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Posted Sunday June 16, 2013, About: Brian Banks accuser ordered to pay $2.6 million
It is impressive that this kid has kept such a positive and humble outlook during all of this. This girl took his life away from him, and cashed in, yet he doesn't seem to hold a grudge and is eager to move forward in a positive direction. Hopefully everything works out for him.

They may as well have ordered her to pay a gazillion bagillion dollars. They will never see a dime.
Posted Tuesday January 15, 2013, About: Global warming 'like a torture chamber' in Miami
It worked in the Colosseum in Rome. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Posted Thursday December 20, 2012, About: Jets explore parting with both Tebow and Sanchez
It's time for Tebow to give up the dream of being an NFL quarterback and play some fullback, tight end, or H back if he wants to stay in the league.
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Petition asks Obama to remove Jerry Jones
So let me get this straight...A number of Texans are voicing their outrage about the current state of politics and are petitioning to secede from the Union. But then, people are reaching out to President Obama to intervene in their football mess in Dallas. Hmmmm. Only in Texas.
Posted Saturday September 29, 2012, About: Eddie Payton publishing Walter Payton book
I mean, you're trying to make money off the dead, and I found that utterly disgusting.

By the way. My book is for sale at your local bookstore right now.
Posted Wednesday May 16, 2012, About: Seau's home burglarized, police say
It's like that everywhere. I just had a super high end mountain bike stolen off of the top of my car in a very public parking lot. Security guards driving around all day and night. Cameras everywhere. Security and Local PD can't be bothered to do their jobs.
Posted Wednesday May 16, 2012, About: Seau's home burglarized, police say
Posted Tuesday December 13, 2011, About: Next on the hot seat? Spagnuolo and McDaniels
McDaniels is an arrogant hack. Thank God he was run out of Denver before he could do too much damage
Posted Friday October 07, 2011, About: Peppers takes no joy in knocking out Stafford
The media is always trying to get a soundbite that will cause controversy. Right on Julius. Rise above all that. Media should stick with people like Cromartie if they need to get their fix for somebody shooting off their mouth.
Posted Tuesday October 04, 2011, About: Tebow 'thing' suffocating Broncos
Really? Getting torched by Aaron Rodgers for 4 throwing and 2 rushing tds, and we are claiming the "Tebow Thing" is suffocating them?
Posted Friday April 29, 2011, About: Bush tweet hints he's done in New Orleans
Does Bush think he has contributed enough to the Saints cause to warrant an $11 mil payday? He is a good player, not a great player. Instead of pouting like a little girl, and tweeting about it, he should work to show that he is worth that kind of $. Boo hoo.
Posted Thursday February 03, 2011, About: Bears tried to shelve Cutler for second half of NFC title game
Sadly, no matter what the real story is, Cutler's reputation for being a selfish diva will precede any accurate info on his injury. He has shown himself to arrogant and self serving, so football fans already have their minds made up about him.
Posted Thursday January 20, 2011, About: Young insists he's an elite QB, aims to start
Elite QBs are guys who lead their team to titles. They are team and, possibly, community leaders. They are not headcase, whiny egomaniacs. In VY reasoning, Ryan Leaf was an elite QB too.
Posted Wednesday October 27, 2010, About: T.O., Ochocinco take their rips
Great quote! Welcome to America, where reality tv is mistaken for culture.
Posted Saturday October 02, 2010, About: Ex-teammate rips McNabb
Freddie who?
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Giants' Jacobs lashes out
The shelf life of a running back in the NFL isn't very long. Owners, coaches, and executives will squeeze all the yards and tds they can out of a kid and then cast him aside. That has to be a pretty hard blow to a kid's ego, who has been treated like a star his whole life. The reality of the NFL business hits people pretty hard sometimes, and everybody reacts different in times of stress.
Posted Thursday August 26, 2010, About: Ramirez among handful of waiver wire Dodgers
Buh Bye Manny. Go suck some other team dry with your lazy "me first" attitude. It would be a shame to let Blake go. He is a contributor. Typical L.A. The press knows about this stuff before the players do. Mr. and Mrs McCourt, you both suck and are hurting the Dodgers.
Posted Wednesday August 18, 2010, About: Marshall slumping, but Dolphins aren't worried
Now that he has the big contract with all of that guaranteed money, I think we will see him start to take the game of football about as seriously as ManRam takes the game of baseball.
Posted Tuesday August 17, 2010, About: Manny on the move?
Buh bye Manny. What a waste of hitting talent on such a childish self serving athlete. Whoever signs him should sign a one year minimum salary contract with incentives, so when he loses interest in playing there, they wont be hemoraging money for a player that only cares about himself.

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