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Posted Monday April 09, 2012, About: Munoz: TRT users are cheaters
If I use Viagra and my **** is hard for a longer period of time, am I cheating? Hmmm? Maybe viagra is a performance-enhancing drug like TRT. Okay..... I am cheating. This post is lame.
Posted Monday April 09, 2012, About: Munoz: TRT users are cheaters
Posted Saturday April 30, 2011, About: Jameson, White exchange Twitter barbs
Tito should have gone with the joke and taken it like a man. I would have. It was absolutely funny. Man, this guy doesn't get it. When he does fight, he will lose and be released from the UFC. His time is done and there are so many other better fighters. He has become irrelevant. It's a shame because I use to like watching him fight.

On the flip side, I met Chuck Liddell while in Las Vegas. Nice guy. He has the appreciation of the fans and I think Dana did good hiring him to work with the UFC. Tito could have been an excellent ambassador of MMA, but he let his personality get in the way. Too bad.
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Tebow believes he's ready to start
Give the guy a chance. He has heart and character. That can go a long way in the NFL. I think he will surprise people. I am a TN Titans fan and wish we had him. I believe he will do very well in the league. It's a shame that he is having to play so soon. Too bad he doesn't have another year under his belt. That is the only knock I can think of.
Posted Saturday November 20, 2010, About: UFC puts Google in its sights
Okay.... how do you do that? I am not savvy on Internet search engine workings, but the demand sounds unreasonable. Is it even possible? Do you have to have someone literally view each site showing UFC material and determine if it is illegal or not? Not too sure how this is going to work.
Posted Monday October 18, 2010, About: Fitch wants Shields-Kampmann winner

The comment about Hughes vs GSP is doable. I didn't even think about that. Good call.
Posted Sunday October 17, 2010, About: Fitch wants Shields-Kampmann winner
Fitch is playing it smart. If Shields wins and Fitch fights Shields and wins, then all this talk about Shields vs GSP will go away. Also, Fitch knows he can dominate Shields in the ground game. This is not to say that Shields is not good in the ground game too. Shields does hold a black belt in BJJ while Fitch has a black blt in guerilla jiu-jitsu. I think Fitch will just grind Shields down. He does that to every opponent except GSP. Bottom line: Fitch can keep fighting the upcomers a few more times, then get a shot at GSP in a year or two. Worst case scenerio: GSP moves up in weight and vacates the welterweight title and Fitch takes over.
Posted Monday September 13, 2010, About: Barnett signs with Strikeforce
Yeah, he did get popped for steriods, but I think he will stay clean. The guy is 26-5. All losses were to very legitimate MMA fighters. One loss to Pedro Rizzo, 3 to Mirko, and one to Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuria. I think the guy adds depth to SF. If he does well in SF, then he could spring back over to the UFC.
Posted Saturday September 04, 2010, About: Pacquiao open to MMA
I think any experienced MMA fighter would dominate him not just C.G. Good comment.
Posted Saturday August 21, 2010, About: Corvin's UFC career on hold
Posted Saturday August 21, 2010, About: Corvin's UFC career on hold
Okay. The guy is 9-0. Four of those fights was in an amateur league. This is really not news worthy. This site has become a joke.,, and fiveouncesof are way better than this site when it comes to MMA reporting. I think fannation hires **** from Asylum University and lets them try to figure out what MMA is.

To the interns who post this stuff, please go back to McDonalds and flip burgers. You guys really do suck some donkey balls.
Posted Sunday August 15, 2010, About: Judge may send War Machine to prison
Actually, I wish we didn't have to spend any tax dollars on criminals. California's budget is already $20B over the limit. This guy and all the other criminals need to be put to work instead of wasting taxpayers' money.

Heck, send them to florida to pick trash out of the Everglades. Maybe some alligators would eat a few.
Posted Saturday August 14, 2010, About: Judge may send War Machine to prison
I just read up on Wikipedia about this guy. What a ****. He has skills to be a fighter and can apparently hold his own in a porn too. That guy bagged a beautiful blond porn actress in his first shoot and he screwed himself over by getting into a fight at a porn party. What a double ****. I hope he does get jail time. Maybe it will help sober him up.
Posted Saturday July 24, 2010, About: Werdum may not want Fedor rematch
Okay, where does the title "Werdum may not want Fedor rematch" come in? All it is saying is that Werdum may need surgery on his elbow. It doesn't say anything about him not wanting a rematch. Werdum, get the surgery, heal up, and do a rematch. In the mean time, Fedor can fight Overeem. Damn, I should be a manager.
Posted Wednesday July 14, 2010, About: Sources: UFC 121 to Anaheim

The next UFC fight should be held in the Arctic and invite Paul "The Polar Bear" Varelans back to head a co-main event.
Posted Tuesday July 13, 2010, About: Peterson next to bemoan contract
I tend to think AP will do better this year with not fumbling. I have to think that Peterson learned from his mistakes especially when he was so close to going to the SB. That would drive me to get better. They have the talent and skill set to contend. Anybody's thoughts on this comment?
Posted Tuesday July 13, 2010, About: Quinn a true threat to start?
I don't keep up with any of the Bronco's QBs. I am curious to see how Quinn pans out in Denver. I like Tebow because he carries himself well. I think heart and determination (part of a person's character) can make or break a player as well. The good news is that Quinn and Tebow do not act like Vick and Vince Young. Vick and VY have the skill set, but lack in character. Not too sure where I am going with this. LOL!
Posted Monday July 12, 2010, About: Eagles preparing for life without Vick
Rock Scarfone,

Shouldn't you be asleep by now? Oh, you are unemployeed too, huh? Hey, if you are as good as me at throwing the football, why don't both of us try out as a backup QB? I know some teams that need one (or two) AND I bet our character references are will help land the job.

Heck, if one of us gets the QB job, then let's celebrate with a cake. I shove it into your face and vice versa. No hard feelings, right?
Posted Monday July 12, 2010, About: Eagles preparing for life without Vick

There is some serious blogging going on. My eyes hurt from reading the back-and-forth debate. I think I will scratch my balls, take the $9M, figure out if I have anything left, spend $2 on a birthday cake that I didn't get to eat, throw a bullet at someone because I do not own a handgun, and scratch my balls again. The order that I do all of this is left for debate.
Posted Sunday July 11, 2010, About: T.O. open to playing with McNabb
I read that McNabb was open to having T.O. play with the Skins. T.O. was very quite with the Bills. Still, I think he is like cancer. He ruined his time in S.F., Philly, and Dallas. To be honest, I think he has had more than enough chances and he hasn't shown the fortitude of a true teamplayer. If I never see him play again, then that would be fine. I hope he never makes it to the Hall of Fame. Hall of Shame? Yes.
Posted Sunday July 11, 2010, About: Eagles preparing for life without Vick
Hey guys,

The guy who got shot, did he testify against Vick for the dog fighting? I never really cared to follow the whole thing. Maybe I am getting old, but by twelve o'clock, I am like CinderFella, my **** is getting home before the bell strikes. Heck, I want to be asleep by 12. What is Vick doing out at 2 a.m.? Man, this guy doesn't get it.

I wanted Vick to bounce back from his jail time and become a better person. After this incident, I could care less if he gets the boot from he NFL. What a waste of talent.

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