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Posted Sunday March 23, 2014, About: Maryland-ACC divorce gets even uglier
Uh huh...uh huh huh huh...you said "must of"...huh huh huh...
Posted Thursday March 20, 2014, About: Raji returns with only $500K guaranteed
There's so much wrong with this statement it's really pointless to argue.

Go back to your video game.
Posted Thursday August 08, 2013, About: Mayor wants NBA team in Baltimore
No. We are keeping the Bucks.

Go pester somebody else.
Posted Wednesday March 20, 2013, About: Rodgers could cost Pack $160M
High five!
Posted Thursday January 10, 2013, About: Jennings has 'swag' back with Boylan
Actually, the headline is wrong. Jennings said "swagger", which is the physical expression of overt confidence.

"Swag" is another word for loot or booty, freely obtained (legally or otherwise. See 'pirate'.) such as a gift or stolen goods.
Posted Monday December 31, 2012, About: Likely landing spot for Lohse
I hope the Brewers have had enough of St. Louis castoffs.
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: Seattle's Wilson faces long odds
I predict that Wisconsin will be sending more QBs in the future. It's the only position they haven't been producing much from over the years, but little by little they have been getting better. With Wilson and this year's Danny o'Brien and then the kid they recruited that is going to redshirt, they are getting the talent. It's why they are finally getting serious about competing for the national championship. The Rose Bowl isn't good enough anymore. I've waited a long time for that.
Posted Monday August 27, 2012, About: Can Ohio State run the table in 2013?
Pot is definitely getting stronger as the years go by.
Posted Monday July 30, 2012, About: Bucks take another shot at Przybilla
They need a real back-up center, but it should be in a trade. They are already over the cap.
Posted Wednesday July 25, 2012, About: Promising Bulls fading fast
Too bad, so sad.
Posted Saturday April 07, 2012, About: Players growing tired of Griffin's act
He's not a pu$$ and he's certainly not a thug, but he acts like a punk.

Just play ball, kid. Nothing else matters.
Posted Thursday March 22, 2012, About: SMU sets sights on Marquette's Williams
Nosense!. At least write a story that is plausable
Posted Sunday January 08, 2012, About: Selig likely to return when contracts ends
Sour grapes, suckers! Bud's been one of the best commissioners ever.
Posted Saturday December 17, 2011, About: Sveum downplays Cubs-Fielder rumors
Too late for that. The Brewers have moved on.

Take American League money and go away.
Posted Tuesday December 13, 2011, About: Sen. McCain tweets Braun 'juiced'
Actually, that's mcgs, micrograms. It can be bought over the counter at least as high as 5000. The trouble is, a lot of people can't absorb B12 through digestion, so injections are the best option.
Posted Sunday November 27, 2011, About: Another NHL team in Ontario?
Surely Milwaukee should get one of those teams!
Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: Fielder turning the page quickly
I watched Cecil Cooper play for several years. It was a pleasure to see how the position should be played. Fielder can knock the hell out of the ball with his bat and his glove. I won't miss him. The Brewers defensive rating will go up substantially next season if they can just get an adequate first baseman.

They do need to replace his bat, but if they get a decent third baseman and or a quality shortstop to go along with a competent first baseman, they can contend and may be better.
Of course, another solid starter is important and they need to replace Rodrguez. A really good center fielder would help too, one who isn't a lunatic.

It's really amazing they did as well as they did.
Posted Wednesday October 05, 2011, About: Ilyasova prefers Turkey to Milwaukee
Milwaukee is cool. But you just keep on being a sycophant. We don't need you or want you. It's better to not have to deal with what happened to Seattle.
Posted Friday September 30, 2011, About: Shanahan ponders dumping fight game
I'll never take the NHL seriously as long as they continuw to be pro-wrestling-on-ice. I like good hockey. I have been following the Wisconsin Badgers all my life and I always watch the USA in the Olympics. I saw Gretzky in an exhibition once and he was a man among boys, but I just can't get into rodeo clowns pretending to play.

Clean it up, put a team in Milwaukee and I'll be a fan for life.
Posted Tuesday September 27, 2011, About: Falk could settle lockout in a day -- just ask him
You bums better settle or you're going to find out how little the NBA matters.
Posted Monday September 26, 2011, About: Prince to stay, after all?
McGehee? You haven't really been watching the Brewers this season.

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