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Posted Monday November 12, 2012, About: NFL says Bears handled Cutler's concussion properly
He was taking that hit regardless of whether or not he threw the ball. I'm just curious as to whether or not some of these people have reasonable thoughts go through their heads before they type...

And I don't blame the Bears for anything they did. When they came back from the challenge, Cutler ran the exact same play, except he ran hung onto the ball rather than throwing it, and didn't exactly avoid the next (legal) hit.
Posted Thursday November 08, 2012, About: Vikes fans want Ponder benched
Well, when your receiving group consists of one legitimate receiver, followed by a guy people know from an awesome flip, a castoff fourth wide receiver from a division rival, and a tight end that went from getting a touchdown a game to not having so much as a catch in a game, eventually you stop winning.

His girlfriend is hot, though.
Posted Thursday November 01, 2012, About: Mario Williams: 'I had no other choice'
Before you start throwing stones, ask yourself this: who amongst you could live on anything less than $100 million over a six year period of time?
Posted Thursday October 25, 2012, About: Shurmur expected to be fired
Waitwaitwait....Cleveland has a FOOTBALL team?! When did this happen??
Posted Sunday July 08, 2012, About: 'Suga' Eveans wants Silva match
Rashad who? No, that wasn't me making fun of the fight, I seriously have no idea who Rashad Eveans is.
Posted Wednesday July 04, 2012, About: Tigers scouring trade market for pitching
The problem with Garza is the Cubs. His numbers in Tampa showed that he was a good choice for a number two/number three guy in the rotation, but then he threw that no-hitter, the Cubs came knocking, and Tampa sold him off to Chicago as an ace. And over the past year and a half, Garza has shown he is clearly not an ace. He gets frustrated far too easily, and when he gets frustrated he makes pitches he shouldn't make.

Also not helping is the fact that the Cubs' new management has already given teams the precedent as far as what they expect in return for Garza in the form of the Ubaldo Jimenez trade from the Rockies to the Indians. The Cubs want an equivalent package for Garza, despite him not pitching to that level. Pretty much whatever team wants Garza is going to have to overpay in the form of prospects. And, for the Tigers, they have Nick Castellanos as a golden trade ticket that they can use to get just about any pitcher on the market. Since that's who the Cubs will likely target, and since Garza isn't worth Castellanos, I'd just let another team overpay for Garza and get a better pitcher like Hamels.
Posted Monday June 25, 2012, About: New city, new monster for Theo?
Here's the thing: the Cubs sell tickets regardless of how bad they are because Wrigley is a "destination". If it isn't douchey business men trying to look important to potential clients buying the overpriced tickets, it's the other teams' fans. And if not them, it's the drunk frat groups that feel like "catching a game" before getting blackout drunk in old Wrigleyville (which is basically a collection of nothing but bars). They're in one of the largest sports markets in the nation, they're clearly the favored team of that city...basically owning the Cubs is a license to print money, because it will take many consecutive 100 loss seasons combined with another Prohibition to make Wrigley Field NOT a destination.

So, with that in mind, I don't see why they don't take that extra money they're getting from concerts and other extra-curriculars and apply that to fixing a stadium that is pretty much falling apart. Or, you know, fielding a good team.
Posted Sunday June 10, 2012, About: Questions surround Bradley-Pacquiao decision
I hear they're remaking Rocky 1, with Rocky winning the fight against Apollo Creed because the judges saw he never gave up and appreciated the effort. That way, with Rocky 2, they can focus more on Rocky Balboa's secret life as a mafia hitman/demolitions expert. Michael Bay is set to write, produce, and direct both.
Posted Saturday October 01, 2011, About: D-Wade confronts Stern in labor meeting
How is the NBA even still popular? Of all the sports, this one has the least risk involved (at least in baseball you occasionally have to dodge a flying piece of sharp wood). And of all the sports, the players here are paid a lot more to do less work and complain when they have to (like Lebron whining that the Heat was doing bad because he was playing four make as much as you do, you should be playing five).
Posted Sunday July 24, 2011, About: Report: Eagles interested in Favre
So...I'm taking it that, until the NFL actually decides to have a season, that basically ANY rumor is given front page status, right? Because I heard the Bears are building a time machine to go back and get "in their prime" versions of Dan Marino, Jerry Rice, Dick Butkus, and, for some inexplicable reason, Rollie Fingers to boost attendance and make a serious playoff run this year.
Posted Sunday July 10, 2011, About: Red Sox pursuing Cubs ace
Yeah, actually, they do. His name is "Poorly Played Defense From the Other Team". When his turn comes up, the Cubs actually win games...but only like 25% of them.
Posted Sunday July 10, 2011, About: Red Sox pursuing Cubs ace
I know the Cubs seem to be really high on Garza, but trading him isn't nearly as bad of a move as they think it would be, so long as they got GOOD prospects back for him. With that being said, it is clear Jim Hendry should not even be close to being involved in making that trade (his last trade designed to get prospects was Mark DeRosa for three pitchers, two of which flopped big time and the other of which was good...but got sent to Tampa for Garza; his previous "for prospect" trades didn't fare much better). Heck, if the Ricketts family is smart, they let him and manager Mike Quade go after the All-Star break and personally go to Lehigh Valley, get down on their hands and knees, beg Ryne Sandberg to coach for them, and pay the Phillies however much they ask for to let him go to the Cubs.
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: Mike Tyson on HOF ballot for 1st time
Mike's character has grown immensely over the past few years, which says a lot about the man. But that being said, even if this was the "accused of rape" Mike Tyson from the 90's, he still deserves to go in simply because this isn't a sport based on good character. It is certainly an added plus if you are one of the best AND are a likable enough guy, but this isn't exactly a sport that has been counted on to develop role models for children over the past 50+ years.
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: Hendry leaning toward Quade?
I'm constantly amazed by how everyone thinks "this guy will be the exception". Quade didn't do bad at all. But he won with a team that wasn't under any pressure because they were already well out of the playoffs. This has happened before with a lot of other teams. Heck, this has happened with three teams recently, and one of those teams already realized its mistake and fired both their manager AND their GM (spoiler: it was the Mets). I'm not saying Ryne Sandberg wins the World Series with the Cubs. And I'm not saying Mike Quade hasn't earned a promotion. But making Mike Quade the manager for a year is a "give-up" move. And it's a give-up that a new owner already getting the ire of his fans can't afford to make. Making interim managers full-time managers is not a move that has a great track record. In fact, it has a very poor record, and the team with a 100+ year championship drought is not the team to test that record in their favor.

