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Posted Thursday August 30, 2012, About: The NL's most dangerous playoff team?
"This team looks good when it hits. It's hitting now."

Man did you see them knock out those hits while being shut out twice by the pirates......THE PIRATES!
Posted Thursday August 30, 2012, About: The NL's most dangerous playoff team?
Yeah, I mean come on now, Just because Cincy was named top 3 cities to visit clearly means it's a dump. Everyone knows you wanna go to one of the top 3 crime cities in the U.S., St Blewus!
Posted Wednesday August 22, 2012, About: The issue pitting owner vs. owner
Actually I wasn't even talking about you, but I will address your post.

Columbus had the same problem with their lease(not the bankruptcy thing, but the lack of funds due to) and the front office hid it until last summer. Couple that with the Doug Maclean/Scott Howson regimes and frankly a 82% capacity over the last 5 years shows we support our team exceptionally well.

What history does Ohio have of not "sustaining" teams? The Browns? The only reason they left was because Modell was in over his head and wanted a cash cow in the form of a stadium before he was forced to sell the team(which he had to do after I believe 3 years in Balt.) and the city council of Cleveland wouldn't give it to him. That's not on the fans, that's on the beaurocratic pinheads. I would say the Bengals, but let's face it, Mike brown owns that team and I don't know why anyone would give that idiot their money.

I just get tired of people(mainly Pitt, Tor, & Det) saying "Columbus doesn't support their team," yet they seem to always forget the 11,000 people a game in Pitt or when a guy in the top row could fart at Joe Louis and the goalie would hear it in the 80's. Go to a game at the venues you want to contract and talk to the fans & tell them they don't support their team(once again, not directed at you personally), something tells me that there's more going on than what the Canadian/NY media would have you believe.
Posted Tuesday August 21, 2012, About: The issue pitting owner vs. owner
So, let me get this right. The Penguin fans "supported" their team with attendance figures of 11,877(03-04) 14,750(02-03) 15,649(01-02) but the Bluejackets fans don't with figures of 14,660(11-12) 13,668(10-11) 15,416(09-10).

It's also funny that someone said the only reason Pitt. struggled was because of their lease. You mean like Columbus did for the first 11 years of their existence?
Posted Thursday September 22, 2011, About: NHL considers blowing up current divisions
Gretzky:Vancouver, San Jose, L.A., Anaheim, Phoenix
Hull:Colorado, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary
Francis:Dallas, Nashville, Tampa Bay, Florida, Carolina
Richard:Montreal, Ottawa, Boston, Buffalo, Toronto
Howe:Detroit, Columbus, Saint Louis, Chicago, Pittsburgh
Trottier: NYR, NYI, NJ, Philly, Washington

You play the teams in the other divisions once home & away(25 x 2=50) then you play the other 4 teams in your division four times home & away(4 x 8=32) for an 82 game season. That way everyone has to travel, but a lot of your games are fairly close to home.

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