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Posted Monday January 24, 2011, About: Cutler has torn MCL
Putting his legitimate injury aside, he should have at least been offering his replacements encouragement and advice. Maybe cheering his teamates on would have been visually acceptable to the viewers.
Like your post Book Drifter. Wish you had chosen a more carefully worded title though. Hate to see you go the way of Agent 007. Go Steelers!!
Posted Tuesday January 18, 2011, About: The Jets are Scared
I think that's called respect. Not fear. The game with New England was an emotional one for the Jets against a hated rival, similar to the Steelers and Ravens. I think both teams recognize that trash talking at this level will only give the other motivation which in a playoff game could be the only thing between victory or defeat. As much as I like Joe Porter, I'm glad he's not around for this game.
Posted Monday December 27, 2010, About: Two Terrible Drafts By Parcells Hurt Dallas Future
The problem with Jerry is his ego is trying to prove he was the one reponsible for the three Super Bowl Championships back in the 90's, not Jimmy. It's time for him to step down as G.M. Until then the Cowboys will continue to struggle. Not a pretty thing for a once proud organization.
Posted Monday December 27, 2010, About: It is time for Norv Turner to move on
Were we watching the same game on Sunday?
Posted Monday December 27, 2010, About: It is time for Norv Turner to move on
The Chargers have gone the way of the Cowboys. Overrated and underachieving. Each year we hear how they are both are favorites for the Super Bowl. Both teams need to get rid of their General Managers before they will actually begin to live up to the hype. Norv Turner also needs to go the way of Wade Phillips. They both would be good Assistant coaches in San Fransico.
Posted Tuesday November 23, 2010, About: Continuing the NFL bias against the Steelers
According to the commentators the Refs were trying to keep the game "from getting out of control." Well making bad calls did not help matters. If the Steelrs had lost I'm sure Tomlin would have made some small comment about those bad calls but it wasn't necessary. They beating of Oakland was enough said. I guess the conspiracy theorist who say the NFL favors the Steelers will not be able to say anything about this game. If anything the refs were trying to get Oakland back in the game. LOL!
Posted Tuesday November 23, 2010, About: Spammer Nation, formerly known as Fan Nation.
Well said B.S. I can't believe F.N. allows those guys to post those ads. I guess the free advertisement is actually not free.
Posted Tuesday November 09, 2010, About: What are Cowboys fans dreaming for next season??
Gruden has experience dealing with owners like Jones. Remember Al?
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: NFL Week 9 ... What else can be said?
Based on what I saw last night firing Wade at this stage will not help or hurt the team. The players seem to have lost their will to compete. That's somethime a coach cannot give them. Buffalo has not won a game but they are fighting and giving their opponents a battle. I think it's time to put in the subs and send a message to the starters that their jobs are not secure and they need to start playing from start to finish. Wade will be gone. A short list for a replacement should be made by the General Manager before he fires himself.
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: Cowboys Star to be replaced with White Flag at midfield....
Jerry Jones choice for General Manager was not a wise one but firing Wade ar mid-season will not help the team at this point. Maybe it's time to bench the starters who are not performing and allow some of the subs to play. It may not hurt after what I've seen this season.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: 2010 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Thread!!
Jerry Jones should fire himself.
Posted Monday August 16, 2010, About: Super Bowl Predictions
Isn't Reg Tucciarone a pen name for Jerry Jones?

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