Quade started the year as a third base coach. He's earned a promotion to "bench coach" for sure. But that's about it. They could even try their luck with Eric Wedge or Bob Melvin or whatever fail manager Jim Hendry has in his sights now. At least that would look like he was trying. Making Quade manager is not just a bad baseball move, but it is a bad business move for a team raising ticket prices and getting lowered fan expectations and turnouts.
Posted Monday October 04, 2010, About: Hendry leaning toward Quade?
No, but he's played the day/night games at Wrigley, so he knows how those work and can coach accordingly. He's worked with most of the young talent on the team to huge success. And they've pretty much groomed him for the job since the day he came aboard as a coach. Look at it this way: it's either Sandberg, an interim manager, or a large number of coaches that have already failed numerous other places.

And keep in mind, there's at least two or three managers out there that have already publicly turned this job down. So it isn't like people don't know what they're getting into. Best to let a guy take the job that knows what he is getting into.
Posted Monday October 04, 2010, About: Hendry leaning toward Quade?
I like how everyone is giving Mike Quade all the credit in the world for getting a high payroll team to start winning games after they had already been out of the playoff race for a month. And that the only real thing he did was a make a starting lineup that made sense (and really, it's a lineup that should have been put out since day 1). Other than that, he's pretty much relied on the "overpaid vets" Cubs fans hate.

These interim managers becoming full manager never works. Just ask the Mets and the Astros. If anything, Jim Hendry's lasting legacy will be letting Ryne Sandberg, the only logical manager choice, get away because he'd probably point out all of Hendry's flaws.
Posted Saturday September 11, 2010, About: Fake press release rips Cubs GM
Are they looking for outrage from Cubs fans? If they are, the Brewers "fans" (again, the only reason people seem to show up to Brewers games anymore is to prevent their stadium from being renamed "Wrigley North", which it still basically is) are pretty dumb, because most every Cubs fan out there hates Hendry right now, even more so that he's retaining his job next season after such a poor job in the 2009 and 2010 offseasons.
Posted Monday September 06, 2010, About: Bills winless in 2010?
Theoretically any team could go 0-16. But with the Lions we kinda figured they were going to suck something fierce: they had no offense or defense. The Bills aren't SPECTACULAR, but they at least have an offense and a defense.
Posted Saturday August 21, 2010, About: Corvin's UFC career on hold
I was hoping to read something inspirational or something like that. Instead, it's just some guy who probably has drug tests coming back weird not being able to fight.
Posted Monday August 09, 2010, About: Sox willing to deal pitching for hitting
If I were Kenny Williams, I'd deal Peavy to the Cubs for a few of their young bats. Peavy always wanted to be a Cub, and there's no chance he doesn't get hurt next year, too.
Posted Monday August 09, 2010, About: Piniella may miss Cubs road trip
If this Ricketts guy is serious about making a good, young team, he leaves Sandberg where he is for the rest of the season, since the Iowa guys are actually a very good minor league team and replacing him only throws them all off their game, hindering their development.

Also, you would think Sandberg is a no-brainer, but I was reading Jim Hendry's list of potential managerial replacements and both the third base coach Mike Quade and the pitching coach Larry Rothschild are on that list. And neither one of those guys is particularly good at their job.

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