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Posted Sunday November 18, 2012, About: Report: Gregg Williams refusing to testify for NFL
believe me, the saints organization and fans could care less if you think less of the saints and their organization. we know the truth and it will all come out in the end. who dat baby!!!!! go vilma!!!!!
Posted Thursday May 03, 2012, About: Brees, Saints getting nowhere on contract
the gm is still there and negotiating with brees. maybe you should get your facts straight before you comment. gm available through out offseason only suspended for first 8 games. brees will be signed real soon people.
Posted Thursday April 05, 2012, About: Payton worried about an assistant swiping his job?
Not hard to "stand tall" at all and we are ALL standing tall in support of coach payton.
Posted Thursday April 05, 2012, About: Blount on Richardson: 'I would not like that pick'
after their collapse last year, it's obvious that the bucs are full of a bunch of "I and ME" guys rather than "WE and TEAM" guys. When it comes to a football team, it's as important to assemble a team with high character guys as it is to have talented guys. when you get both, it's gravy. that's what they need to do and trent richardson would be a great start. then they could get rid of blount if he's not happy. he'd be great trade material and maybe they could pick up a few more picks in the process
Posted Tuesday April 03, 2012, About: Payton worried about an assistant swiping his job?
wishing it doesn't make it so. if he declines to 3800 yds we'd still be in the hunt. keep on dreamin on a repeat in NY. not gonna happen
Posted Tuesday April 03, 2012, About: Payton worried about an assistant swiping his job?
we are not in the NCAA are we? moron. if if was a skiff we'd all go for a ride.
Posted Monday April 02, 2012, About: Payton worried about an assistant swiping his job?
hahahahha, that's me laughing all the way to winning the superbowl. sorry, but you are wrong about being deceived. inside info says, carmichael doesn't want the job he wants to focus on the offense because he feels without payton, it's all on him for offensive game planning. joe vitt is suspended for 6 games anyway and spagnoulo is a new hire and i don't thing they would offer him the head coaching job he just lost one in st. louis. so now, what do you do? parcells is the perfect choice and i can't wait til february 2013 when the SAINTS WIN ANOTHER SUPERBOWL AND GOODELL HAS TO PRESENT THE LOMBARDI TO THEM IN THE DOME!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted Monday April 02, 2012, About: Payton worried about an assistant swiping his job?
Yes we are a great team and no one here feels "screwed" by Coach Payton. It seems only other teams fans have a problem. We love and support him even more now than before nor do we care if we are "America's Team". don't give a **** about that. all we care about here is standing behind our team and our coach and supporting them. and yes, there are many who now hate the saints but here in new orleans, we could care less about that. outsiders opinions mean nothing to us. all we care about is WINNING THE SUPERBOWL NEXT YEAR AND SHOVING THE LOMBARDI UP GOODELL'S ****!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!
Posted Monday April 02, 2012, About: Payton worried about an assistant swiping his job?
just cuz yall wish it doesn't make it so. NO ONE IN NEW ORLEANS either with the team or fans want to see payton lose his job. his assistants are too loyal to him to try to take his job or want to take his job. they've discussed it internally and those candidates refused the position. so keep talking all the bullsh@! but just cuz yall want us to implode won't make it happen. when we are accepting the lombardi, yall can all go to hell as losers. WHO DAT!!!!!! keep talking all the trash and hate please. it helps fuel the fire to prove how good we really are, it's fostering the "us against the world mentality" which will only help us in the long run so please, keep it up. bunch of morons.....
Posted Sunday April 01, 2012, About: Change of heart for Parcells?
Word has it that the Saints met with the assistant coaches. Pete Carmichael said he preferred to keep focusing on the offense, Joe Vitt is suspended for 6 games so if you make him head coach then you need another one for the other 10 games, the offensive line coach also preferred not to take the position and spagnoulo is going to focus strictly on the defense. They need someone who isn't looking to take payton's place and his assistants are all extremely loyal to him and have no desire to do that. Parcell's is the perfect choice. Yall can hate all yall want but when the saints are claiming the lombardi trophy AGAIN we'll be laughing at all you haters. all yall are doing is providing bulletin board material for us. the players all ready have the "us against the world attitude this year" and the fans do to. so thanks for that..... keep it up, please.....
Posted Wednesday March 07, 2012, About: Report: Brees 'livid' over franchise tag
the timing of the franchise tag concerns me. whey did they tag him on saturday rather than waiting til monday? i suspect there is something more going on here than meets they eye. before "bounty gate" i had every faith in loomis and payton to get drew under contract but i'm not so sure now..... maybe drew doesn't want to be here with what is going on, who knows? losing drew would make "bounty gate" look like jaywalking....
Posted Friday April 29, 2011, About: Bush tweet hints he's done in New Orleans
let's be clear, mark ingram had an early season knee injury last year but once he came back and played he was fine and played out the entire season without any further problems. so he DOES NOT have a knee injury. the move up to grab him by the saints was a bold and impressive move and will fill a need. they need an every down back and they got one. as for bush, he just never fulfilled the expectations every one had. he shows flashes when he's healthy but since his rookie season he's only played 50% of the time. ingram will be a nice addiiton to thomas and ivory and the saints will make a run at another title next year.
Posted Thursday July 22, 2010, About: 'Drama queen' Favre: Can't trust anybody
i can't wait to see him back so my superbowl champion new orleans saints can kick his ass again in the first game of the year.

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