Izzy Deadyet's Comments

Posted Sunday February 09, 2014, About: A-Rod reportedly won't attend Yankees spring training
Damn .... Ur killing the English language , wtf man, I'm from Brklyn n a diehard Yankee fan n ur making us look bad. Go sleep it off ......
Posted Monday August 12, 2013, About: MJ throws down. At 50. In jeans
I'm 57, 6' n I do that every wknd , even in my sleep . lol
Posted Sunday July 21, 2013, About: Hank Aaron's house robbed of BMWs, jewelry
no offense Clem but I just have no idea wat a murderer like Zimmerman n Hammering Hank have in common , murder n B&E r crimes but extremely different . still want to throw him brick if he's drowning.
Posted Wednesday June 05, 2013, About: 'Ewing's job for the taking'
ouch !!!!!!!!!
Posted Monday February 25, 2013, About: Yankees in trade market to replace Curtis Granderson?
where is the pitcher we traded our prospect catcher to seattle for ? the one that missed the entire season last year ..... is he healthy this year ? is he gonna pitch for us this year ? whats Up with him ?
Posted Wednesday February 06, 2013, About: Denver's interest in KG not reciprocal
Anyone know wat this guy has been or is smoking ? i will give top dollar for just a smidging of it , plz ... wow.
Posted Thursday November 29, 2012, About: Pirates, Rangers threaten Yankees' reunion with Martin
yea wat he said ....... F 'em , door's to ur right buddy , get to stepping.
Posted Monday November 26, 2012, About: Surprise destination possible for Swisher
show Swish some luv , he'll still b in pinstripes next season ........ got a quick question for anyone, is the pitcher that the yanks got in the trade for jesus montero last year pitching this year ? i think his name is Michael Pineda .
Posted Monday November 26, 2012, About: Surprise destination possible for Swisher
lol , damnnnn , u guys show no mercy , where's the love ? lol.....Ouch !!!!!
Posted Friday December 16, 2011, About: Knicks target Redd, Amar'e backs off Davis
lmao ..... thats some funny ****
Posted Tuesday March 01, 2011, About: Sources: Nets to pursue Dwight Howard
F U.....
Posted Thursday February 17, 2011, About: Isiah involved in Anthony talks
he got his contract and by all accounts he is earning his keep , then some. only an **** would make a comment like that....
Posted Monday February 14, 2011, About: Knicks ready to welcome back Barron
Posted Sunday February 13, 2011, About: Source: Cousins removed from Kings plane
all heart , bad attitude and no brain......
Posted Sunday February 13, 2011, About: Source: Cousins removed from Kings plane
Posted Thursday February 10, 2011, About: Anthony to sign in Denver, after all?
OK..... this guy no longer wants to be in Denver, we know that and the rest of the sporting world knows it. he wants to play in NY/NJ. he waited for Denver to work something out but Denver wanted everyones first born and a miller lite. I understand Denver wants something close to or of equal value in return but as the trading deadline moves closer and there seems to be no deal close to being completed what else is he suppose to do except look towards signing an extension that was offered to him by the team he really has no desire to stay with. I work for a company i truly hate doing work that i truly luv , i am paid well but I hate these freaking people. I have feelers out there daily to move on to a different compant , even if i get paid less. it hasn't happen yet and i just accepted a pay raise and hate being here. Are you trying to tell me i am a bad guy for accepting the pay raise even tho i don't want to be here. Not comparing my burger to carmelos steak , just saying i understand. give the guy a break , he is not the one thats holding any deals up and if he signs the extention with denver rather than wait for FA and risk losing millions becuz of the CBA u shouldn't bury him .
Posted Monday January 24, 2011, About: Cashman may walk away from Yankees
get off mommy's computer ..........
Posted Saturday January 08, 2011, About: Why Yankees won't sign Soriano
A mind is a terrible thing to waste......
Posted Wednesday January 05, 2011, About: Knicks seeking Amar'e-Nash reunion?
Posted Sunday December 12, 2010, About: Yankees fear they may be losing Lee
on this subject nothing more true has ever been said............'nuff said.
Posted Saturday November 27, 2010, About: Secrets of Shaq's resurgence
whaaaaa ????

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