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Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Waltrip to run at Daytona
this is freaking nuts lol! spam spam spam....hell i didnt this much spam in the military lol. as for Mikey good luck man...any other track u would be a wreck waiting to happen.
Posted Wednesday January 05, 2011, About: Stann wants Silva next
seriously are all the comments removed spam? what the he*l FN! for Stann, as a former military guy ill root for him. i dont see him calling out Silva as a probly. he wants his name out there and Silva would be a good stepping stone.
Posted Tuesday January 04, 2011, About: Keselowski gets brewery history lesson
ya'll havent had real beer till u have some some real german beer. i was stationed in europe for 2 years and made it a point to try as much local brew as i could. u just cant beat a good Hefeweisen.
Posted Wednesday December 29, 2010, About: November D returning Irish to elite status?
as a true domer fan, im not buying into the hype thats going around right now...i fell into that after we beat Hawaii a few years ago and we fell flat on our faces. i learned my lesson lol. in all honesty watching the games this year i did see a change on just seemed like they where playing much more intense. i think under Charlie they where just ran down cause so much attention was on offense.
Posted Wednesday December 29, 2010, About: NASCAR Hall of Fame bust or success?
morning Float...sorry i work nights right now....trying to change that though. anyway one of the reasons i took my "leave" was cause i was tired of some of the bull that goes on here. i was dealing enough with childish stuff at work, only to find it here 2 lol. i did kinda miss it though and decided to give it another swing.
Posted Tuesday December 28, 2010, About: NASCAR Hall of Fame bust or success?
whats up Float? its been awhile ....the comments section looks like the ol' NFL section i use to hang out in lol, either somebody was fighting or the Spam has gotten worse since i took my "leave" lol. As for the actual HOF i think its going to be something that takes time to catch on and honestly France needs to realize its not about money....i understand u want to make money but thats all he thinks about and thats bull$hit.

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