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Posted Thursday January 09, 2014, About: Auburn RB Tre Mason not ready to announce draft decision
Agreed on the short shelf life. I will never bad mouth a RB for leaving early. Go get paid while you can. Before you know it, someone else is there to replace you after you lose a step when you turn 27.

Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: Brown complains of Texas snub
Right so a team that struggled on the road against ISU and struggled at home against KANSAS should be in the top 25? Puh-lease. The KU game was a 1 score game until half-way in the 3rd qtr. Yes, I know OU had trouble with KU as well, but we will see if they are worthy the next 2 weeks. Mack thinks their will be a 4-way tie at the top at the end of the year? HA! Texas doesn't have an offense to keep up with OSU, Tech and Baylor.
Posted Wednesday October 30, 2013, About: Sumlin wants another Aggie in Heisman conversation
Well if he gets a mention, then the two WRs just up the road at Baylor should get a mention as well...Reese and Goodley.

Poor Sumlin, he has 2 threats on offense and thinks they both deserve heisman talk.

Evans makes JFF scrambles look good because he just heaves it in the air and hopes the big bodied WR can find it.
Posted Friday September 20, 2013, About: Turner: Watt is 'full of it'
ha! watch the replay, its clearly a dirty tackle by turner. does he not know that going after the knees of a defensive player (who has his back to you) is a dirty play?
Posted Thursday August 08, 2013, About: SMU RB: 'I think we can shock the nation'
SMU backed out of opening up with Baylor. I guess of the 4 non-conference teams, they were scared most of Baylor. Speaks volumes.
Posted Tuesday July 16, 2013, About: The SEC's best offense
SEC offense is like bragging about a Big 12 defense. Laughable.

Big 12
Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013, About: Baylors Deuce Bello transfers to Missouri
Baylor and Mizzou might be involved in a trade...bello for dixon (if dixon will be eligible). Duece never liked it when QMIller left Baylor last year and the playing time didn't look too good for this season. The kid can dunk!
Posted Saturday February 23, 2013, About: Texas A&M coaches to tutor Packers on defending read-option
every NFL team should send their D coaches to the state of Texas. No one runs the read option better than A&M and Baylor. Last 2 heisman winners abused the read option.
Posted Wednesday January 09, 2013, About: RGIII out 6-8 months after total knee reconstruction
I don't buy this crap that RG3 holds blame. You know, if he comes out early, under his own will, then he is labeled a Jay Cutler. IF he sticks out and wins the game, he's a gutsy Brett Favre. Hindsight is always easiest but come on now. Just about every QB would have done the same thing as RG3. The kid wants to win, do you blame him? No one wants to be taken out of the game under their own will.
Posted Wednesday January 09, 2013, About: RGIII out 6-8 months after total knee reconstruction
Freshman year at Baylor, Briles had him running a lot. Sophmore year he tears his ACL. Junior year? Develops into a pocket passer. Shanahan will learn to do the same. More zone read running plays but instead of griff running, roll him out in the pocket and hit the outside WR for a quick 8 yard hook. that was his bread and butter. If the skins keep making him run, he will have a great, but short career. Oh and can we get the NFL to force the skins to change the turf?!
Posted Friday January 04, 2013, About: Oklahoma out to puncture SEC's superiority complex
Funny how SEC's 'dominance' stems from one ex-Big 12 school...A&M. Looks like that's the SEC's problem now. Have fun with the team that can't win a bowl game!
Posted Saturday October 20, 2012, About: Can Mack Brown survive third straight loss to Baylor?
Why don't they talk about MB's inability to recruit a DECENT QB? Since Colt, its been Chiles, little McCoy, Gilbert and Ash. How do you get the top QB every year and turn them into poop? If he doesn't get a better QB than Ash, then he needs to just wait and see which QB an Art Briles recruits and go after him. Less with more is starting to sound very aggy-ish.
Posted Friday July 13, 2012, About: Browns see Gordon as a starter
Gordon, if he has a decent QB throwing to him, will be a great down field threat. After watching him at Baylor, he had a few problems running intricate routes but was the homerun threat. His speed is top notch (look up the 94 TD catch against KU). He has the makings of a great WR, but it all depends on the QB and staying out of trouble. Briles wanted him to stay on the team, the administration kicked him out of school. Wright goes first round, Gordon goes second round, but Baylor's best WR is still in school with T Williams.
Posted Tuesday June 05, 2012, About: Baylor has another first-round ready WR
Offense will never be an issue at Baylor with Briles. They lost RG3, yes, but they have a loaded backfield and receiving corps. The season will be made or broken by the defense. Florence can manage a game without any issues. I just hope UT can finally break their losing streak to the Bears this season. All that talent...all those recruits...sad.
Posted Thursday March 15, 2012, About: The nation's most hated coach?
is he hated because he outworks the other coaches that sit on their butt and just expect recruits to come streaming in (glares at rick barnes)? Or is it the fact that some parents appreciate the fact that he offers a christian environment at Baylor? I would hate the new kid on the block as well if he came in and started grabbing all of the recruits. And if there is a program under the NCAAs microscope, its the Baylor Men's b-ball program. He would be stupid to get caught.
Posted Friday February 24, 2012, About: No. 2 pick is on the block
for those not sold on RG3, read this breakdown of his throw against OU...
Posted Friday February 24, 2012, About: No. 2 pick is on the block
I like the people who 'still aren't convinced' about RG3's skills. Obvious uninformed is obvious. You do realize he played against better passing defenses than Luck or Barkley. You do realize that he has the smarts as well (graduated 3 years with poli sci degree, getting his masters in communications and was in the process of applying for law school). He can beat you with his legs and his arm. Who had a better comp % for passes over 25 yards this season? Oh yea, RG3. This whole 'he played in a system' is a bit overplayed. If he only threw 4 yards and let the WR gain another 2 or 3, that would be one thing. But go back and take a look at something, he had 4,300 yards passing with a 189.5 passer rating. Go find anyone that had that rating with that high of passing yards. I will hang up and listen.

Haters gonna hate.
Posted Monday January 30, 2012, About: Texas had at least 100 million reasons to extend Brown
Valero? Shell? Texaco?
Posted Monday January 30, 2012, About: Texas had at least 100 million reasons to extend Brown
Oh and there were maybe 100 UT fans at the Baylor-UT basketball game on Saturday. Over 10,000 at the Ferrell Center but only 1% wearing the burnt orange. The Wal-Mart fans must not be so eager to purchase their favorite longhorn gear...and it couldn't happen to a better group.

Can we kick them out of the Big 12? They suck.
Posted Monday January 30, 2012, About: Texas had at least 100 million reasons to extend Brown
UT may have the 2 most overrated coaches in the NCAA...Mackie "Roscoe P Coletrain" Brown and Ricky Poo Barnes. Keep paying them well over their worth. We love beating them on the gridiron and hardwood.

-Signed Big 12

P.S. That LHN must be awesome for recruits. Now all 14 people can see replays of loss after loss after loss...
Posted Tuesday January 10, 2012, About: Seismic change coming to BCS system?
The goal is to find some of the most anemic offenses to lull viewers in a trance and then steal their money with info-mercials at halftime.

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