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Posted Sunday March 04, 2012, About: SUNDAY IN-RACE CHATTER: Subway Fresh Fit 500
It's gonna be all Jimmie, all day.
Posted Saturday March 03, 2012, About: To TWITTER or not to TWITTER, that is the question!
I think Harvick brought up a good point about using a cell-phone app for MPH. Additionally, as a computer, it could be potentially be used for tampering with anything computer related in the car.

A third way it could be used for cheating is if they were to connect a blue-tooth inside their helmet (which could very easily be done) so that some communications could be done without the use of the required channels by Nascar. The incident with Paul Menard/Kevin Harvick comes to mind. Menard intentionally spun out in a race to bring out the caution for his teammate Harvick (and Harvick ended up winning). Menard was using an unauthorized radio channel at one point, and Nascar couldn't prove the cheating had occurred (even though there was a small bit of discussion on the regular channel about Harvick needing a caution).

Brad K.'s first tweet from the track shouldn't be penalized, but it should be the first and last tweet ever from the track. If a driver really wants to tweet, then he can relay what he wants said over the radio to his crew to tweet for him. If he's going on a helicopter, then I'm pretty sure someone from his team can have a cell phone with him to call. If he's injured that badly anyway, I doubt he's going to think "hey...grab my cellphone before you strap me down and immobilize my neck"
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: NASCAR suspends Knaus for six weeks; Hendrick to appeal:
Here's a quote from Harvick regarding the JJ incident. I guess not everyone thinks this is such a major deal as others like to make of it. Let's untie the rope from the tree and quit acting like JJ/Knaus have the monopoly on "cheating". Here's the portion of the article and the quote..................

Fellow Sprint Cup driver Kevin Harvick was ambivalent, suggesting that the penalty was a consequence of a crew chief testing the limits of NASCAR's rulebook.

"That's a fine line to balance there because I'm one of those guys that thinks innovation is what has made this sport what it is," Harvick said Friday at Phoenix International Raceway, site of Sunday???s Subway Fresh Fit 500. "And there's a fine balance between where you cross the line and where you don't. The only way to find out is to push things to the limit and see if you get away with it."
Posted Thursday March 01, 2012, About: NASCAR suspends Knaus for six weeks; Hendrick to appeal:
Exactly. They're under scrutiny more than any other team, they're being penalized for something that fit the templates (and it's not the first time), and yet we're supposed to believe that Nascar is favoring Hendrick. People love to hate a winner.
Posted Thursday March 01, 2012, About: NASCAR suspends Knaus for six weeks; Hendrick to appeal:
The SI article questioning his chances on making the Chase are ridiculous. JJ typically enters the Chase with 1 to 3 (and almost 4) races worth of points lead over the final car making it in.
Posted Sunday February 19, 2012, About: This is a JK feel good story!
Kyle deserved that win. He made some incredible saves. On another site, someone commented about the remarkable first save " I wonder if he could have saved the car using a carb instead of injection? Instant throttle response to match his talent." I thought it was an interesting question.

Anyway, it looks like it's going to be the big pack racing for the entire race, and then the 2 car tandem for the final 3. Good race last night.
Posted Friday January 27, 2012, About: "Boys, don't have at it quite as much anymore"
JK - There was also a good article about Kyle this week at about his approach this year and having to change some of the things he does. Additionally, there was an article about Harvick (where he was whining and already trying to pick a fight before the year started), and an article where JJ and Gordon talked about both Busch brothers being good for the sport.

Here's the link to the Kyle article nt_keep_same_Rowdy_image_and_remain_employed.html
Posted Wednesday January 18, 2012, About: Another Start and Park?
I didn't bother to go see how many of the actual regulars had more than 5 DNF's...I just picked 5 out of the air. I also thought that perhaps you can make 90% of the laps the magic number (you get 100% of the money at 90% of the laps of that race) since you'll have races where cars might finish a few laps down.

I didn't want to get into having the teams prove their electrical problems or vibrations, or whatever. Nascar would have to conduct more inspections (which means the teams AND Nascar would have to pay more employees), there'd be more appeals, it would be a drain on teams that legitimately have problems, etc. I also wouldn't count a DNS as a DNF. Not starting a race or qualifying wouldn't count against you.
Posted Tuesday January 17, 2012, About: Another Start and Park?
Oh I completely agree there needs to be a change. The start and park is an embarrassment to the sport. I'd rather see a field of 35 legitimate cars than what we have now. Determining who is making an "honest" effort might be more trouble than it's worth though. A NW team owner can show up with all the appearances of a legit team (tools, team, tires) and still shut down after a few laps.

