, 2011, About: Mueller skates with teammates
He got knocked out in camp.
Posted Thursday June 23, 2011, About: Rockies may soon be sellers
Hampton and Neagle are legit. But Ubaldo hasn't had his big contract yet and he was drafted by the Rocks.
Posted Tuesday May 31, 2011, About: Tebow hosts Broncos workouts ... in Florida
Orton's #'s are a lie. He got a ton of yards and TD's because Denver spent most of the time playing from behind, and the run game is a joke. Leadership has never been there either.

Orton plays to stay out of the way, Tebow wants the team on his back.
Posted Monday March 28, 2011, About: Broncos blowing QB smoke? Drafting Dareus?
Jack is eligible. He dropped out of ASU in his Junior year, I think it was a couple years ago.
Posted Sunday March 20, 2011, About: Will Avs clean house after collapse?
Rumor was that they were looking at Patrick Roy for the coaching job a couple years ago. He's a little more seasoned now, and his sons don't play for him any more. Might be the guy to go after.
Posted Friday November 19, 2010, About: Denver losing appetite for Avs?
Denver is and always will be a Broncos first town. The Broncos have NEVER not sold out a game since joining the NFL. I would say that's a good following.
What killed the Avs was they kept ticket prices up where they were when Roy, Sakic, Foppa, etc were here. And then put out a sub par product. It will take time for them to get their act together. Plus, the Avs have the biggest joke of a PR staff in the league. The only commercials that air for them are on the Avs network.
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Melo says it's time for a change
Just get rid of him. I'm sick of the drama about this. I loved Melo during his time here (I have 4 jerseys of his), but he doesn't want to be here. Just get some dang picks and call it good.
Posted Saturday October 09, 2010, About: Would Niemi have saved that shot?
Stastny had a good game, sometimes it just bounces in. Even the best goalies of all time gave up an unscreened goal from 10 feet away. It would have been less of a soft goal had Turco not touched it.
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: Titans coach: We aren't dirty
Broncos played within the rules. While it was pretty low, they played by the book. Two Broncos got their faces bloody and Kuper got socked in the face... Pretty sure that's illegal in the NFL.
Posted Monday October 04, 2010, About: Orton rips Titans as cheap shots
Yeah baby!!! The Titans were driving him into the ground like no tomorrow, they were just OWNING him all day... while a WR was running with the ball. Go ahead, act like the Titans D owned him and he is just mad. Because the reality is that: Despite no running game and terrible O-Line play, he owned the Titans all day and won a game. I get it man... you're a homer... so am I but don't trash talk Orton when he made your pass D look as terrible as they did. And how is it sour grapes when it is consistently echoed throughout the league. Harrison said they were dirty... and he is the biggest 8====> in the league.
Posted Sunday October 03, 2010, About: Fired BYU coordinator: I'm a 'scapegoat'
Karma baby. "Oh, we're too good for MWC and the PAC10 won't let us play... that's okay we will be the Notre Dame of the west." Yeah, the Notre Dame that Charlie Weis coached for most of his tenure.
Posted Sunday October 03, 2010, About: Thousands rally in Quebec City for NHL return
I would love for Quebec to have a city. From what I've heard, that city is in the top tier of Hockey culture, history, and popularity. The only reason that they ever moved is because they owners took terrible care of the financial side of things and Comsat Entertainment (company that bought the Avs) was based in Denver. I hope they stay as the Nordiques too.
Posted Saturday September 25, 2010, About: How Broncos will replace Moreno
Champ ain't missin' nothing man. But Dre could be out.
Posted Thursday September 02, 2010, About: Broncos still searching for run game
The running game look pretty dang good against the Steelers when they had their RG and a decent RB back. They have only had Lance Ball for most of preseason, wait until Buckhalter and KM are running the rock.
Posted Monday August 30, 2010, About: Tebow moves up depth chart
If you haven't watched the games, please don't put your "insight" into it. The preseason so far has been "Orton looks good... actually really good. Tebow looks legit, but needs some time, Quinn looks destined for a game day scratch."
Posted Friday August 27, 2010, About: Broncos waiting on RBs
Not for other RB's. Just ours. Don't worry.
Posted Friday August 20, 2010, About: Rockies turning page on 2010?
Born and bred Colorado, and a diehard Coors man. But if you come to Colorado, don't waste time getting beer you can at home. Colorado is the Micro brew capital of the world.
Posted Friday August 20, 2010, About: Rockies turning page on 2010?
I HATE SPAMMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted Friday August 20, 2010, About: Rockies turning page on 2010?
A.K.A MVP candidate.
Posted Monday August 16, 2010, About: QB controversy breaks out in Denver
Next time watch the game before you make a dip out of yourself. Orton looked great, throwing to every part of the field, picking apart the 8th ranked D from last year, and got 2 picks. Enjoy another INT party by Cutler this year.
Posted Sunday August 15, 2010, About: Fedor close to new Strikeforce deal
Yeah Fedor, keep dodging the real competition. Easy being a big fish in a little pond.

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