Maybe make a minimum number of laps required to claim the prize money or base their winnings on percent of laps completed? Teams can be allowed 5 DNF's or mulligans per season (where they could S&P if they wanted). After that, if you run 25% of the laps, you get 25% of whatever the prize money is for your spot. 50% of laps, 50% of prize money, and so on.
Posted Tuesday January 17, 2012, About: Another Start and Park?
Ya know......I think if you're a legitimate NW team owner, you're almost crazy NOT to have at least a Start and Park Sprint Cup team. Think about've already got the basics of a team there (pit crew, crew chiefs, equipment, hauler, etc.) for all the tracks which host NW and Sprint Cup on the same weekend. You'll have to spend some more money to invest in at least 1 Sprint car, but then just cash in when you pull into the pits on lap 20.
Posted Wednesday December 21, 2011, About: THE YOUNG GUNS, THE FUTURE OF NASCAR
Decent list, but Stenhouse (completely unproven in Cup), Logano, and Bayne are too high up for sure. It's good to see Allmendinger have a shot in a more stable setting with a better team.
Posted Wednesday December 14, 2011, About: Kurt might go with Petty
Of all the available drivers (Reuti, Vickers, Ragan), I think I'd like to see Allmendinger in Penske's car than any of them. He's had some pretty good performances in the past couple years, and I think he could get a win in Penske's car. From Penske & Shell's standpoint, he's young, marketable, and has a smokin' hot wife.
Posted Saturday December 10, 2011, About: Ragan talks to Penske; Kurt Busch will talk to Phoenix Racin
I agree....or at least he doesn't deserve a quality ride like the #22. And while I'd like to see some up and comers get a chance, Penske can't afford to give 1 of his 2 seats to a newbie. He's gotta go with Reutimann or Vickers.
Posted Saturday December 10, 2011, About: Prognosticatin'
What I meant was that a lot of the fuel mileage gamblers were drivers who were never winning anyway and hovered around the 20-30th range in points. I think you'll see a lot of the middle tier drivers (Burton, Bowyer, etc.) be prepared to take more gambles next year, and all teams will be better prepared for fuel mileage finishes at every track instead of just knowing the setup for the few tracks that were always fuel mileage finishes (like Michigan).
Posted Friday December 09, 2011, About: Prognosticatin'
Been out of town a few days, so I've missed everything.

Like Raist had said...the information loss from Kurt is going to hurt Brad, but I see Brad doing just fine next year (but no guarantees of him making the Chase).

After a full year of the new points/emphasis on wins/wild card, I think you'll see fewer oddball winners (like Ragan, Smith, Menard). The bigger teams have seen that fuel mileage gambles can really pay off and will have figured out strategies for those tracks. They will be much more prepared this year.

I see JJ, Carl, and Kevin contending again (and JJ with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. That entire team will be better prepared this year). It wouldn't shock me one bit to see Kahne run like Martin did the first year he came to Hendrick.
Posted Tuesday December 06, 2011, About: Why Gibbs Will Keep Kyle
Kyle's no worse than some other drivers out there, and despite the truck incident at the end of the year, he'd had a fairly calm year. I don't see him going anywhere for awhile.
Posted Tuesday November 22, 2011, About: Now, that's gratitude LOL
It's a little late in the discussion, but yes, it seemed that Tony catching a lot of breaks each time he had to come from the back to the front. He also dive bombed the restarts so many times that you could have called him Tony Montoya Stewart. There were some bold and gutsy moves (and you've got to give him a lot of credit for that), but he would have been dumped by another driver for his aggressiveness if this had just been an ordinary race.
Posted Sunday November 20, 2011, About: THE RACE: Ford 400
If we get a final caution, one, if not both, will wreck trying to win the race on the restart.
Posted Sunday November 20, 2011, About: THE RACE: Ford 400
Uh oh Carl....Brad's gonna make it hell on you. Shoulda played nice.
Posted Sunday November 20, 2011, About: THE RACE: Ford 400
C'mon Tony...seriously? We're gonna make it a fuel mileage race?
Posted Sunday November 20, 2011, About: THE RACE: Ford 400
JJ, sitting in his pit box as they're trying to fix it, let Chad know that it still wasn't firing right. Chad says "ok..let's change the carburetor......and change the spark plugs....ya know....let's just start changing all the sh** before they throw the red flag."
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